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  1. No. If you want it, email isabove.
  2. Glad it’s working. Had me worried
  3. I don’t know why. I use it all the time. Send me your email and I’ll email from it.
  4. Colts, DoD, not sure exactly how much it is extra but think it is about 200k. $80 for whatever it is.
  5. Paypal to with your address and I’ll priority mail it to you
  6. I’m selling. I have a little over 1 million uncirculated.
  7. My family and I have hit a rough patch. We must sell 1 million dinar. We are in the Phoenix area. Please call me 606 306 2652 if you are interested.
  8. What effect, if any, will the IMF have on the possible RV?
  9. Nashville's mayor certainly isn't speaking for Eastern TN. Here, there is a huge push to remove many refugees already here. Knoxville is having trouble already. I heard one of UT's games received a bomb threat. The good ole boys here do take their football seriously. The number of people carrying is visibly increasing. It seems many more trucks are being equipped with gun racks and more people being vocal about protecting their own family, property, etc. Heaven help ISIS if these good ole boys get hold of them.
  10. He wants to perpetuate the last 8 years. This comment reflects his commitment to sectarian policies and probably will re energize the Sunni and Kurd factions ( if they need it).
  11. Actually, I was making an observation that too many Americans are too willing to sacrifice freedoms. You asked why didn't the Feds shut down the website. I was also attempting to answer that question. The first amendment protects speech.LGD, I never said I wanted to prevent Christian speech. I said I wanted to give people a forum to engage in religious debate without hijacking threads.
  12. This is a statement that reflects the core of what lead to the problems in America. We have been too ready to give up small freedoms to "protect" ourselves. Freedom of all speech is necessary for freedom of any speech. I find this sort of speech completely abhorrent but will go to my grave to defend the right to say it. Without doing so, our rights are worthless. We have only the rights someone deems proper.
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