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  1. I know see they are both Verts........makes a big different in the Fun Factor department. Porsche has some classic lines with the 911-930 and the Boxster.


    C4 corvette just has nice lines, c5 is okay if you like big Butt, c6 and i never warmed up to the funky headlight. C7 I am still on the fence about.


    Early C3 were sorta the basic raw Corvette and I wish I had held out for a Vert there as will....Someday I hope to get this one back up and running.......Complete interior is next.





  2. 53 minutes ago, Whatshername said:






    Yah, I shouldn't have lumped them both together....The Real Whookie has better Hair, far better dental work and speaks English. And Besides that the Whookie had a Real Job that paid money. 



  3. I just hope it isn't to late to turn this country around before this raising urge to destroy history really takes hold......Where will it stop....Statue of Liberty or maybe even the White House....After all the Whookie said to was a house Built By Slaves.




  4. I would love to see POTUS Trump say enough is enough and open or reopen Fast and Furious, IRS, Hillarious's emails, the clinton Foundation, Benghazi, "o"s Birth Cert......Go spend money to put corruption behind bars. Dump the Witch Hunt they will be on for the next 30 years until the liberals prove trump combed his hair wrong and again it is time to Impeach him.


    How about just admit Trump Won and get over it....Hillarious was a bad loser and a worse candidate....that was flawed from the start....The DNC Cheated and she still lost...


    Sorry to say but there should be a News Flash to all Snowflakes, Antifa, Liberals and the rest >>>>>>>>Donald J. Trump Won, Americans Won, Americans Voted and America Won......Now get the hell over it before Real Americans say Enough is Enough and if that happens I can see a lot of bloody, snowflakes, antifa and anti Trump types.....You are messing with a lot of old cranky types that would love nothing more to bust some heads and break some bones....Many have been there before, done that and way more.


    Your snowflakes and antifa types want war....You haven't seen War Yet....Go Back to Mommies Basement and your safe spaces.


    Just Sayin......Trump Won, America Won Start being American or get the Hell Out.


    That goes double for a few of the liberal trolls here......Trump is America's POTUS....Get over the BS or just get out......France looks nice.



  5. PP,

    If you don't to get start you sure as hell wont want me to even start thinking but i is to flippin late. It is time Conservatives start taking Fish Bats, Tire Thumpers or hell....Good old Bat bats to these battles. These antifa snowflakes run just before getting their butts kicked and yet they seem so disillusioned to claim victory. 


    Funny how they don't pull these anti American antics in any gun friendly state.....We would be piling up antifa like cordwood wondering if we could find enough hungry critters to feed them to.



  6. Whatshername....Stated and laid out like a true scholar stating facts and not some made up to suit the issues at hand.....

    Now sit back, grab some popcorn and watch the liberal Trump Haters try to Twist and Spin this crying 90% of it never happened in the 1st place or that it is all Bush's fault.


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