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  1. On this day, March 3 … 1931: “The Star-Spangled Banner” becomes the national anthem of the United States as President Herbert Hoover signs a congressional resolution.
  2. Pictures or it didn't happen before investment! A simple PoC would work too.
  3. In some faiths, religions and beliefs there is no good and no evil only the intention of the act upon the belief is as such. Let's take the dichotomy of a glass of water. In and of itself, it is neither good or evil, right or wrong as it sits on a counter or table. When you pick up the water and consume it, the act of consuming the water becomes good by rehydrating you. However, should you pick up the the glass of water and throw the water in someone's face and depending on your subjective view does that water become evil or wrong. One could also state that consuming a glass of wonderful H2O c
  4. In other news, lithium drug maker stock drops.
  5. I stand by what I say. The article does not give account to the Clement's words but rather chooses to expose Clement as a false prophet. Whether he is a prophet or is not I do not care. The article's title is misleading thus is belongs in the category of fake news. Now if the article showed the exact quote in which Clements had said the words "I am a false prohet" then gone on to show how Clement came to this conclusion then it would not be a misleading title. The title is more to the tune how to spot a false prophet rather than a self- admission of one. Putting up a video with no other source
  6. I didn't correct you. Grammarly did. if you claim I corrected every word you Ms. Spelled then apparently you aren't living up to your screen name. The point about a rich artist is a dead artist is that only after the artist is dead does the work of art become expensive. Like only after a prediction comes true does the Bible say a person can be a prophet. Its a ludicrous argument because there are people like Nostradamus who are dead and their predictions are still in the wings to come true for example the blind female who foretold that Trump would not finish his Presidency. She predicted Obumm
  7. You forgot to include in point number 4 that God said he would speak directly to us and not through another. Such as when the Angel of Light said he spoke for God in a cave in Saudia Arabia to a so-called self-proclaimed prophet who used his wife's nakedness to verify he was a prophet.
  8. And you have never heard of Jean Dixon or more likely, Baba Venga until I brought here prophecies here. There is a lot prophecies I do not know about. But I did say it doesn't matter whether Clement is or is not a prohet in the context of this article in this thread. It is a misleading title as Clement does not utter the admission. The article instead tries to show through the usual tripe that they have "exposed" yet another false prophet. Again whether he is or is not remains to be seen as his prophecy has not reached that time in which the prophecy would either become true or not true. Jean
  9. Obama didn't dig us into a hole if you listened to him for eight years. He inherited the economy, per his words, so it was bad before him and now after he left office it was gud. 0bummer and his boytoy, Michael..err ...Moochelle are trying to have their cake while telling the lower peasants "Let them eat cake!"
  10. The makers of Corona have come out with a new flavor. They call it Ebola Light with a twist of limon.
  11. A real prophet could be considered Nostrodamus, Jean Dixon or Baba Vanga and many others. As the Bible points out dozens of prophets from before the time of the New Testament but we hear of very few after the crucifixion. A note on prophets and Trump though, there seems to be an uptick of Trump being re-elected in 2020 with a caveat that a dire health issue will befall him in his second term. Baba Vanga was the first to say Trump would not finish his Presidency. Other sources have said brain tumor or Trump entering into a coma or something else around his second year of his second
  12. Exposing someone's doings is not the same as that person admitting to their doings. No where in the article does Kim Clement, in his own words, admit to being a false prophet. On the contrary their is a lot of quotes that explain to the reader how to discover a self-acclaimed prophet is a false one. The headline is misleading to say the least and no proof that Clements is a false prophet or has admitted to being a false prophet. Other than the usual tripe At one time even most of the followes of Jesus claimed he was a false Messiah. And that was for good reason as there were a spat of false p
  13. February 21, 2020 Turns out Hunter Biden was pretty useful for Burisma after all By Monica Showalter So much for that well-worn chestnut that Hunter Biden "did nothing wrong," heard so very frequently during President Trump's impeachment hearings. For an $83,000 a month retainer from Burisma, the corrupt Ukrainian gas company, (Betsy McCaughey says he ended up with a $1 million payday) young Hunter proved to be very able and willing to make himself useful. Look at this sequence of events that came about as a result of Hunter sitting on the Burisma boa
  14. Corona came out with a new flavored beer...It's called Ebola Light.
  15. Schifty Eye Schiff is telling Trump to NOT do something. Why because Schifty Eye Schiff has his wide psycho eyes on him? Nah Trump may implement all powers afforded him as President and nothing Schiff can do about it, except maybe try to bring another falsetto of a claim of something that he made up for his new screenplay. Even Hollywood doesn't like the mentally ill bugged eye Schiester. I hope Trump pardons Stone, Page and others involved with this fiasco they called the Meuller investigation. It's okay though the bugged eye Schiester only has until January before he loses his post as Chairm
  16. Doesn’t matter, you could put a cap of 10 dollars and if the congress critters can’t keep their grubby slimey hands off of the Social Security Fund, you won’t see a dime. We keep hearing that SS will be insolvent by such and such year, that’s due to incompetence by the demonrats and repubes taking money from the SSF like the pedo prez who was impeached in 98/99. And to think Iraa is corrupt, Iraq can’t hold a candle to the Swamp.
  17. No mention in the Puffington post about the female foreman who was an anti-trump activist that tainted the jury pool thus the judge delayed the implementation of the sentence until the judge ruled on that. Stone will more than likely get a new trial in which the state will very likely not pursue.
  18. Risk management in Iraq equals future ways to pocket USD without exposing oneself to risk or mitigation of risk when exposed.
  19. Not if you are SSD. You are transitioned from SSD to SS as soon as you are eligible for SS. And you can see when you are eligible below: Notice I said when you are eligible, I did not specify an age. The Benefits Do Convert The first thing you need to understand when receiving SSDI benefits is that the benefits do convert from Social Security Disability benefits to Social Security Retirement benefits once you reach retirement age. Nothing will change. You will continue to receive a monthly check and you do not need to do anything in order to receive your benefits. The SSA will
  20. You clearly do not understand Social Security. Depending on when you take it voluntarily or mandatory (those on SSD are required to take SSD as soon as they are eligible for SS). you will never get back what you put into it. You night be lucky to get 70% back at most. Oh and forget about any hefty raise.
  21. What will really go much further than a cap earned on income is that politicians stop treating the Social Security fund as their personal slush fund. Case in point, William Jefferson Clinton used the SS Fund and Enron accounting techniques to claim a government surplus of cash. 6 months into the next Presidency and 1 year into the Recession of 1999 (Think Y2k non-event and Tech bubble bursting) Clinton's funky accounting and stealing from Social Security "slush" fund was actually discovered but the leftards do not want to admit to this as they would do anything for the pedo forrmer Impeached P
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