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  1. In Short Mark claims I was Warned to Stay Away from or some Very Old Guy Like Jurassic Park Old but what I did or said wasn't spelled out........ In short, to myself the Left can say what they want and if the Right Side defends it you are wrong....... I am sure anyway that if or should this IQD come about I will here about it one why or another and with or with out this forum...... I didn't think think anything on this Forum had Changed in the Absence but I take it the Lefties are winning.....Admin and mark have Not replied as to why I got another 2 points but hey just get it done and Ban me if that is the Plan. I figured I bring more Positive Info ti th8is Forum than a number of other do with the 24/7 Orange Man Bad Yahoo News. Just My opinion..... I will find my info elsewhere. Karsten
  2. I see now I am getting Warning Points for things I was never warned about....That is okay as it seems that Conservatives everywhere are being Banned and Censored for taking a Stand against the left. Oh Well The THEAP looks like it is winning here as well. Karsten
  3. The Virus wasn't enough so they rolled out the Tests Swabs coated in EO......another Toxic and now the Vax........This was one hell of a plan to kill off a good 50% of the World Population and it very well might have worked. It this all comes true I wouldn't want be any one near Covid, The Test Swabs or the Pro Vax.........Drawn and Quartered..... To Hell with Hanging....That is Painless. Karsten
  4. Well, that will be bad for a lot of us here that only want to learn.....But hey after it happens I would hope most people would have the Common Sense to have had a Plan in Place. Oh Well, I will just have to find some Liberal Troll Websites to hang out at.....I bet I get Banned in say 2 posts. Karsten
  5. I mean no Disrespect to Adam and I know it is His website......He would do a weekly deal than he got busy with other things.......So Be it, by the time Adam had quoted other members for his Intel, added a personal touch and followed by 4 pages of Thanks You Posts......You had already read most of the same info from Yota, 6SL and a few others in the Iraqi News.....Plenty to read there to keep anyone more than informed. Adam very well may has some personal issues to deal with....Life Happens and Things Change one has No Control Over. Be sure Adam has not Forgotten or Abandoned DV's and in his abstinence it is well watched over and all the info is still getting out there. Karsten
  7. Remember back in the Old West......Cheaters that got Shot right there on the spot......I'm your Huckeberry.....Cheaters were few and far between. These days there are No Huckleberry's, there is no one with with balls to stand up and make a stand in DC.....No One dares challenge the opposition or the Left will out them for their dirty deals or make some up to cover the bases. People in DC have to look at history....1776 only 3% took a stand against the Brits......Today the same 3% comes out to 2.4 Million Pissed for people that Wont be Living under Communism.....So send China and The UN and I am sure the people can rally around 2 Million.....Scary thought is that all those people willing to fight for the Constitution and the American way of Life wont need to be supplied with anything......We The People Stocked up long ago on essential stuff. Karsten
  8. I for one believe it is way past time to take this Country Back....Those in DC have been doing what the hell they have wanted for way to long........At the Expense of the American People. This country have been over run by Illegals....God only knows how many languages some folks even need to just do business these days. Those is DC want US Divided as they know all to well when the last push comes there will be no safe haven for them to hide.....Largest standing Army is China with 2.5 Million.....American Hunters, Sport Shooter, Gun Owners......80 Million and growing daily.....They want those Guns as if We The People Still Have Them Them know the Day of Reckoning is creeping up fast. People had better be ready to make a choice here soon.....The numbers are with the American Patriots that are Proud to be Americans and many of them are going to take a stand....Where will You Be when it Comes to Fighting for Your Family, For Your Freedom and Your Country? The Charade is up and the Left knows it.......Be ready for what the hell they pull next. Karsten
  9. Aquila is made in Brazil.....I have 1 case of mini Shells so I will have to check.......Mexico is a hard core Anti Firearms County. Hence one can't own a .45 ACP 1911 so they favor .38 Super or 9MM . Karsten
  10. Sorry LGD but Shabs and those like him/her/ she/ he or it are so far gone and so out of touch with Reality....They bring back a scene from one of the later Bond Films....The new guy where he was strapped naked in a chair with the bottom cut out......The Bad Buy kept Swinging a Monkey Fist into his Lower Parts but he still didn't talk.....Until it is to late they will never see where it all went wrong.....They will be they1st to Fall to there Leaders Be trail all the time thinking they where Right Or just maybe they can wake the hell up and see what is going on around them....Turn off The Lame Stream Media filling them with Leftist Propaganda ....That may be to far for any of us to Hope.....But hey, I am still hoping on the Dinar and just maybe open the eyes of a few. Here's is hoping to a soft landing when the Liberalist Crash and they learn Bumbling biden and the PTB could care less about them.....By then it wont matter. . Karsten
  11. Do you know where your Children are and better Yet You Ammo......I don't have any Children from South of the Border( Hell I never Fathered any I know of) But I know where all my Ammo and and Mags came from and it sure as hell wasn't Mexico....I would like to know what company was having ammo made in Mexico to sell in the US.....It is sorta very Illegally to import/Export Ammo or Fireams unless you have Eric Holder's/obamas go ahead. Karsten
  12. Gear up people as I have a feeling the Left is going to do what ever it takes to cover up the Dirty Dealing, The Orange Man Bad Coop, shuttering thousand of business and put many back into poverty.........They are in power or so they think and they will do what ever it takes to Stay in Power. If you don't have or are behind the Curve Firearms are in demand and way out of stock.....S&W makes a Cheap AR15 Sport II have go as lower as $650.00.....Current Bushmasters and Colt are crap and don't waste the extra money. If you can find USGI Mags stock up otherwise Buy Magpul and again stock up......Ammo you are going to have to look for a most like pay dearly. Best deal in a 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun I have seem was a Churchill (Copy of a Rem 870) Turkish made but it puts the 870 to shame for quality.....Again Shotgun Shells are few and far between and running up to a Dollar a round.....Buy what you can.......I good Pump gun wont really need any break in......take it apart and clean it well....lube it up and rack the thing a 100-200 times and cleans it, then repeat until you have racked it some 500...... Don't go out and buy a Mossberg 500 or Maverick they are super light and will beat the hell out out of most people. But then again anything in the hand is worth 4 you past up. .22 LF of some sort and what ever you can find. Ruger 10/22 and a couple boxes of ammo with a few extra magazines. Water and more water and water tabs to clean water....And a Luxury stock up on Baby Wipes....water wont be for bathing. MRE's (hey they aren't bad) Patriot Foods or Mountain House,,,,,It isn't Sunday Supper and Yankee Pot Roast with potato and carrots.....But you aren't hungry. They left hasn't even started the Cover up of their Dirty Dealing to save their collective asses from what Trump had Planned..... One more tip....Fire Starters......Most people today would not know how to start a fire without gasoline and a Blow Torch...... So here is a tip.....Save your Cardboard Egg Cartons and you Drier Lint. Melt Paraffin (slowly) while tearing the upper portion of the egg carton up and placing it in where the eggs where......Fill with Drier Lint and pour melted Wax over the top....Cut apart as needed......One egg portion will start a nice fire. Buckle up people as this next ride is going to make the Dinar look like a kiddie pool boat park ride all remember from decades ago......You had to be so high to ride this ride. Karsten
  13. The Something right out of the Liberal Play Book......Blame those on the Right of What the Left has been doing for years.....Then get the Lame Stream Media to blast it out for everyone to suck it up. All the Sex Scandals that never Happened but some how the Left had all the Proof.....Herman Cain, Brett Kavanaugh, Matt Gaetz, POTUS Trump, Judge Roy Moore, Justice Clarence Thomas and the list could go on and on...... The Left has used this Tactic for Decades to Destroy peoples lives and families......They just never can provide the Evidence or any Proof what so ever. Now Bumbling Biden and Hunter There is overwhelming Evidence and they get a pass as the Lame Stream Media buries the stories. Karsten
  14. The most Corrupt calling Foul and wrong doing when caught in the Very Crime they are Guilty Of......Someone with Balls needs to really look into these people that have nothing in common with America or the American People. Karsten
  15. China knows all too well that they could walk all over biden and the Group of 7.....They are all Corrupt and have been bought and in China's Portfolio for years. The G7 and the members of the G20 have been bought and paid for for years....Trump Flipped everything up and Could Not be Bought.....Hence Trump had to go no matter what it took and they All Knew It. I have a feeling deep down that should Trump not come back We Are All in Deep Doo Doo....Not only America but they rest of the World as well. Once Fraud is let go when it is In Your Face there will be no stop to those that want and demand Control. Even those on the Left that tow the line and carry the water will soon be afraid that there is nothing left for them. Karsten
  16. one thing I see is all these articles are coming for the Minister of Finance, Jamal Cougar or so Opinion piece in a Newspaper, Kazemi's advisors or any other unknown source.......NOT THE CBI........The CBI is the only place that Controls the Rate Changes and I believe they know they screwed up. I do believe there was a reason to lower the Value and that was bring in the Chunky Mattress Money the Citizens have been hording.......That has been almost 6 months and they most likely have all the are going to get. Holding 1460 or 1500 much longer will collapse the Economy and throw the country back into chaos, The protestors are going to get rattled giving rise to all sorts of Political, Financial and Terrorism issues like the Re Insurgence of IS......Them the entire Middle East will be hard hit in the fall out. Karsten
  17. How about some one hold Fauchi and those pushing the crap accountable.....Say at the Receiving end of a so called Assault Weapon better known as a Sporting Rifle.....Way past time that these people just get to walk away without even a slap on the wrist........ This BS should come with Severe Consequence, Same with Election Fraud or whar ever else........Say a hand or a foot for the 1st or 2nd time......That is the Middle Eastern Justice System. Criminals here used to think twice about doing the time......Not so much these days as they a Proven Innocent as long as they aren't White, Republician or a LEO. Karsten
  18. The one thing that has been over and over was In the end times the Dis information, Depictions, The negative New coming out would be over the top.......the PTB in Iraq want people to lose hope and faith and dump the Large Bills both inside and outside of Iraq. Everyone seems to be talking Cryptos, Silver, Gold and lately AMC are all discussed in a very Positive Light while the only news out on the IQD is disheartening to say the best. The guru's for the most part are staying very up (like they have been for years) (not that I put much hope into people that seem to be calling it 4-5 times a year) then a few of the others have done a complete 180 and a tlking nothing but Doom and Gloom...3-4 more years if at all. They have come too far, accomplished to much, made huge plans for the future and the people and companies are there making it happen........ When the Average Iraqi Citizens become Hungry and then Unruly those same PTB are going to be in serious trouble. Unlike here in the States where the the Average Law Abiding wont take a Stand.......The Iraqi's gave them a year to get the reforms done and now it is going on 2 years with Limited Protests.... Karsten
  19. Dude, if this is truly the way you feel then why the Hell are you still here running the BS that nothing will ever happen....There are a lot of Crypto Forums or something that are in need of your Expert BS advice I am sure. Falling back on a Planned Attack on the Capitol is so old school Liberal BS that I am sorry if you and the Rest Ate at the CNN/MSNBC Lame Stream Media Feed Bucket you might want to get checked for TDS, maybe Covid or Parrotinitis.....That nasty crap you get after eating BS for weeks. Trump didn't even start his flipping speech until the Attack was in full swing 1.5 hours later.....His Speech was Peace....Your Leftist Plans were to break the place up and Blame Trump and Trump Supporters...... Karsten
  20. Excellent point.....I don't give Crypto much thought as I don't know much about them. But hey there are a lot of people claiming to be getting out of some things and into Cryptos. Dinar, VND and even some dumping Silver here and there to buy into Crypto's. I also find it odd that zeffy who once had a pretty good following is now not only going to open a Bank, but his has also gone to Patreon so he is charging for his Expert (In His opinion) advice........At the same time preaching Gloom and Doom as he was the 1st to claim Iraq was 3-4 years out.......but the Kicker is "He"will gladly Buy your Dinar should you get burned out and depressed. I have not seen any of the resident Intel Folks here (Yota, 6Sly and M something....Sorry I read everything but can't remember all the names) bringing anything here claiming Iraq was still 3-4 years out. This Roller Coaster Ride can differently beat the crap out of anyone that doesn't have the staying power to hang in there. I think I will take a break as nothing gets done in Iraq tomorrow and watch videos on DIY Parrot for my Still....See if I remember how to Sweat Copper Tubing. Karsten
  21. I believe that is exactly what is going on..... maliki and to Iran wont to stir up the get them back To Protesting, Burning Tires, Closing down parts of cities.......To create Chaos and Instability in Iraq and other areas of the Middle east. The People are suffering at the 1460 to $1 USD and are having a hard time......Imagine what would happen if everything more than Doubled in a week there.......When the People Hungry, When the children start crying none stop is when all hell will break loose.....Maliki and the Iranians know this and that is just what they want....... Their Play book is the same one obama and the left are using here.......BLM, Anitifa Taking over Cities, Running the Police Off...... Fake news to stir up crap and cause Instability to prevent Iraq from taking a place on the World Stage......The Mullah's, obama and the Left are all intertwined.... One World Order failed with Covid, The Vax is Failing as people are waking up and saying No.....So Collapse everything so the People, The Worthless Masses Comply....They forgot one very important step....Most of us still have out Guns and a whole lot of ammo. Just Sayin thing could get Really Ugly Really Fast. Karsten
  22. For a little clarification to start and not pointing any fingers. postpone verb [ T ] uk /pəʊstˈpəʊn/ /pəstˈpəʊn/ us /poʊstˈpoʊn/ B1 to delay an event and plan or decide that it should happen at a later date or time: They decided to postpone their holiday until next year. [ + -ing verb ] We've had to postpone going to France because the children are ill. Now as to the original question I don't believe they can hold off anything much longer.....Iraq has plans of becoming the Central hub of the Middle East and it would appear that the Middle East surrounding Countries as all in agreement with the Exception of possibly iran I don't believe Deawoo contracted to build the Grande Port of Faw is going to wait, GE and Siemens with the Major Mega Watt Power Stations aren't going to wait, 40 other companies across the US and Europe aren't going to wait and just this week the UK signed another MOU with Iraq. Yota posted Videos of Rise Rise Apartment or what ever housing that look as though they could rival NYC. They have extended Visa's and made them readily available for visitors, Tourist and Employees to come into Iraq. the Travel blogs and Videos of people that have visited Iraq show a very different Picture of what the lame Stream Media puts out.......I would say just about any city in Iraq would be safer that say Portland, Chicago, Memphis or Minneapolis these days. In short Iraq has accomplished so much to join the International Trade World to drop the ball now.....not only will Iraq Fail, the Entire Middle East will fall into Chaos......Kazemi knows all to well the biden will not be there to save Iraq from IS Rising back after POTUS Trump had them defeated. Karsten
  23. I wont quote many here as way too many are of the same mind set......No More BS from those would want to control the World..... Swine Flu....Anyone remember that one....I do as it was one of the 1st Flu's that really knocked my what ever in the dirt.....I was alone and I knew I was going to die alone in from of the bathroom.....That was where I lived for 2 weeks.....I barely ate, barely drank....The beer was way to far away for me to crawl......Life was bad. I later found out that after just 15 People Died from The H1N1 Swine Vax they stopped Immediately...... Fast forward I lived to fight another day some 12-15 years later I can't even catch a cold in the dead of winter.....Something to be said about Herd Immunity. I have since talked with 2-3 others that had Swine and had the same issues and now they can't or don't get sick after all these years. I am a firm believer that God, Mother Nature and the Natural Way of Life is a far better plan than some test Vax for a trial Virus made by Bill Gates and Fauchi to kill off millions.....Besides, I will be standing and able to pull the Trigger and Reload to Stand up for what I knew as America and the American Way of Life. I am not dead yet and I still have a lot of ammo that needs to be used before the Expiration date.......Let's get this party Started. Karsten
  24. It want not matter....Had Trump said low Dose Aspirin been good for people with hearth issues it would have been wrong.....Soon according to some Viagra will have been deemed a Rocket Fuel intended for the Space Program and Never Meant for Human Consumption..... Damned if they do and Damned with they don't but they will always figure one way or another to twist it. Karsten
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