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  1. I did not make a deal over the comma... just notated it. The comma shows the figures were touched in some fashion. The reason only the person who made the comma knows. But unlike some here who sees a grain of sand move thinks the desert becomes an oasis, I do not. Like I said it was noticed and notated.
  2. Yeah me too I hear Singapore calling my name
  3. I don't know either man. Maybe it is cached in one of our systems. Clear cookies? I am kind of interested in the currency chart that went from 50 trillion in October to 5 trillion IQD in November (not sure if it is trillion or billion).
  4. Research US dollar USD 1190,000 Euro EUR 1333.990 Pound sterling GBP 1577.821 Canadian dollar CAD 916.371 Swiss franc S.FR 1229.593 Swedish krona SEK 127.110 Norwegian krone NOK 135,560 Danish krone DKK 178.625 Japanese yen JPY 10.957 Chinese Yuan CNY 170.933 Australian dollar AUD 835.499 Special drawing rights SDR 1645.568 Gold for 24-ounce Gold 1800186.000 Funny I see one and copied and paste does too. I made it red. Norwegian Krone has a comma too
  5. For PTSD, Anxiety and depression stay away from whatever the doc recommends. The side effects like suicidal ideation, lack of sexual function in guys is enough to run anyone scared. A good vitamin supplement that works best for those ailments is a B 125 complex. This gives you more than what is found with so-called "daily supplements. It has B2, B6, and B12 plus Niacin and Folate. The B 2 is like 9000x the daily recommended (by USDA). B2 and B6 are the important ones, B 12 gives you the energy that you would get in one of those 4-hour shots that come in a red bottle and taste like crapola. Like any vitamin or medicine, you have to form a daily routine of least 14 to 21 days before you start noticing its effects. It's not an over night cure. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken as medical advice. YMMV.
  6. I read through this thread before I posted this and waited a couple of days. I want to point something out on the website that has not been mentioned. When looking at the Currency Converter at the bottom of the page, the amount for the USD has been changed. The change is a comma where there used to be a decimal point. This could be something or it could be nothing but if you look at past posting when the USD is shown in the table, it has always been a decimal point like all the other figures below it. Just something more to fuel the hopium like crack addicted addicts on here.
  7. Really? They gave us our numbering system? Take a look at your dinar are the numbers on there anything like what we use today? Hint: Nope. Why? Because Islam assimilates technology from conquered peoples. The numbers you see today in the West originate from India not the Middle East. The father of Mathematics was a grecian who studied from the Egyptians. His compendiums are in a Turkish museum. Astronomy which led to navigation was not Islamic as Astronomy was a factor of many pre-Islamic cultures the world over. This can be seen in the steppe pyramids of South America from the Aztecs to the Incas, across the Sea to China and in Europe the Vikings. The mantra that Islam gave all this technology is a misnomer. It is utterly false that Islam invented all of what you say. Even to further the argument, what was the last invention, as most claim Islam did previously, that Islam has done recently? A good way to relate is to look at what China is doing today. China is acquiring (stealing) technology from those who have far superior technology and claiming it as their own. The peoples of Islam did the same thing and destroyed the peoples for that technology. China is doing it in a much more stealthier mode because the technology the stole is via the modern day computer and internet. This leads to China not destroying the peoples to acquire a far superior technology. One more thing, technology is not limited to electronic whizzes and doodads. Technology is much more than that. So tired of Islamic revisionist history.
  8. Your welcome, have a nice day and a Happy New Year.
  9. The correct question is: Why would the CBI announce this?
  10. Banknotes Payment systems Statistical website Research and studies News and press releases Ads The generalizations Official statements Jobs December 26, 2019
  11. Can anyone tell me what human activities occurred 14,000 years ago to make the glaciers recede from North America? What period of time was called the "Mini Ice Age" and in what year did New York have no summer? Give you the answer to the last one: 1816.
  12. I once asked WWJD. He told me he would put hot sauce on the taco and eat it. We then proceeded to flip our Coronas over, let the lime float to the top and had a very good Cinco De Mayo.
  13. 55 countries say they won't pay because their so-called god says in war the winner gets the treasure. Looks like Iraq is S-O-L. The moral of the story is that if you go invading other countries, make sure you can damn well win and no one bigger than you can come knock you back on your bum.
  14. You know at one time, when I was around 9 years old, I thought I would never see all nine Star Wars movies made and then watched. Then it was the Harry potter movies and now it is the RV. Whether you love them or hate them, the Star Wars movies, they were made before I went into the nethers of the great beyond. Still haven't seen the last one but there is a better than a snowball's chance in hell that I will see the final episode of the greatest movie saga of all time. Let's hope we don't have a snowball fight down where the big red guy with the pointy tail and the three pronged poseidon resides before the RV.
  15. Let's take a look at some previous wars and their aftermaths: The Civil War Reconstruction Era took roughly a little over 12 years from Jan 1865 to Jul 1877. The first World War led to an interwar period in which none of the nations involved never recovered from until well after the second world war. The interwar period was from Nov 1918 until Sept 1939. A period of 21 years. After World War II nations had varying periods of recovery. The UK took decades to return to state of economic stability. West Germany took almost 15 years to recover. Italy had recovered by the 1950s. Japan recovered enough by the 80s to become one of the strongest economies in the world. The United States had exponential growth from 1945 to 1975 due in large part of not having the fighting done on her soil. The Soviet Union also experienced exponential growth in the aftermath of the war. Japan to this day still experiences radiation sicknesses from the bombs dropped onto its cities. There are other countries In the aftermath of the Korean war, NOKO's total industrial output averaged 39% above SOKO between 1953 and 1960 due to help from socialist nations. SOKO finally surpassed NOKO's industrial output after 1960. In the aftermath of the Vietnam War, Vietnam was heavily dependent on Comecon for trade. Which dissolved after the fall of the Berlin Wall in the early 90's leading to the collapse of the USSR. It's been said had the Vietnam War not happened their output would have been at least 40% higher to this day. So in a sense Vietnam has not really recovered in economy in the aftermath of the war. So it is not unusual for countries after a war to take a while to recover. Some longer, some shorter, some not at all.
  16. Wind is intermittent at best and a danger to the environment in its current form of huge wind turbines. More birds have been killed by wind turbines than by hunters or cars. Solar energy capture is at best only 40 to 65 percent efficient which means you need to purchase a minimum of 2.5 panels to get the needed amount of power 1 panel claims it captures. Part of this reason is how the sun traverses the sky, the location in relation to latitude, the amount of rain, snow and cloudy days (this calculation is called a sun rating). The best sun rating in the USA right now out of 100 possible is not even near 100 but more in the mid 80's. There would be greater benefit in hydroelectric generation than either solar or wind but then we begin to get into something entirely different. Solar will always be a good back up but should not be relied upon as a primary. Wind is too intermittent to even qualify as a backup unless there are sustainable winds over 8 mph 24 hours a day, every day. And since this really only occurs in the remotest of places, this is not a viable energy source. Algae to replace fossil fuel has a promising outlook as it is something humans do not normally eat and thus far is a clean burn.
  17. No I could care less about the exclamation point. The issue was when voilà was spelled as voi'la. Don't know what was happening there but it was flat out a wrong attempt to correct the viola misspelling.
  18. Apparently, since you speak in double speak and deny what you meant when it is clear what you intended to say. Thus avoiding getting penalties for doing it. As I have read through this thread you have called people names and have not received any ramifications for doing so other a warning from the admin.
  19. This could be said about another who has regurgitated posts. Luigi is not the only one who regurgitates rumors from con men and pot heads but the other person doesn't do it in this thread. He did for a while but then he went right back to posting them on another thread. Yet, people only get on Luigi for doing it. No word is said about the other person bringing the crapola into this website. Hint: I have called him out before on it.
  20. Well hey the government of Iraq is on track considering the Congress of the USA. Since Congress started its 116th session, it has only passed 17 laws to date.
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