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  1. They have been double dipping into the For. Reserves and it is going down down down year over year since 2014. Iraq hasn't bought gold in over three years. I wouldn't say your Foreign Currency reserves are "very good", especially when you must invoke the exchange rate with the dollar and your currency is not internationally traded. Nah I would say at best Iraq is treading water. Well it is time to sink or swim and climb aboard or sink into the depths of the ocean of despair. Another study of the dinar is like saying I am going to study the fungus of my big toe for the umpteenth time before ap
  2. If demoncraps listened to this guy they should be stressed and how to have a civil discussion on politics: (NOTE: there is no arguing, no yelling some cussing but not in a derogatory manner at the person being talked to) Everyone should see and listen to this guy.
  3. Been telling people about the Legionnaires disease case since it happened. The problem is how people are lazy and do not clean their masks. The case with Legionnaires disease was the person did not clean her mask and was treated for COVID until the physician, who could not understand why the person was not getting better, did a test and found out the person had Legionnaires disease.
  4. First, in regards to the psychological factor of the Dinar we take a look at the psychological factor of the dollar through a key indicator that most everyone has probably heard of: This is basically the "how people feel" index in regards to their expectational use of their currency as it can be seen in the definition above. Every country monitors how their people "feel" about their current and future purchasing power. This is its psychological factor. If Iraqis don't feel good about the Dinar they won't choose to use it. They will seek out other curre
  5. The pundits are playing this down by saying ole sleepy joe was being sarcastic. He said it in the same tone of voice when he threatened a democrat voter. I guess ole sleepy eye joe (hmmm need to rewrite the cotton eye joe song) was kidding then too.
  6. Best Reagan comeback (at end of one liners video): Reporter asks: Mr. President you seem to blame the democrats and congress. Does any of the blame lie with you? President Reagan: Yes, because for many years I was a democrat.
  7. With a new debate looming here is some great moments Enjoy the first question and response!
  8. Jerry Nadler Apparently Shits His Pants on Stage, Penguin-Walks Off, Trying to Hold the **** Between Buttcheeks Andrew Anglin September 25, 2020 The other day, I wrote a piece which I kind of did not think was especially funny but wherein I tried to communicate that the elite are so utterly contemptuous towards the goyim that they would **** their pants on stage. Hours after I wrote that piece, however, Jew Congressman Jerrold Nadler apparently literally **** himself on stage. In the now-viral clip from a Democrat press conference on
  9. This is political showmanship. It goes no where and has no bite from the get go. In order to impose term limits on any jurist of the Supreme Court will take a Constitutional Amendment. Not even worth the paper it is written on. In addition, it is sponsored by a an outgoing Kennedy. Tells us one thing about this topic, demoncraps are all show. They would rather stack the courts and add new states to codify their power rather than limit their power by imposing term limits. Since the stacking of the courts does not require two-thirds ratification of all of the states, the demoncraps are more like
  10. So Trump, out of umpteen thousand campaign promise that he has filled, hasn't filled the one campaign promise to you. Yeah, Trump doesn't deserve to be re-elected. But wait you didn't vote for him in the first place. Dija vote t'all? Let's just forget the RINO repubes that took up breathing space during the first two years of Trump's Presidency. Hey let's forget that Trump has promised other things and did get those things fulfilling his campaign promises and is working on more. Let's just forget he has delivered on multiple things he has promised he would deliver on. I have a bucket list too
  11. What are you babbling on about? You don't agree with any of the above if you don't agree with any part. My post had nothing to do with the dribble you started on about. Besides most of what you think is made in America is only assembled in America. There is a big difference and unless you find out about every piece and part that goes into the merch you buy, that you think is Made In America, there is no way in telling if it is truly made in the United States. Where was the raw material manufactured to produce your product? So get off the soap box and take a pi
  12. When will people learn the issues in the United States is not about race but rather a class issue. The elite, both demoncraps and repubes, manipulating the lowest classes to push up from the bottom to cause violence. Top down bottom up to cause Civil War. Race baiters and race pimpers got rich off of this for years. How many times is this going to play out. The United States is the less racist country in the world, by design. Yet if you read the fake stream media these days, the United States is the most racist country this side of the Universe. Critical Race theory? Yeah lets talk about how t
  13. Are you talking about the Biden rule? Americans elected Trump to nominate jurists that was clear from the election. Everyone knew there might be a chance that Ginsberg was going to retire. No one thought she might die. The American electorate elected the Senate and the President to do what he is doing. Elections have consequences. I remember someone in the previous Administration saying just that. So now dummiecrats want to ignore those elections because their woman got greedy and her ego got the best of her? Yeah thought so. May she rest in peace but hey, she had every chance to retire durin
  14. BS! ' US Constitution Article II. Section 2. Paragraph 2. He[The President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferio
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