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  1. Finally got it! This is Maliki's theme song.
  2. Okay Kurds, you got what you wanted, don't mess things up. Maliki is gone. And Abadi, all payments need to be made to the Kurds if you want to take the high ground. Work it out. Get things done and it will be good for everyone.
  3. And his office will be six feet underground. dontlop... here I will make your day... I didn't vote for any of them as well.
  4. Jan 28 was the lowest it has been at 40B. From there until today could be as another article said, a bubble or one last hurrah.
  5. More than likely the "white smoke" is from dry ice as it evaporates into the much hotter environment. Which means it is not messy at all.
  6. You right on the process. The Budget was signed and all that is left is the posting in the Gazette. The CBI is capable of auctions under the law. In the run up to the budget there were several days in which the Auction numbers came in well under the 75 mark. Now that I look back at these numbers, this could have been their test runs to make sure the mechanisms in place could in fact do what the draft Budget stipulated upon becoming law. Even though the Budget is retro active to Jan 1, 2015, it will be hard pressed to go back and change the CBI auctions especially since money has already change
  7. "Law has been introduced since 2007, has not been approved for the day, nearly eight years, which is going on in the corridors of parliament and government, long lost to the Iraqis" For those who don't remember what the draft said here is a link to the English version: But WAIT! I thought the HCL was passed in the 2015 Budget! /s The 2007 Draft has probably been revised but that was the 2nd revision.
  8. The agreement between Erbil/Baghdad is specific to how much the Kurds will receive from the proceeds of the sale of exported oil - 17%. This agreement was held up by Maliki and because it was the Kurds refused to approve and vote for the 2014 budget giving a major cause as to why the 2014 budget was never passed. This agreement actually paved the way for the Kurds' agreement for the adoption of the 2015 budget. There is still some loose ends to tie up in regards to this but everything will be worked out eventually. Maliki was a major contributing factor to a lot of things. If the agreem
  9. The Erbil/Baghdad Agreement is not the HCL. The HCL will come later as a committee was setup to specifically deal with the HCL around Christmas/New Year. The HCL agreement is specific to Article 32 (if I recall correctly) of the Iraqi Constitution. The HCA is a different aspect in regards specifically to the Kurds and not to Iraqis on a whole. Please don't be disappointed when they announce the budget has been passed and the next major order of business is the Oil and Gas Law (the HCL as we know it).
  10. Although I could be wrong, after doing a cursory glance, but today was the lowest that I have seen in their records looking over their antiquated excel spreadsheet. December 2014 had an 89T amount which was the lowest it had been for awhile. Not sure when this number has been this low.
  11. This party will pull whatever they can to delay and make Abadi look bad. If they get what they asked for then they will come up with something else about the Kurds to delay the vote even further. This is called gerrymandering. Its no secret the Kurds are not well liked will be the scapegoat for every stall tactic that this party can think of. The Kurds need to just break away from these idiots once and for all and become another Dubai, however, Dubai is a one man horse and pony show right now and the Kurds should not use that King/Prince (whatever he calls himself) as a mentor. His ideas maybe
  12. Well if the ME likes Obama, they can keep him. Period. Was that crossing a red line? Ooops. I will try to be more transparent next time.
  13. Did anyone notice this line? The buy back will be the first stage... hmm how many stages will there be? If this is the first stage, then potentially this first buy back will be enticing but be a low figure to what is to come. It might be beneficial to wait rather than jump at this first offering, should an offer arise. This statement gives cause to be cautious but yet know when to pull the trigger (to which only each individual knows what that point is for them).
  14. In December before Christmas, there was a sale for 89million. I have been noticing the drop but because the sales do dip, the dip could be more towards signaling the end of the month than any thing else. I would keep an eye on the figures especially on Monday which is the 2nd of february to see if the figures keep going down.
  15. Regarding the intended future of Palestine, Lloyd George testified: Palestine in 1917 was not a nation. The Sykes-Picot was drawn up and an area called Palestine was included in the map but Palestine never manifested into a country. Please do your research. My original post was to the affect that Palestine, although a dream, has never been a nation unto itself. All you have done is thrown out several quotes which one is more apropos to the respondent of my original post. More unbiased research on your part Maggie would serve you well. The Balfour Declaration in 1917 has more to it than meets
  16. The majority of Christians in Iraq were Assyrian although that is debatable now. Since the fall of Sadam, their Churches and places of worship have been desecrated and destroyed. There are other Christian groups in Iraq but since the Assyrians make up the majority, it is they who we hear about the most. The Quran states quite explicitly that the Jews are the sons of apes and pigs (swine). This is why Muslims refer to Jews as such. Before the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Jews lived all over the Middle East but mainly in the area of Isreal, the land of their home. It was not until after the fall
  17. As a disabled veteran, I would never give to the Wounded Warriors Project. It is a money making scheme for the execs and very few dollars help the actual veterans. More money has been spent on campaigns to bring in money than has been paid to help vets. While professional solicitors may receive 11% of the money over half goes to paying salaries. I was on another site (the name starts with "free" and ends with dot com; the middle word is what this country is hint: not a democracy) and they were detailing the costs associated with this charity. They used a website that ranked charity exec salari
  18. Shhhh...don't let AM hear ya. After his post today.
  19. Nah that is the by product of processed camel food. Or as the Aussie's call the by product of beer production ... Vegemite (Or as I like to call it: yeast poop). Now that stupid Rio song is in my head! C'mon give me a vegemite sandwich. Think I will run screaming down the street to see if I can dislodge it... that or read a few more Luigi posts.
  20. The other day I had written up a post stating that the Erbil/Baghdad agreement was not even close to the Oil and Gas Law replete with links to the pdf version of the 2007 oil and gas law draft. I deleted it because I remember seeing another post such as the one above and could not find it. The agreement between Erbil and Baghdad is not the oil law that everyone thinks. Whilst this is good news and a box checked off in a long list of items to be checked, the Erbil/Bagdad agreement does not conform to the article in Iraq's Constitution to meet the what is required of the law. While I am not with
  21. Man the Kurds have been threatening to autocracy since the days of the Ottaman Empire. The problem with a Kurdistan is that in order to have a Kurdistan then territory in neighboring countries would have to be forfeit. All countries do not like just giving up their land so another competitive country can make a home. If the land is wanted it must be taken. That is the law of the land. Usually this is done through force or contrivance. Kurds will not be happy until they have all of what they deem is their lands. For Iraq this means the loss of some very profitable oil wells. The Kurds were kept
  22. dontlop you intentionally left out the part where Malarki blamed the Kurds on ISIS. Malarki is just trying to blame everyone and anything that he can to avert what he has coming. Malarki can play the blame game all he wants but its all full bs malarki on his part. And the fact of the matter, he lost power so his so-caled friends are dwindling now. The only friends he will have his is right hand and left hand because everyone else has had enough of him screwing them.
  23. Did it go anything like the wrist bone is connected to the funny bone?
  24. Deb, First there is the HCL holding up the RV. In Iraq they call it the Oil and Gas Law. What was done with the Kurds was the HCA - The Hydro Carbon Agreement. A lot of people, on DV, believed this was the HCL. Quite simply it wasn't but a prelude to the HCL. Now they are working on the HCL. The 2015 Budget will put that agreement with the Kurds. It made it law and no longer an agreement between the Kurds and Baghdad. Also Iraq needs to show stability and passing this budget along with Abadi cleaning house from the Maliki regime corruption goes a long way to show this. However, they could
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