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  1. Maliki threatens to leave the govt but this quote is key and seems to be missed by many. I underlined and bolded the key part of the threat. "Mr. al-Maliki sent a strongly worded letter to the head of the current government Haider al-Abadi," and threatened "him to overthrow his government and his removal as prime minister if What has been condemning the oldest agent of the Ministry of An Interior Adnan al-Asadi, the issue of detecting the failed explosive devices. " Maliki is threatening to withdraw only to overthrow the current form of government. If he leaves he will not go quietly into the night as he will be back to kill his opponents and take control of the government once more. This is the plan Maliki has had all along and is working on. The cleanup of his previous administration is proceeding and Maliki is starting to feel the pressure but when boilers can no longer hold the pressure they explode. This government needs to release the steam from Maliki or like the boiler it too will explode. It is Maliki that needs to be removed before permanent and long term damage comes to Iraq beyond what has been done previously. If Maliki does overthrow this current government it will be a dog's day in hell before the RV actually happens.
  2. @DWitte Take a look at this article it may explain some things: This is something I have been looking into. I read earlier today, a barrel in US terms is 42 gallons but the refinement from a barrel of oil yields a combined total 44 gallons of various products not just gasoline.
  3. Partly right. When their prophet died he did not name a successor, a so-called pope of the Islamic World as they knew it back then. There was a girl who was introduced to their prophet at the age of 4. She was introduced by her Uncle Badr. Their prophet had shenanigans (being polite here) with the girl until she married their prophet at the age of 8. The marriage was consummated at that time. When that girl, Aisha, was around 17 her husband died leaving a vacuum in the leadership of the muslims. The factions fought over who should be successor. On one hand it was Aisha's Uncle, since purportedly their prophet with all the sexual strength and prowess beguiled a human being never produced a living heir. On the other hand, the other faction believed it to be a son-in-law but the problem with this is that their prophet conveniently received a divine ayat from their divine being that the son-in-law divorced his wife so their prophet could marry her (assertedly their propher somehow saw the leg's of his son-in-law's wife and just had to have her). So the question begat who was the rightful heir to the kingdom? No one has rightfully answered this and many have died over seeking the answer. However what is known is that the Calipha is supposedly be tied to their prophet's bloodline. The only bloodline that does exist in this case would be only that of relatives not direct descendants. Both the Uncle of Aisha and the son-in-law are supposedly somehow connected. Shiites are the ones who cut themselves every year and make an additional pilgrimage to the General who died in battle and was entombed in Iraq. This is in addition to the pilgrimage every muslim is supposed to take to Mecca. The sunni's have many splintered factions. One of them are the Wahabi's whom near the end of the Ottoman Empire decided to march to Turkey and down to Isreal (Palestine as it was called during the Ottoman Empire but Palestine was not a country) to push the Jews into the sea. The Wahabi's claimed that shiites were committing "shirk" something so evil that its the worst thing a muslim can commit, covet other gods and have idols. So they killed any muslim who they claimed committed shirk. Now the Wahabi's almost took over the House of Saud until the House of Saud and the Wahabi's made a deal securing the reign of the King. However this was akin to making a deal with the devil as some purport that the Saudi King is merely a figure head and the Wahabi's rule. Note here that most believe the Wahabi's don't exist. The other faction worth noting and its the Salafi's. This group is even worse than the Wahabi's as they claim to be peaceful individuals but they do not tell you who they are peaceful too. The answer to that is only other Salafis. Shiek Osama bin Laden was a wahabi who in 1999 issued a fatwah towards the United States using ayat 9:5 from the Quran to justify the war on the United States. This verse has consitently been used to justify the killing of infidels and mushirikens where ever they may be. IS/ISIL/ISIS (whatever you want to call them) is not good and ARE muslims from the two worst sects of Islam - wahabis (alqaeda) and Salafi's (Muslim Brotherhood). This should explain to some degree why the bummer as prez or as I like to call him the POSOTUS is chummy with muslims. For those who cannot read between the lines, 0bummer is chummy with Muslim Brotherhood and has appointed Muslim Brotherhood members to some of the highest appointed positions in his cabinets thus giving them very highly classified information of our nation(See Homeland Security appointees by 0bummer). CAIR's co-founder (Hezbollah) once stated, that CAIR is not in America to be another religion, it is here to be the dominant religion and the Quran its constitution. Athiests better wake up (as the rest of the nation) to this because athiests are not asked to convert or pay the jiziya (protection money) which only leaves one choice left. Islam will never be secular and cannot exist in a secular context unless major reform is done to the so-called ROP. I could care less what you believe or what you do as long as you do not infringe on my rights or any other person's as a citizen of this nation. If it does not harm me or anyone else, believe it do it but most of all take personal accountability for the consequences for believing and doing what you will.
  4. So much to ejumucate Sal on and so little time. Oi Vey!
  5. Okay edited your post a little. However, what I find offensive is this statement right here: "Funny how it is that none of you are not willing to go over there and fight if it came to it...(I was there from 2003-2012, Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan)." You make the biggest assumption that totally shows your stupidity (not ignorance). However, you never said what you did over there. Were you a paper pusher? Were you on the front lines everyday? Anyone in the service between the dates of an active conflict is considered to have served during a hostile action even if they were not directly deployed inside that theater. So just because you were there doesn't mean you were actually there. Get my meaning? There are many individuals on this website that have fought/served for this country as we on the website are of all ages. Just because they don't say it doesn't mean it never happened. Let me explain something, I would have been in Gulf War I had I not had an accident in the line of duty. Yes I had an very serious accident that almost caused me to be paralyzed for life and could have very well cost my life. Because I had an accident during training while the country was not at war, was my service to this country any less than yours? The answer to that is no. The reason is because at any moment at any second any person who is in the service can be called onto to perform their duties in a hostile action. I have seen vets who had a car accident while lollygagging around off duty get service connected disability. The conundrum here comes into play that a active duty person is never really off duty. One other thing I know individuals who enlisted within days of 9-11 come back with missing limbs and never to be right in the mind ever again. To hear you claim because you went to the three theater of operations you are entitled is a farce. You exploit this. You have an entitlement mentality that is ruining this country. I never asked to have my accident but I knew the risks and I would take them over and over again every day of my life even if it did eventually cost me my life. That sir is what a patriot is all about. We do it because we love our country and take pride in our country not because we expect to get back from this country of ours. We do it to keep this country free. So either ejumucate from other sources (other than CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC and any other MSM) yourself on the likes of Harry Reid (the number of bills from the House he has refused to even come to the floor of the Senate and I am not just talkng Obamacare and Nazi Pehosi (pass it then read it) or keep whining and complaining, boohoo I went to war and now I am entitled to everything for free! Sir you are no more entitled to what the Constitution grants you, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is not an entitlement btw the entitlement is the journey to get happiness. All too often this is confused so I thought I would help you out. Your next ejumucation is to read the Federalist Papers, and I mean all of them. Ignorance is curable, stupidity is a disease you can never cure. Exit, stage left!
  6. Wow must wonder how you feel about Favre? lol We won't mention him again in cheesehead country. Adam you can only hold it in only so long, then like a dam that has done all it can, it must burst forth. What did it for me was 9-11. I have always maintained 0bummer was bad for this country. Lost a few friends over it too. Now they have come around and actually apologized. I respect the office of the presidency but will never respect a person who does everything in their power to destroy this once great country. As to the post above that Obama admitted to the fact he was muslim, you need to read more of his works. He doesn't have to admit anything because if it quacks and waddles like one, then by golly yep it is one. One only needs to read the one line he wrote in his book (paraphrasing) : If things go bad, he will side with the muslims. That is all I need to know he has never and will never be for the country he swore an oath (like what 5 times before he finally got it right?) to protect.
  7. MP assures discussing Budget Law next week September 29, 2014 - Ahmed Hussein Baghdad ( MP, Jabbar al-Abadi, of the Parliamentary Finance Committee stated that the Budget Law will be discussed in the parliament on next week. Speaking to, he said “The 2014 Budget Law will be sent to the parliament in next week and will be discussed as soon as we received it.” / Meanwhile.... Germany starts training 32 Kurdish fighters Baghdad ( Germany’s army has started training 32 Kurdish peshmerga fighters at an army school in Bavaria to support them in their fight against Islamic State extremists. A spokesman for the German defense ministry said Sunday that the 32 Kurdish fighters would stay in Germany until October 3 to receive weapons’ training. Germany also began delivering arms to the Kurds in northern Iraq on Thursday, dispatching a shipment of 50 hand-held anti-tank weapons, 520 G3 rifles and 20 machine guns. total, the German plan calls for arming 10,000 Kurdish fighters with some 70 million euros ($90 million) worth of equipment. Germany is also sending some 40 paratroopers to help train the fighters on the weapons./End/ Well 32 is better than zero. Right 0bummer? And for those who remember the museums being ransacked... UNSCO adopts resolution to ban smuggling Iraqi antiquities Baghdad ( The United Nations of Education, Scientific and Culture “UNESCO” announced adopting a draft project resolution for its members that commit them to ban smuggling the Iraqi antiquities. Should deserters be reinstated? URGENT: Iraqi Army deserters to be re-registered by Central Government ( The New York Times reported today that Iraqi army has launched a campaign to re-register soldiers and military personnel who deserted their units and positions in an attempt to rebuild the army to confront ISIS. The American newspaper added that although the Iraqi government is currently training and equipping new volunteer forces, they urgently need experienced soldiers even if that requires opening enrollment to deserters. Data from the Iraqi Army indicates that more than six thousand soldiers have been registered through this re-enrollment campaign in Kurdistan while more than 5 thousand troops have been registered in Baghdad. And a little good news (I Guess) URGENT: ISIS Leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, flees Syria airstrikes to Mosul says KDP The leader of the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Erbil ( The Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, announced that the leader of the terrorist organization of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, arrived in the city of Mosul after fleeing from the violent aerial bombardment on the Syrian city of Raqqa. The Kurdistan Democratic Party said in a statement posted on its website and followed by that “after the international coalition started the bombardment on the Syrian cities, Baghdadi was forced to move between Syria and Iraq, noting that the air strikes targeted him on his way to Anbar a few weeks ago.” The statement added that “this morning, the terrorist gunmen of ISIS began a widespread campaign of intimidation in the streets of Mosul. They are inspecting the identification of all vehicle passengers and bystanders traveling in groups of 2 or more people.” (All articles dated Sept 29, 2014)
  8. You can quote the Reformation during the Dark Ages because there is a history of that period of time put down in books. History of Islam has been revised so many times most don't even know it anymore. While Christianity has moved on and reformed so that these practices are no longer being practiced today, you fail to make the correlation between Christianity and Islam in this manner. This is why. Islam has never reformed towards the stopping of practices that took place during the time of their prophet and some would even say time before their prophet. Crucifixion, while attributed to Romans is more associated with Christianity, is still practiced in the ME today. Christianity was separated from the state. Islam has always controlled the state and has never let its grip up from this control. The Dark Ages in Islam means something totally different than the Western Civilization Dark Ages. Reformation during the dark ages in Western Civilization was brought about by invaders into Christian lands but it went amok and eventually it turned onto its own people. You will hear that the Renaissance was brought about by Islam, this is furthest from the truth. Renaissance was brought about by Spain freeing itself from Islamic rule. Islam will claim all the great inventions but what they don't tell you is that Islam conquered these people converted them to Islam or killed them and assimilated that technology as their own. Not much has come out of the ME except for oil since the 18th century. Should you attempt to say that well the USA stole lands, make sure you know which lands Islam stole on the Arabian Pennisula because I can start naming them off. The USA has dealt with Islam since its inception, the Barbary Pirates were muslim. Not many knows the connection in the Marine Anthem to Islam in this tidbit of our national history. Like I said Millie, Christianity reformed, Islam has not. There is a cry for Islam to reform, but this is falling on deaf ears because so-called moderate muslims will not speak out for fear of being called an apostate or even worse, have committed shirk.
  9. Speaking of Joe, every circus needs a clown. Send in the clowns....
  10. 800? Try more like 30K and growing. They are drafting now which means they aren't asking nicely anymore. Submit or die; its the Islamic way. Please see and read current articles on the meaning of L in ISIL. Its a significant distinction from just Syria, which does not include Isreal. The L means Levant. Some Say the S in ISIS means Syria whilst others say al-Sham which is Levant in translation to English. Levant is the countries of Iraq, Syria and the countries along the coast down to and including Egypt. ISIL is this fashion is trying to do what the Palestinians are doing trying to form a country from out of nothing. There was never a Palestine nor was there ever a Levant as countries that existed anytime in the history of the world. Palestine was a Roman and Ottoman state and not a country. Levant was a biblical geographic description for a certain region in that part of the world. Levant was never a country. A country would mean self rule government, coinage and currency, borders in which have been recognized by other countries to name a few. Levant nor Palestine were ever countries. However, they are cities in the USA.
  11. Looks like a certain VP wants to become a VIP PM. If they have three VP's how does succession by assassination work? Here its Prez < VP < Speaker of the House then its sketchy from there. If you can't get elected, heck get a position that puts you in line and take out all of those in front of you. Voi Ci! Instant Prez! (well in this case PM)
  12. Coalition members as of today: 1. Coalition countries (not counting US): France. Cue porky pig.... that's it folks!
  13. While the picture should be seen, I feel that some kind of warning should be placed in the title before opening this thread up. So as we don't open this thread unknowingly and in front of those who may not or should not see this. I saw the video of Daniel Pearl beheading shortly after it came out. For me, one is one too many. We cannot fight these people in a reactionary way. We need to fight them on their idealogies and in places where they have become influential. That means telling people that the so-called ROP is not really a ROP and showing them this and other videos. I stated a while back a website to watch was called It continues to be at the forefront of showing how foul and despicable these people really are. No one hijacked Islam. Islam hijacked the world. No such thing as a moderate muslim. Women in Islam are not given rights and anyone who thinks so is an utter fool. The real war on women is coming from Islam.
  14. This administration is all about perception and lack of action as evidenced by the hastag campaigns that have come out recently. When the whiner in charge doesn't get his way he circumvents the Constitution he swore to uphold. To everyone's dismay, the split government producing very little legislation is how the founding fathers intended for the government to work. This crap, we want it now and be daamned how we get it is ridiculous. Quit exploiting the children and quit exploiting the wealthy and elderly to remain in power. What's going to happen when the baby boomers are gone? DemoRats are planning for the future, they are importing the votes. It's interesting to note that for the first time since before WWII that the average age of the working person has fallen and is in a downward slope in this country (per Bloomberg, today). If the nth generation doesn't get off their lazy behinds and they don't keep subscribing to the entitlement mentality that swept across the globe, then this country will fall the way the Romans fell so very long ago. How did communist Russia fare? How is England and Canada doing with their health care? How is the single-payer VA system working out? This country will fall in one-fifth the time that it took Rome to fall. How's that for hope and change?
  15. Wow that is too much work. Kind of like listening to the weatherman (woman) and taking readings of barometric pressure and other stuff. I prefer to look at my grass, if it brown it needs rain. Is it raining? Nope continue to hope for rain, go about my day. Is it raining? Yes. Great, Continue to go about my day. Things are so much better when you are not in a position of control to just sit back and relax and when things happen, they happen (or don't). Don't worry be happy!
  16. Moneysoon I started researching this back in April before I came here. The only caveat I have never traded a day in my life. I started out with a Safari Books Online and perused their selection. I then set after how to learn how to trade and was met with various techniques like Fibonacci and Pivots etc. I searched for training into this as well. The car salesmen abound. The training is not cheap either. I finally settled on a company that would work best for me. I looked into several brokers and I settled on one mainly because of the offer I received with the training company I settled with. Currently, I am back testing the trade plans I have been given. They have a live trafing room but I am not really prepared for that. I am only trading Forex until I can trade Futures. While its true you spend a few hours a day trading but that is if you daytrade. Swing trading I spend no more than fifteen minutes in the morning and fifteen minutes at night . A majority of that time is just entering trades. You can get into automated trading if you want or you can trade manually. You can use basically whatever trading platform you want provided the broker is compatible. Most brokers have their own. Personally I don' t like trading individual stocks and prefer the futures and indexes. You can trade almost 24 hours a day but with everything there is advantages withtrading certain times of the day. For me usually 830Am until noon then around 1pm til 4PM works best for daytrading. You need to backtest to find what works for you. Hope this helps. If you want names of companies I didn't mention I am sure there is a way to get them to you. Without me trying to be a mouthpiece for them. However since you posted this back in June hope you are much further alongi in your research.
  17. Nelg would you have preferred me to call him the Manchurian POSoTUS? Oh wait Sydney Poitier is the lead in the orignal movie Manchurian Candidate. Sydney Poitier is not white, so calling someone not white a Manchurian Candidate/President would be racist (by the logic given before)? Call the president what you will, respect the office and you don't have to respect the man. Any enlisted person will tell you that. Next you will be telling me you would vote for a woman candidate for president named Elizabeth Warren because she claims to be of Native American descent. And because I am against her (one because she is not native american as it was proven to be so and two she used it to garner special minority status..which means she is deceitful and lies) that would make me racist against native americans eh? I called Clinton (your choice) a monkey in the white house. Am I racist for saying that? The point is it is just an expression to denote a person who like the Manchurian Candidate is nothing more than an idiot on a string being played by someone else. I can think of about a hundred other names to denote this very specific idea. He is a Pinnochio. Guess that would be racist against Italians. Throughout history leaders have been described in very simpleton terminolgy to denote they are nothing more than puppets on a string being led by some unknown person or group of people. It speaks to the leadership of the individual not the race of the individual. I will continue to call those in office monkies who have no leadership abilities no matter their race. I could care less about some cartoon that came out during the Great Depression. Or some movie that came out in the 70's that cast a particular person for a lead role in a fictional movie. If we based our moral ethics on a political satire cartoon or some fictional movie then its a sad state of affairs for all those who do. This in the end is political correctness gone amuk. Just look at Ferguson, MO to see the bright shining example of this. People need to stop being brainwashed and stop being sheeple. Maybe they should visit a Holiday Inn Express! " is the steeple, open it up and see all the people sheeple"
  18. Here are a couple of questions to ponder... if a bank outside of the CBI has dinar, is that dinar said to be in circulation? If that currency is said to be in circulation and each bank according to the CBI is required to have 250 billion dinar, then how in the world, according to this article, is there only 4 billion dinar in circulation? Either someone is doing fuzzy wuzzy mathematics here or someone already lopped off the zeros from the numbers in the article! Even then 15 banks would still have more than 4 billion dinars given each bank only had 2.5 billion dinars (accounting for lopster mathematics). While the numbers may seem incongruous, I think I will just wait for the numbers to be pulled from the magician's hat . You know when the magician states Abracadabra swami salami RV time baby!
  19. This is all over the net. Excerpt from Al jazeera Sunni politicians in Iraq have suspended talks to form a new government, in protest of a mass killing inside a mosque in the northeastern province of Diyala. In a statement on Saturday, Salim al-Jabouri, speaker of the Iraqi parliament, denounced as "terrorists" the Shia armed group suspected of killing at least 73 people inside a Sunni mosque . Its also in other news venues.
  20. Be careful for when asking Pat for a vowel you might lose all you gained when you RV:
  21. Maybe these women could do like they did in the Philipines back in the 50's. They dip their bullets in pig's blood. Now they would most assuredly get no 72 white raisins virgins in Heaven. Lol Dontlop reminded me of a song I think back in the 80's with a verse that went something like... Where can I get a woman like that! (Rick Springfield?) I forget the name of the song and the artist that sang it.
  22. The article states "the quarter" not "a quarter". This could be a translation error who knows. However, my hypothesis on this (which could be absolutley 100% wrong) is that "the quarter" is the author is talking about is "the quarter of dinars left in circulation" So if we took three-quarters of the dinars out of circulation and are left with the quarter of dinars in circulation, this could (hypothetically) enhance the rate by multiplying the rate by .25 (a quarter). This would the leave the dinar rate at 1:279 which would be an enhancement. "the quarter" plays to the the quarter of the dinars left in circulation not a quarter of the stated dinar note. Also the drawdown of notes from circulation would take time and as such the enhancement of the rate would also follow suit as dinars are taken out of circulation. This would be a final rate once all the notes have been withdrawn from circulation; not an overnight rate. More of a goal rate than anything else. (This is my opinion and is hypothetical. I could be absolutely 100% wrong.)
  23. The article did not say "a" quarter but "the" quarter. The semantics play a big part here. If you took the current excange rate of 1166 and multiplied that by .25 you would enhance the rate of the dinar to a rate of 1:279. This is all speculation on my part. "the quarter" comes into pay by the reference from taking three-quarters of the dinar out of circulation thus leaving the quarter of the dinars in circulation. So the reference here is "the quarter of dinars left in circulation". Law of Supply and Demand comes into play. Less Supply more demand the price increases for that product. I am merely hypothesizing and could be sooo totally wrong. But should this transpire, the dinar could go at a rate of 1:279 by the time this is through (1166*.25 = 279). The mileage may vary on this and I could be 100% absolutely wrong.
  24. Achmed the Terrorist is the dummy of Jeff Dunham. He has other dummies like the grumpy old man (forgot his name) and Jalepeno on a Stick. The most notorious one that Jeff Dunham started off with was the purple wonder called Peanut. By far, Peanut is the crowd favorite when seeing a Jeff Dunham show. His foray into stand up was much more successful tha his foray into his Comedy Central television shows which he quickly abadoned after losing his wife in a divorce.
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