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  1. Why do you keep inserting things that are just not there? No one threatened you. Period. You have a habit of seeing things that just isn't there. It's your nature to do that to try to get other people in trouble and riled up. Do you get your jollies off on it?
  2. And you know that game so well, eh? Good thing I don't have to hide behind the mask of authority.
  3. Nah point proven. Stupidity is a disease in which one cannot cure.
  4. Never said it was specifically for you, I said it was made to prove a point. The point was made long ago. You are stalking people on here and try to get them removed by riling them up. You have broken a thread rule and you said nothing about it. The intent was not a whoop a_s but an exposure because I know many watching this got a huge kick out of your retorts today. Again I did not give you or anyone else a emoji score today or yesterday or even in the last several months. LOL. I had a lot of fun and so did those watching.
  5. Where is your signature line "As always just my opinion". No I never said it was not derogatory. I also never said what I said was derogatory. Again you put words in people's mouths. But then again that is your opinion as always right? Pay more attention.
  6. Shabbs has yet to show any Trump disciple syndrome going on here. Although I do see a lot of Trump derangement syndrome.
  7. MARKETS US MARKETS Where Was the Dow Jones When Obama Took Office? When President Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) continued its credit crisis slump and fell to 7,949.09, the lowest inaugural performance (as measured by percentage drop) for the Dow since its creation in 1896.1 If in the first term of Obama's Presidency, the DJIA rose 73.20% from 7,949.09 as the article suggests, then during the first term the DJIA only rose to approximately 13, 751.93 (1.7320 x 7,949.09) which was approximately only 6
  8. Which market? The sales of automobiles? You made the claim prove it with a source otherwise it is fake news.
  9. OOps! Trump increased the debt by 24% and Obummer increased it by 74%. Looks like Trump does have fiscal responsibility. Next! There is something wrong with those figures in the article but you know and I will let you figure it out.
  10. Let's just not single out one President. Let's get them all in there (at the top ones): US Debt by President by Dollar and Percentage Who Increased the U.S. Debt the Most? Depends on How You Measure It. Share Pin Email Photo by Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images BY KIMBERLY AMADEO Updated March 04, 2020 What's the best way to determine
  11. Oh pluh-lease don't bring women and minorities into this as a demonrat. Look at the two remaining candidates and the pool that they started off with. Get real. Demonrats had plenty of voice and plenty of choice. They chose wrong to come at me with that tripe.
  12. Yeah you definitely missed it. Okay lets do Econ 101 for your "tax break". So two drivers are working. One with Lyft and One with Uber (disregard what you personally feel about the two companies). The Lyft driver gets 1 driver per two hours and the Uber driver gets 5 drivers per hour. The Lyft driver makes equal amount of money as the Uber driver. However, when both drivers have one less passenger, the Uber driver is still making money wherethe Lyft driver has no income. Now let's say only the Uber runs a discount on their rides. Both make the same amount until both drivers take
  13. By Oct 2015 Americans could not name a single Obummer accomplishment.
  14. Lol A tax break is only derogatory if you think it is. I see your five or 6 and raise you 283 (As of Oct 31, 2018) only the first 20 months of Trump's Presidency Economic Growth 4.2 percent growth in the second quarter of 2018. For the first time in more than a decade, growth is projected to exceed 3 percent over the calendar year. Jobs 4 million new jobs have been created since the election, and more than 3.5 million since Trump took office. More Americans are employed now than ever before in our history. Jobless claims at lowest level
  15. God gave us what we needed as a nation when we needed it the most.
  16. Ahh look who showed up! Was waiting for the other. As he can't help himself either.
  17. Read Shabbs and see your unfettered Trumpism gone amok. It has never been about Trump. That you will never get. These two speeches, Regan's and 0Bummer's, led to a much needed disruptor in the Oval Office. If Biden did what Regan espoused and Trump did, instead of trying to increase the size of our government, increase the taxes and a slew of other things, then people would support them as well. Instead we get tripe like "America isn't exceptional" and "you didn't build that" "Free this and free that". These two ideaologies clash like oil and water. Biden is nothing more than the extension of
  18. Best lines out of Regan's speech: Biden and 0bummer gave us this:
  19. No lapse in judgement. You think you go unnoticed on here. The funny thing is what you are actually noticed for. And that is nothing good. Those are not my words by the way. I am quoting from other people. You will never who.
  20. Great Farewell Address from a President who suffered from early stages of Alzheimer's disease on the final day of his Presidency: Four
  21. I guess when you add "As always, just my opinion." this passes off as not violating the rules, eh? No abuse from you here eh? As always, just my opinion.
  22. Who got bent out of shape when Trump called certain individuals "Animals" and who actually proved they were what Trump called them? Why, with all the ME factions starting with AQ and the Muslim Brotherhood, are the demonrats wanting terrorist actions be called nothing more than crimes? And why was their a backlash when Trump wanted the gans he espoused keeping out of the country as domestic terrorists? Answer these questions and you will get to the real reason as to why the COVID-19 was released.
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