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  1. Reminds me of... if we stop the auctions it would hurt the people because all the dinar sold there is for oil ... or what ever... when simply the people money is in the bank and not being flooded to the streets, everyone's electronic, cards in hand, just need to finish rebuilding, and pay the people ofcourse and they can do as they please... flip the switch and let us return all this paper to them

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  2. 8 hours ago, yota691 said:

    Parliamentary Finance shows the relationship between the demonstrations and the increase in corruption suspicions in the currency auction



    675 Economie 2022/08/25 17:55 Baghdad today _

    Baghdad Today, Thursday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed the existence of suspicions of corruption by the Central Bank due to the high currency auction funds, indicating that there are attempts to increase corruption and money laundering operations through dealers. Committee member Jamal Cougar told (Baghdad Today), "The sale of the currency in the auction yesterday is not linked to demonstrations at all, as it is rumored that the demonstrations are far from linking auction sales to them. He added, "What is happening is that some commerce and the corrupt are trying to exploit the sale of dollars to increase their wealth." According to sources, on Tuesday, about half a billion dollars were sold within 10 hours, which increased the suspicion of corruption around the currency auction.

    This could get interesting 🤔

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  3. 5 hours ago, yota691 said:

    Access to hard currency in Iraq comes mostly from our oil exports, which is in the hands of the government, and that the local market is circulating for it and does not bring this currency, and therefore its flotation will threaten the Iraqi economy with collapse because it will increase demand for it in exchange for limited supply.

    Wait isn't this what we want?...these guy's man I swear

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  4. 36 minutes ago, Mammaw said:

    With US going into a recession and costs for everything going up, up, up here, I can only imagine how the cost of living in Iraq must be. That being said, shouldn't that cause an RV of the dinar? At what point will their government determine something must  be done? 

    To them prolly when pigs fly... but no seriously, the world's going into a recession and Iraq's still dwindling their thumbs...just push the button to just try to float through this recession smh lol

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  5. On 6/9/2022 at 2:18 PM, Goggles said:

    They really can't use trade exchange to fix the water issue, because they desperately need all the trade they can get and more whilst they improve the countries trade palate for a diverse economy. What they need from those countries is water cooperation. Might have to turn to international help for resolution.  It's gone on long enough. 

    LoL they could trade Water now? :lol:

  6. 15 hours ago, screwball said:

    There will be always be corruption, have told everyone numerous times, look at kuwait and their history of parliament. Will never be eliminated if you think this will hold up rv it will never happen 

    Exactly, like afganistan and their northern alliance we chose to support, like if some of these places have these set up and are currupt and currency higher rates then iraq...sounds like iraq needs one of these funds too.

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