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  1. Congrats...what a great way to celebrate! Hope you have had a special day.
  2. To Adam, all the Mods, and fellow DV Members: May you all be blessed exceedingly and abundantly this Thanksgiving Day. Many thanks to all who help steer us toward the blessing.
  3. Does this mean the Iraqi currency that people received is NO good, or is this conviction just about the fact that they overcharged and misrepresented the timing of the RV to people?
  4. I sure want this to be true! It has been ignored too long!!! These crimes against the people should have been dealt with long ago. Just a shot in the dark will do.
  5. Guess the "people" have had enough of those empty promises...time for action. With all of the money that has been pilfered by Maliki, he should be the first to do the dance at the end of a rope. Just seeing him sitting at that table conducting "government" business is a disgusting insult to the citizens of Iraq. Hell will not be hot enough for some people!
  6. Thanks Rmc10, Pokebu, ReVbo, and 3n1 for the info, this corresponds with the end of Ramadan...ya gotta wonder...mmm.
  7. Does anyone know how many consecutive days the range has maintained this 1188 to 1192 amount? Or how close we are to the 90 day target? I am so ready to put on my red, sparkly shoes and 💃💃💃!
  8. Has anyone seen or read this five year plan for 7% growth? It seems that trade and international standing to do business (RV/RI) would have to be a part of this plan in order for Iraq to achieve this much consecutive economic growth. One can only hope and pray!
  9. SnowGlobe7, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your sense of humor and your wonderful collection of kitpics! Thanks for tickling my funny bone today, after the insane week we've had, I needed a good laugh.
  10. They could even bring MECCA to Baghdad. Keep the money in Iraq, more better for the economy!
  11. Yes indeed! Everyone has got to be able to get on line to SPEND their new found wealth with their debit cards. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!
  12. Is it too hopeful to think... "they" already know the meeting on Tuesday with Barzani is one that is already "signed, sealed, and delivered", and that everything has been already been agreed to, and that Barzani is having this meeting as a "show" that he can still write his name on the dotted line. It is just very curious...
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