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  1. Read Shabbs and see your unfettered Trumpism gone amok. It has never been about Trump. That you will never get. These two speeches, Regan's and 0Bummer's, led to a much needed disruptor in the Oval Office. If Biden did what Regan espoused and Trump did, instead of trying to increase the size of our government, increase the taxes and a slew of other things, then people would support them as well. Instead we get tripe like "America isn't exceptional" and "you didn't build that" "Free this and free that". These two ideaologies clash like oil and water. Biden is nothing more than the extension of
  2. Best lines out of Regan's speech: Biden and 0bummer gave us this:
  3. No lapse in judgement. You think you go unnoticed on here. The funny thing is what you are actually noticed for. And that is nothing good. Those are not my words by the way. I am quoting from other people. You will never who.
  4. Great Farewell Address from a President who suffered from early stages of Alzheimer's disease on the final day of his Presidency: Four
  5. I guess when you add "As always, just my opinion." this passes off as not violating the rules, eh? No abuse from you here eh? As always, just my opinion.
  6. Who got bent out of shape when Trump called certain individuals "Animals" and who actually proved they were what Trump called them? Why, with all the ME factions starting with AQ and the Muslim Brotherhood, are the demonrats wanting terrorist actions be called nothing more than crimes? And why was their a backlash when Trump wanted the gans he espoused keeping out of the country as domestic terrorists? Answer these questions and you will get to the real reason as to why the COVID-19 was released.
  7. And to show history: 2020 Democrats Ignore Mexican Drug Cartel Violence That Killed Nine Americans NOVEMBER 6, 2019 By Tristan Justice Nine Americans were slaughtered in broad daylight Monday in an apparent ambush by a drug cartel in Northern Mexico. The LeBaron family, with ties to Utah who lived in the La Mora Mormon fundamentalist community located in Mexico’s Sonora state were traveling in a caravan of three SUVs that were attacked by the cartel, with a dozen family members still missing who were likely kidnapped. At least six children and three women wer
  8. But Shabbs why are you so obsessed. Trigger much? You do this all the time to people on here. Like just now in the other thread where you called me a kettle and black.
  9. Nothing derogatory about this post of yours though right? pot....kettle....black. As always, just my opinion. GO RV, then BV You need to read the original thread again Shabbs. I never said what I said wasn't derogatory unlike the thread that mentioned far-right. Far-right is a term that when used is meant to be derogatory. So someone saying that when using this term is "not derogatory" and no /s or mention of being sarcastic it is in the end derogatory, no matter how it is used.
  10. Shabbs, I made this thread and anyone could have responded but only you responded. Thus again you made the point you were targeting me and now you are obsessed that you got called out. I wasn't targeting you at all, although you did take the bait.
  11. Let me expound on something that was brought to my attention, in addition to COVID-19 (now this acronym is adding the letter I when it was never in the original). Add this to what is going on now around the world. Feds arrest over 600 alleged Mexican cartel members Agents culminated a six-month investigation into the CNJG gang with high-level arrests that brought investigators closer to finding the gang's leader Mar 11, 2020 Michael Balsamo Associated Press CHANTILLY, Va. — In the darkness, the
  12. By the way, I haven't given out a ruby or any other emoji score in quite a long time. So all emojis you see on your posts are from other people.
  13. You mean the abuse you perpetrate on the dinar community and get away with it because you speak in double speak and then claim innocence? Yeah we all know that rule you made up. I have kept to the rules of this forum. I have been at the hands of your abuse on here and nothing gets done about it. Now you have been exposed. You are directly targeting me (stalking) in hopes I will call you a name or something worse. You know it. And now that I have called you out you are hurt. Boo. friggin hoo.
  14. The rules you make up or the ones that are official? Because the one needing a brush up on the rules is you. You done been called out and exposed in all your glory.
  15. Oooh how so predictable of you to stalk me, considering this thread was made for you to prove my point. You can't help yourself.
  16. OR maybe this might be better than listening to TDS individuals spout about the old white man from the diversity party. This can hold their attention for a very long time!
  17. And in conclusion, we present the dumbest plays in sports history. Why? Because it is much more fun to watch than the old white man of the self-proclaimed diversity party make another gaffe
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