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  1. Why does "Christian" matter in this case? You think if it were a Islamic traveling band they would proclaim it so many times in the article? me thinks not. Jesus didn't say lie down and die for your enemy. In fact he told his disciples to sell their cloaks and buy a sword.
  2. Problem is Miramar is a Naval installation even if it is run by the Marines. The Marines are under the command of the Naval Secretary and are part of Naval forces in the USA even if they are considered by many a separate branch. I know many Marines will disagree because that is pride talking but they take their orders from the Secretary of the Navy not the Secretary of the Marines. Marines, Navy Army or Air Force we are all in this together even if the CiC isn't.
  3. Every year when it begins pollinating I always laugh to myself. Here is why. I used to live in Dayton, OH and I knew many people wanting to move away because the pollen and allergies got the best of them. Where did they move? To the desert where the air is dry and there was no pollen like they had in Dayton. So they moved from Ohio to Arizona and built nice houses. They saw the browns and reds of the desert and became homesick by missing the green lush lawns and the mighty oak trees. So what did they do? They planted grasses and trees. Then the neighbors planted grasses and tress. And their ne
  4. Nah like the treadmill, its an awful big clothes hangar....
  5. If you are getting frustrated with the lack of meanigful discussion posts then get your fingers a-typin and put something meanigful there. The world does not come here to serve you, you have to serve the world in order to get back from it. As far as etiquette goes where is it against any form of etiquette to say "Please" and "Thank You"? Etiquette actually dictates that you say "Thank you". For one leaving a post that says "thank you" does not offend me but when some one who contributes little and speaks up about someone who contributes almost daily offends me more. Contribute smile and go abo
  6. Fixed it for ya. Sorry Luigi there is no fixing you.
  7. Aisha was 9 when her marriage to the Islamic prophet was consummated as stated by Aisha in the Hadiths. The Ayatollah Khomenie <sp?> proclaims it is okay to bed girls who are at least one year of age and he himself has admitted to doing so. Islamic law states that the women are property and in war to the victor goes the spoils. Women who are captured are taken as slaves for the men. Some are taken as wives but only if they convert to Islam. Why would anyone think this group following Islam that they would not partake in the traditions and history of their most beloved prophet? Hey their
  8. The Asian buyer is Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam).
  9. The sucker incentive rate is what I have theorized all along. They will come out with a rate to incentivize (<= is this even a word?) the cash in all the while knowing the rate will go up. The trick for this to happen is to make the initial rate high enough to get people to cash in but at the same time remain as low as possible. Then after a good majority has been cashed in, the rate begins to go up. I don't know that magically delicious rate nor do I know if there will be a set period to cash in. That is what I am speculating will happen initially as it makes sense. Then again this Iraq we
  10. Once the 50 dinar recall went into effect there was no possibility of a RV until after April 30th. So Month 1 is April and Month 2 is May. This puts them in line with what has been said in the past by Shabibi that the best time for an RV was during June/July. As each year passes that is the time frame I look towards. Now I don't know the June/July of which year, but if things were to transpire I would be more apt to listen to what Shabibi has said in the recent past and going forward. If nothing transpires by the end of May to setup a June/July RV, not going to happen in that specific year. Ha
  11. For those who are wondering this is more about 0bummer than the Kurds. The current sitting President of the USA refuses to send/sell arms to the Kurds as he states it is illegal for the USA to do so(I guess he picks and chooses what is "legal" these days). Its about how the arming of the Kurds with more up to date weaponry is slow to manifest. By bypassing the President we can directly send/sell arms to the Kurds without a middle man (Bummer and Baghdad).
  12. April 1...April Fool's Day. Love is the folly of the fool for it makes fools men and men fools.
  13. No RV will happen before April 30, 2015 due to the 50 dinar recall as most felt it was a test for the CBI. If an RV happens before then sure we will all be happy. Not to burst bubbles. but don't expect honey where there are no bees.
  14. To be honest here, no RV will happen until after the recall of the 50 dinars is done which is April 30 (I believe). Most felt that was a test for the CBI so if it is a test and the test is not finished, how do you know the results until it is finished? And if an RV doesn't happen between May and August it won't happen this year. Also the IMF board usually takes vacation in the beginning to mid August. If there is no RV before then, no RV until the fat lady sings and she hasn't even begun to warm up! From what I have seen on here, everything leads to a RV but yet no RV. Patience is a
  15. Hmmm... wait until they get the tax bill for Net Neutrality. Oh Wait that's us.... Welcome to the modern world well nothing is for certain except debt and taxes.
  16. Kurdish parties were removed from the US terrorist list in December 2014. The bill is the next step in doing legal official business with them by officially recognizing them. The Kurds have always wanted their own country. This was long before Sadam even came to power. The problem is that in order for there to be a Kurdistan, Turkey and Iran must give up part of their land. It ain't happening unless the Kurds take it by force. No Republican will ever be highly respected in Californistan. It's too far to the left and virtually insolvent due to too many slackers and moochers. Californistan
  17. The April 2015 contract for Crude Futures opened (March 17) around 45 and change.
  18. nana's are the best in the world until you bring home a box of them filled with the world's deadliest spiders. or was them nanners?
  19. HI Adam Crude Light closed today at 43.85 and I made money off the down trend. Was wondering if you could recommend a good movie coming out in the near future that you would consider watching so I can eat my popcorn in peace? Are you partial to the Fast and Furious series with their next installment coming out around April 1? On that note do you think theaters are overcharging or would you invest in one?
  20. Actually Tom caught Jerry many times. It was always the way Jerry escaped that was interesting until they started working together in later episodes. Don't get the Road Runner and Coyote mixed up with Tom and Jerry. The Coyote catches the RR once. Tom catches Jerry many many times. Touche messieurs putty cat!
  21. So they get their 72 white grapes after all. LOL If you don't know don't aks.
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