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  1. wow I do like the foot note there clown-ster to have international connections ......... from my bank to central bank
  2. good day every one ! now am I correct in thinking these cards ---- smart cards ----- are about to be loaded with the oil and gas profits ? or are they loaded with the articles that were listed in the budget ? --------> or are the 2 items the same thing written in the budget that I didn`t see ? either way , get those cards too work guys and gals ! lets not forget to stop by your local banking out let to ask about those dinars !
  3. hahahahaha hello every one --- here at 3v-star wentworth --- we sell our dinar for easy profits but you have too hold onto it until the big event ---my dinar is FREE FREE FREE ,, the handleing fee is a little steep man really 11..11 per --------- gotta love the folks with insight
  4. mmmm sold some too sterling dinar , { geeesssss I think that was who it was , I photo copied and sent those too them through e-mail and sent dinar , and received cash with -in 1 week wasn`t too bad , that was my only time though { but the waiting to see if I got taken , almost priceless } did o kay
  5. waiting on the follow up article this one has a double meaning on the " introduction of hard currency " ! HOPE this wasn`t the big economic new abidi was hanging onto ....... unless the follow up article shows more depth in what he means , about the advancement of the economist .
  6. now here is a plan , Jordan , you go wide around the left flank , Syria you charge straight up the rear , { no pun intended } and lets see Israel form on the right flanks , and Iraq , with the Turkish pesmerga ,, charge right down the center , lets not for get , put those women in the clean up , really put those jihadist in their place ............
  7. mmmmmmm that budget thingy ! we need too look out side of the box , when talking about the budget , { first time I really see ,don`t lop , on the topic that I can hold on too , with a little ray of hope that is ! } we need to kind of stop thinking in the , now , and 21 st century technology , when it comes to this kind of decision , { j ,m,o, } but , lets look at who is making the call , on currency values .... I think central bank has the power to make the values change , but I do think they must talk too someone else
  8. awwwww ! oil is too low , or, not enough cash to back it , or, the wife is busy remodeling the cash vault ! OIL will climb back too around 80.oo per barrel , and I think the budget was passed , at a value of oil in the 50.oo dollar range ? { I think that is right , so right there , is 30.oo dollars per barrel for the reserves to back what ever project ....... } if some one would like to do a break down as what kind of money for the reserves would have at current oil production, that would be nice ! { I am s
  9. WOW and wow !!!!!! I know it isn`t nice to go too a bank or cash out let , and they do not have any cash to exchange , but in our area of speculation this seems like they are about too get this under way , to the end of the line , ( let those new notes out , with a better value ) again me just thinking
  10. wow , good articles , will not be long before we see an article stating , " a rush to obtain dinar , scarce dinar , making a mad buy out of local supply of dinar " < ------- this will be a big movement that I think the central bank will want too see , which will let them give the go -ahead to let those new notes and coins out , -------along with a new rate .................... { just my thinking only folks }
  11. I think what he meant to say was " it will be done finished on the 8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-1`6-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29-30th but heyyyyyy bound to be close
  12. o kay , I just got conformation ---------------------------------------------------> soon ------------------------- is the word
  13. maybe this is what will be reveled this coming week through abidi , this would be some kind of economic change for sure , but if they have international standings and credit cards accepted at all a-t-m-s , this is a good thing also , but with the currency values still in the .1160 range , will not take long for these credit cards to be empty , from just transactions, of everyday purchases to live on ....... NOW the other article , world bank is saying something that will also tells us something is about too happen in the Iraq economics , surely
  14. DE-BAATHIFICATION ? is this also ---- de dollarization ? or is it really talking about the baath political party ?
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