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  1. Sure we have read so many delete the zero's articles of the past 5 years but none of that matters any more, Maliki isn't running things he was a Iranian puppet and Iran is basically at war with the USA and would do anything to keep the rv from happening.
  2. Nelg that is lop talk, and in my opinion that went out the door when they released the new 10k notes.
  3. I think we could give a crap about the actual deletion of zeros, we are more interested in a rate increase but i do think when they say delete the zeros that a rate increase will be involved somehow they just cant come right out and say it.
  4. Kennyc a 25000 note is worth 23 about dollars, a 1 dinar note is equal to the 1/8 of a cent.
  5. My guess is that this is a reprint of the original notes due to the old notes being worn out over time, but the new 10k notes are a different and more exciting story. With all the new security features they should stop counter fitting, and since the 10k was the most counter fitted note it makes since to start there. Could you imagine what it would be like for an Iraqi after a dinar rate change coming to the bank to put a 10k note in example a saving account and finding out it was counterfeit? At least now they can go to the bank and receive the new bills just to be safe.
  6. I dont think that is a new note, its the same one that is pictured on the CBI site for years.
  7. So is this just a pic of the bill or is there some story behind this pic being shown to the public?
  8. I call complete bullshiz on this article, lets look at the picture closely, the retractable landing gear is out like it was taking off or landing and it hit on its side and didnt tear off the tail roter. Looks to me like it crashed after take off from not to hi. So my guess would be this is the crap Maliki bought from russia thats 20 yrs old and complete crap, and this shot down story is just to make them look better.
  9. CBI site shows the Islamic new year as 24th or at least that's the day they will be closed.
  10. The article says they will host the cbi governer after id holidays, so I would keep my eye on oct 24th the Islamic new year.
  11. No way this is true, we would have herd of the court case going on long before the verdict. There still seams to be Maliki propaganda spewing out of Iraq and i hope they stop it soon. We really need to stop jumping in with both feet and believing crap like this without checking.
  12. I have a feeling the budget is going to be held up until after the elections so Maliki cant waist it away, can you imagine a group of new good people forming up and having to wait a whole year to have money to do projects with.
  13. Ever notice the closer we come to something happening with this investment that a lot more negative articles, videos and opinions start showing up? We cant help it that the holdup on the dinar came with a 4 year terms named Maliki.
  14. This is great, now they have a place to take there new Brides for a happy meal!
  15. These guys think they can cheat and sell there voter cards little do they know that it has a computer chip on it with all 10 of the owners finger prints on it and they will have to have a finger scanned before they can go in and vote.
  16. Laid Back said I might would cash in a small amount but i could def. wait 2 years to see what is really going to happen esp since Obama will be trying to tax me for close to half.
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