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  1. You know what they say about a**holes, don't you? If it weren't for the a**holes, then the little sh*ts wouldn't be around.
  2. If Malarki decides to pop his head up right now it will be popped like a pimple on the Dr Pimple show. No he knows to stay low and any communication he creates will leave a trail of crumbs to his ole nasty beard. Better to eat the cookies under the covers than to eat them at the table.
  3. You would have thought the Ruby Monster(s) of Dinarvets would have liked the reference to the Ruby Red Slippers. Rubies here! Get your red rubies here! Rubies here! 5 for a nickel! Ten for a ten pence! Rubies here-a! Get your red rubies here! Rubies here-a! Get 'em hot! Get 'em while they last! Rubies here-a! Get your red rubies here! Rubies here-a! Stoke em, toke em and smoke em! Rubies here-a! Get your red rubies here! Rubies here-a!
  4. Grass fed cattle eat different grasses than bison do. Good to respect Bison because Bison would be more apt to kill you even though you feed them. Depending on how cows are "socialized" a cow may or may not kill you. Bison are majestic creatures and were once put up to be the nation's animal in lieu of the Bald Eagle.
  5. Ukraine has an Anti-Corruption Board and yet over 3.6 billion dollars went missing and the bank founder got a a USA Visa to come to the USA and visit 0Bummner in the WH. Let's hope Iraq's Anti-Corruption Council does better since its not Tony Podesta on the Board of Directors for this council.
  6. After the transcript was made available to the public, any government worker, including those in the CIA, could be considered a whistleblower. That is why this second whistleblower is circumspect. Most in the media want to report this as a credible, however, the first blew his wad when he failed to report those s/he went to to discuss the exact nature of the charge. Going to an aid of a sitting Representative is tantamount of going to that Representative. It makes it doubly incredulous when that sitting member of Congress just so happens to be the head of the House Intelligence Committee in which would be taking the lead in the investigation. The media is saying because the second now has first-hand information is kind of moot after the transcript was released because we now all have first-hand information just from reading the transcript (provided it was the raw transcript and no commentary was included on the transcript from a third party). Demonrats go ahead get on with it. I am looking forward towards a second Trump term and a better economy where wages are increasing with deregulation. But then again if the demonrats successfully kick out Trump, we can kiss the USA goodbye as it will be the point of no return. The demonrats have are already started on setting the groundwork for impeaching Pence. So it will quickly follow Pence will be impeached and kicked out, as well, which is why I say that this is the point of no return for the USA. Don't think they will stop with Trump. They do not want to only overturn this past election, ah heck no. They are looking for the whole kit and kaboodle. It will be the first time (and last) in the history of the USA that a sitting President and Vice President will be impeached and thrown out of office. Once Pence is impeached, the USA no longer exists and it will be a quick descent into holy hell from there. Be glad we have IQD because we will need them to relocate. The blackshirts are coming...for you.
  7. The question was On 9/24/2019 at 10:02 PM, nstoolman1 said: Question: Is it illegal for a President to ask a foreign power to investigate a person to see if he/she committed a crime? That answer is no in this case. Per the article: In 1999 Bill Clinton signed a treaty with Ukraine signed by the Democrat president on mutual legal assistance on criminal matters. The treaty establishes a range of cooperation between the two governments about making testimony available, about making people available. So there is a firm legal underpinning to the request made by President Trump to Ukrainian President Zelensky on the 2016 election was completely legal and appropriate.
  8. Information is not a thing of value. This was decided upon by the courts. Quid pro quo is not illegal when it concerns the USA but it is illegal when an official or his family benefits from this. A quid pro quo is not illegal for the USA because if it was all trade the USA does would be considered illegal. They call this trade negotiations not quid pro quo. Which no one has brought up. Even if Trump held back Javelins (not part of the original aid package that Trump suspended), it had to do with elections but it was the investigation into the 2016 elections and not the 2020 elections. Demonrats are doing a complete projection onto Trump for what they did in Ukraine to avoid the Biden Scandal and other scandals that are slowly bubbling to the surface based on this faux impeachment. Yes there are other scandals attached to this. Far more than any media outlet is talking about. The Biden scandal is only the tip of the surface for this. Be careful what you hear and take note where it came from and who is saying it. Not even OANN is immune from this because they use the AP to do their reporting as well. Soros and his operatives have their dirty hands all over this. You think Hitlary and Billy Bob is evil, Soros is their mentor. There is more to this stemming directly from the 0bummer admin and when it comes out, not even Satan himself will be able to repair the damage done. A week ago or so I heard that if a demonrat gets elected in 2020, the repubes may not get elected as POTUS for another 80 years. If all of this comes out, a new party may be able to capitalize on the opportunity and come to power rather quickly putting the reycist demonrats and repubes scrambling for scraps. A lot of media people will lose their careers on all sides. Iff all of this sees the light of day.
  9. I normally don't watch Beck but when he uses his laser focus on Ukraine scandal its unreal how the pieces fall together. Start with the first video but the third video is the one you really want to watch. The following video is a must watch
  10. Considering most of Iraq works for the government and the government is the biggest job producer, freezing the accounts of all government workers would lead to even more intensified violent protests. If any accounts are frozen it needs to be management level and up through PM. And if money is still leaking like a sieve it will be much easier to find. You don't freeze accounts of those who can't afford to miss a paycheck and living off the basics. Since most management level employees/workers make more than a basic income in Iraq, they can live off the basics for a predetermined period of time.
  11. There is a movement to get so many Bison back in America. And yes Bison are not domesticated like cows, so they have to be handled less. The fence is costly as it needs to be much stronger than that of a normal cattle fence. It also needs to be higher as well as a full grown Bison can jump over a normal cattle fence from a standstill stance. Bison are also much more agile and faster than cattle. This fools a lot of people because they see the Bison as slow cumbersome animals. Not so. Bison are better to raise than cattle because they take less infrastructure to raise and some say you can raise more Bison on the same acre of land as cattle. Bison don't really need to be housed in a shelter, they birth their calves on their own (sometimes intervention is needed but not as much as cattle). Bison are like the set em and forget them of the ranching world. As long as they have room to move and graze, they are fine to be left alone until harvest time. More people prefer buffalo meat and more products can be made from their hide at a much higher profit than cow hide. If you have never had buffalo jerky, its much healthier and tastes better than beef anyday of the week. Bison still need to be wormed and get health checkups. The fence and the catchment system cost more up front. But if you start your herd small and let it grow for about 5 to 10 years before harvesting, you can recoup the upfront money in a much shorter period of time than you could with cattle. The starter herd is not cheap either. A starter herd can put you back six figures plus. It's a matter of the gene mix you are shooting for. Since their almost extinction through hunting by the early settlers, there is a mix of cow genes in with the bison genes. Yellowstone National Park is said to have the most true Bison herd. The smaller percentage of cow gene the more the cost of the bull. Bison live longer than cows if not culled. There are two types of Bison, there is a woody bison and plains Bison and you can tell by the shape and length of their beards. Which state I move to and the terrain of the land I buy will determine the breed type. I have been looking at living somewhere along the Great American Buffalo Belt (this extends into Canada and down to Mexico, as far east as West Virginia and Tennessee, and as far west as Saskatchewan). There is several Bison farms in Indiana and Ohio. Most people don't think they lived there. Bison are roamers and grazers. As long as they have food in front of them they will move towards water. So all you need to do is keep water and pastures well stocked and your bison are happy. They are independent creatures but will bolt to be with other animals if they are alone. Some of the youtube video of people and cars at Yellowstone when the herd of Bison are walking by can be downright funny. For example, the video in which a guy rented a car, had no rental insurance and the car was rammed by an adult male bison. Its like the car was doing 40 mph and a brick wall magically appeared in front of them.
  12. Ummm... the Iran and Iraq War in the 1980s says otherwise. Over one million killed. Iran and Iraq have been opposite sides of the coin and have never been friends due to Islam's Sunni vs Shia conflict with Persian (Iranians are really Persian) mixed into the fray.
  13. I am researching and thinking about raising Bison. Start with a small herd and grow from there. We have a Bison farm near here. AOC blows more methane out of her mouth than a herd of cattle any day of the week.
  14. I have stopped calling this a roller coaster ride and have officially dubbed this the Iraqi Hokey Pokey. because that is what it is all about!
  15. Read it however you want. (Although I prefer the glasses that stops the blue light from my monitor). In a nutshell Iraq is trading Iraqi oil for Iraqi infrastructure to be built. But that wasn't the point you made. You stated they never said it in the first place to which you were countered with "Oh yes they did!" and given the evidence to backup the counter.
  16. People tend to forget, former President Obama during Trump's Presidential campaign asked then former Ukraine President to investigate Paul Manafort. When Trump does it, it's illegal and impeach the mofo. When former President Obummer does it, indict and convict the mofo Manafort. Obummer is the Messiah doncha know? Otherwise you be reycccccciiist.
  17. The same former prosecutor that an apology was given to by its own government for saying he was corrupt? You mean that one? A former prosecutor in which Ukraine officially apologised too and specifically stating that certain US Officials were at the forefront of the accusations of corruption against the prosecutor in which the rest of the world followed said accusations with no real evidence that he was actually corrupt? You mean that former prosecutor? Yeah thought so.
  18. Dincha know? it's not what they are smoking... as it became legal only recently in MI... but it is in the water they drink. Shall we mention Flint? The Don has nothing on these bumbling fools. Booo bluee... Go Scarlet and Grey!
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