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  1. How much of those 700 billion barrels comes from sideways drilling?
  2. BWahaha! You thinking it is your money! Didn't someone tell everyone that "You didn't build that" He might have also said "If you like your health plan, you can keep it. Period". And you still think it is your money. No one in government thinks any penny you make is yours. Bernie wants it all and if elected you will feel the real Bern! How else is he going to pay for all that you are wanting him or any other demonrat candidate going to pay for it? Their solution is to increase taxes, thus taking more of THEIR money out of YOUR pockets. And you think its your money, what a laugh. IT will be re
  3. Well the President is the Chief Law Enforcer. The President is also a civilian but head of all branches of the military. The POTUS has multiple roles but only what the demoncrats decide at the moment, eh? Demoncrats be damned as they are destined to find out what its like to be in a really really warm place when it is time to meet their maker.
  4. Well since a demoncrat said not to watch something, thus stifling someone's speech, it must be watched.
  5. Yeah he has been talking about a tax cut by the end of this year about 18 months ago. The real problem is that the last tax cut the repubes in Congress didn't make it permanent and it goes up every year until it is back where it was before the cuts. Thanks repubes and former speaker Paul Ryan for that!
  6. Whatever happened to the Gabbi Giffords and the terrible cross-hair circles that Palin had on a map was not so civilised discourse and that we must all be better civilised in politics? Oh that is right, Palin was a repube and that never applied to demonrats.
  7. lobotomy or husband or husband with lobotomy or husband who acts like he has had a lobotomy?
  8. 72 white raisins. Virgins don't want him.
  9. Yeah a lot could be said and inferred from that one statement alone.
  10. So I guess hopium only relates to things you are interested in. Someone once said they were going to change the very foundation of the country and ran on hopium. That too was fake.
  11. You might want to take a look at this as it is a very interesting recent investigation and the coverup that ensued
  12. I was in a discussion the other day about Qanon. Some have a bitter taste in their mouths relating to this subject. One of the things Q promised was there many sealed indictments that would be unsealed and adjudicated at the beginning of this year. It has not transpired as of yet and this is causing many to turn away from Q. Besides a lot of what Q talks about can be derived from due diligence on the subject matter. For me the year isn't over.
  13. A while back I was looking at the commonalities with the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations and came across a book by the renowned American psychic Jeane Dixon who predicted the assassination of JFK. She died in 1997. While I don't remember the exact name of the book to this day, I will always remember how she compares the fall of the Roman Empire to the fall of the United States. While it is true that all things die, it is also true that all nation states have a beginning and an end. Jeane Dixon wrote in her book the fall of the Roman Empire was based on apathy. Apathy boils down to lack of c
  14. Here's a tip for you if you don't want to wait or scroll through pages upon pages of info: The >> will take you to the very last page of the thread. This pagination button doesn't appear always but it is usually on the first page or on the main page listing all of the threads for the forum. Start there and work your way back.
  15. Translated from the CBI website: The Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq, at its meeting on December 24, 2019, decided to extend the period of suspension of the promotion of applications for licensing electronic payment companies until December 31, 2020 The Central Bank of Iraq information Office January 19, 2020 ---- The Central Bank / Basra branch organized a workshop on the automation of the cash withdrawal mechanism, identifying how to deal with it, constraints and ways to access appropriate solutions. The workshop included a presence of emp
  16. WHO is reporting that there are signs there is a slow down of new cases being reported. Probably due to quarantine protocols currently being implemented and less people willing to travel at this time.
  17. Through my research, anyone with the common cold has a variation of the coronavirus. What makes the current situation different is the type of strain of the coronavirus. This is why people use the 2019-nCOV abbreviation for this particular strain. 2019 is used to designate the year the first case was reported although the first case was reported on the last day of 2019. The name is the novel coronavirus to designate the strain of coronavirus. Coronavirus has been around for a very long time and since it is contagious would make it an excellent choice for a weaponized strain. Here
  18. Okay I dug a little deeper: On January 20 the WHO put out its first Situation report. The first reported case was on December 31, 2019. As of this first situation report, Hubei Province (Wuhan) had a total of 258 cases. Guangdong (77 miles from Hong Kong, 619 miles from Wuhan City) had 14 reported cases, Beijing (725 miles from Wuhan City) had 14 reported cases, Shanghai, China (521 miles from Wuhan City) had 1 reported case, Japan (1430 miles from Wuhan City) had 1 reported case, Republic of North Korea (1000 miles from Wuhan City) had 1 reported ca
  19. Coronavirus is a common virus has been around for a long time, for example, the common cold has a strain of the coronavirus, as well as SARS. So let's backup to take a look at three items: 1. The first reported incident of the coronavirus from China was allegedly around January 22, 2020 (This is the date that is recognized officially). China is alleged to delay the reporting of the virus for a couple of weeks. 2. The province, Huan, that the virus is alleged to come from has several bioweapons labs. 3. Furthermore, the last article on the Hong Kong protests
  20. Iran is now trying a different tactic - they are involving Russia. The US and Russia have at one point backed either Iraq or Iran at some point in history. Like Iran uses Hezbollah and the palestinkians to fight their proxy war with Isreal, so too do the US and Russia use Iraq and Iran to fight their proxy war.
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