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  1. I do believe they are voting on the HCL on or around September 5th if memory serves from an article that was posted around here about a month ago. Unless it's postponed for a vote on some new holiday.
  2. Why are they showing a picture of toilet paper in the article? They should stick with showing U.S. dollars.
  3. Around 1.5 years left. Hope something happens sooner in terms of RV. I want to really gloat at all the nay sayers here at my end.
  4. Sombody's been robbing the CBI since 2003. We all know who He/they is/are. The sirens should have been non stop since then.
  5. According to XE - Zimbabwean Dollar 1 ZWD = 0.00276319 USD Iraqi Dinar 1 IQD = 0.000840164 USD How does this make you feel Iraq? Not ashamed? Your currency is worse than Zimbabwean?
  6. That's what Trump called them. The Iraqis really are slow on the uptake. Hopefully Trump's envoy that is heading over there is going to put the cattle prod on them for you know what.
  7. Looks like Trump is going to have to drain the swamp in Iraq as well with all the corruption that's hitting the news lately. Not that he needed the news to tell him that. He already called them a bunch of thieves. Wonder how many tentacles our cabal has over there as well.
  8. Ah, thanks for that information. Didn't know that about dual citizenships. Anyone in government official, including ours, should not be allowed to hold dual citizenship. These people hold no loyalties to their supposed host country. As for "we wait", been waiting since 2004. I'm going to utter that dreaded word again "soon". been keeping my fingers crossed since 2004 as well and boy are they cramped now.
  9. Well the ones that got voted out will be rejoining the private sector which won't stand for their individual shenanigans like all those holidays or not showing up for work and even stealing from the till. They'll end up as beggars in the street.
  11. Ugh, that Obama again. If you haven't seen the video LadyGrace'sDaddy linked to in another thread, head over there now and go to time stamp 3:45 and watch for a few minutes.
  12. They do seem to ship to Iraq. Not sure how the payment end of it works yet nor do I know how long Iraq has been listed in their shipping destination. Could have just been added for all I know. Iraq 28 to 30 20 to 22 3 to 7 While I was searching around I found this site This allows anyone who wants american products but the companies don't ship to those particular places. Creates an address to them and the products are sent to them and then they ship off from their facility to wherever.
  13. I'm not one for guessing anymore. I've been wrong every time I tried since 2004
  14. I wonder who is putting pressure on them. Iraq has been seeing Trump shake everything up globally and know he's not someone to eff with. So, I'm pretty sure they aren't going to try to jerk everyone around anymore. Those days are gone. It's no longer business as usual.
  15. Iran is slowly being strangled from any significant influence in the region which is good for Iraq.
  16. I could have sworn I posted in this thread today or a similar thread. Anyway Well Mr Trump you know what to do. Release a tiny bit of that reserve we have on hand and drive the prices back down. That'll fix'em and be good for us little guys.
  17. You would think with the amount they have stashed away themselves they'd leave us alone. Assuming Trump has that pile of his you would think he would step in on this. However, everyone seems to forget deep down he's a NY business democrat at heart and has been for most of his life.
  18. Would be worth the trip to cash in for that much. Just make sure you only bring what will make that 150,000. That would hold me over quite nicely until the exchange rate is much better.
  19. I read this three times now and I still don't know what the hell they are trying to tell us. As 10 years later stated, I'm sure this is not good for us in the gains department.
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