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  1. The man card doesn't say anything about Chuck Norris so it can't be a true man card.
  2. Why buy potato ice cream (soft serve) when you can have the real thing from Handels or at a hard serve ice cream place?
  3. Well if the cow is grass-fed and regurgitate's what is in the cow's rumon and continues to chew on it, wouldn't what be stored in the rumon be grass or hay depending on what the cow ate? And do they not swallow what they have been chewing on? So technically they are eating grass or hay. Some are just slow eaters. Inquiring minds want to know.
  4. Fourth term? He hasn't even finished his first term. A term for President is four years. A commencement of the fourth term would indicate Trump has been office for the previous 12 years. Any President holding office for more than 8 years is unconstitutional according to the respective amendment passed after one of the Roosevelts held office for four terms. The idea behind the amendment was that President George Washington only held office for two terms and no President should hold more than Washington did. Would love to go back to that mindset, but early indicators are that Congress has turned
  5. Here are some things to think about: AT&T got a contract to do forensic audit on Dominion voting machines and those machines were being moved to Nashville this past week. The former owner of the AT&T building in Nashville, William Kennard, is a board member for Cerberus Capital Management and AT&T.... He also was Bill Clinton’s FCC chair, and Obama’s Ambassador to the EU. Dominion voting is owned by Cerberus Capital Management.... Cerberus is run by Staple Street Execs. Joe Bidens Brother in Law, Steven Owens, is the cofounder of Stapl
  6. And they supported the reform set in place for SBA 2016 too. The Board also supported the reforms in 2006 The language that the IMF is supportive of the Iraqi reforms is nothing new. They have consistently stated they "support the reforms" throughout Iraq's several SBAs and a myriad of other reforms. There is nothing new with the IMF stating they support the reforms of Iraq. It is blase (generic) language quite frankly.
  7. Until this is put into a separate bill, Baghdad and Erbil will be here year after year. The Budget law is only good for one year. Unless this 2021 Budget law is for the three year budget they want to pass. Then it is only good for three years and I cannot see Erbil agreeing to a 3 year fixed rate on oil considering the state of the oil industry.
  8. Did you or did you not post these? Not once do you post the CBI rate. So you are telling people the rate that the CBI was posting is wrong. So pluh-lease get your story straight. The only rate that is official is the CBI rate. Oh yeah once you post something we do refer back to it, so you can't spin about what you previously posted. Absolutely no one wants to go back to the 1190 rate. They want Iraq to get off their bums and get off the program rate.
  9. Then why did you tell people they were wrong about the rate because of what was on XE? Are you even sober? Your comments are all over the place with no consistency.
  10. Your logic is all wrong. Nothing is going to make the investors happy until Iraq RVs at a much greater rate like a USD or above. You want to make people unhappy (everyone including Iraqis), have Iraq say they are going to change the rate to 1190 and not on par or above the USD. At one point in time the IQD was near 4400 to 1 but that was near the beginning. When I entered this investment it was 1166 then they changed it to 1190. That was before 2012 when Shabibi was to have said he as the head of the CBI changed the rate to above a USD. At the time Smelly Maliki was head of Iraq and Shabibi fl
  11. I would tend to think that the site for the Central Bank of Iraq trumps XE considering that is actually the horse's mouth. And to boot the auction was held at the 1460 rate. No let's hope they remove the 3 zeros from the exchange rate soon not go back to the 1190 rate.
  12. No before it was 1190 it was 1166. Iraq has literally taken two steps back.
  13. You contradict yourself in your own post. First you state that no one can exchange anywhere other than inside of Iraq, period. Then you state that dinar may be bought and sold by a dinar dealer. That is an exchange by definition of an exchange.
  14. Actually it has been about 9 years. The last move was also in a negative direction from ~1166 to 1190, where it currently stood before this move. At that time Xchange of America was selling 1 million IQD for around 980 USD.
  15. Interesting the article stipulates 1450 but shows 1460. US dollar USD 1460,000 Euro EUR 1789.814 Pound sterling GBP 1975.818 Canadian dollar CAD 1142.857 Swiss franc S.FR 1653.454 Swedish krona SEK 176.723 Norwegian krone NOK
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