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  1. Its time to play hard ball cut off there endless supply of oil money, stop oil exportation and stop giving loans every time they cry. Im pretty sure the protesters in Baghdad would love us for it not lose Iraq forever.
  2. Yes we want to reassure our citizens that the dinar is worth crap and it is nice and stable that way. Just more currency articles to get the spot light off the corrupt government so they can kick the can down the road a little more each day IMOP. Lets focus on whats important. Get those elections happening and somehow get Iran out of your government so you can finally stop dieing and eating out of trash cans.
  3. Sorry but I cant get excited by this, I've been watching them to long, its like when things are complete crap lets throw out a Central Bank article to keep those investors happy and pumped up, meanwhile the Iranian loving government is still sitting in parliament.
  4. So Iran shoots down an airline leaving its own country with a bunch of so called Canadians on it. And I have not seen a single pic or herd anything of us shooting down those cruse missiles with our defenses. And now there saying everything good here now were happy no more war. The way I see it is that if the demonstrators can put the right government in place we are on the fastest track to Security, stability and a fully seated government.
  5. I don't see the President acting out of caricature in this speech, in fact I think last night I could have guessed everything he was going to say when he addressed us today. I had a feeling he was going to let this attack slide taking it like a punch in the arm in a one last try effort to stop this escalation. On the Iranian side they had to respond to appease his followers, funny thing is they warned the Iraqi government to get there people 1000 yards away from those bases long before the missiles were launched. Iran loves performing there attacks in a slimy way hidden among the people by kidnapping killing and going as far as infiltrating a government, we have been watching this for years now. They would be out of there element in a head on war against the US and they know better, they gave a punch in the arm and will now back off and perform business as usual ion the shadows. I can only hope we can keep Iraq's demonstrators alive long enough to remove Iran's influence.
  6. Actually I was hoping Iran was dumb enough to keep escalating this and hopefully no one gets injured or killed in our bases but the sooner we get started the sooner it will be over. By now we all have to know there will be no RV until Iran is out of Iraq so lets just get it over with.
  7. If we pull out of Iraq the protesters will be slaughtered long before they can clean out the corrupt government.
  8. Lets make sure we got this strait, they can kill us, they can kill Iraqi's, but we cant kill them or theirs gonna be a war.
  9. Watching those Iraqis rejoice in the street over this was very moving to me😥 I really didn't expect and t that, you know he was on the way to cause more chaos for the demonstrators.
  10. The only person in that room that wasn't a joke is Maliki, and thats a damn shame. Posted 12 minutes ago There has been a lot of talk today about Obama inviting Badr to the White House because he was present at the embassy attack and now in Iraqi News. Arab Arabs and the world America The embassy photos interact ... corruption files between Biden and the government of Iraq Last update: Friday, 8 Jumada I 1441 AH - 03 January 2020 KSA 01:44 - GMT 22:44 Publication date: Friday 8 Jumada I 1441 AH - 03 January 2020 KSA 01:35 - GMT 22:35 Source: Washington - Bandar Al-Doshi
  11. Lets just face it until Iran is removed we are not going forward in any way shape or form.
  12. King Bean, I'm glad to see this actually, if they didn't fix this they would just be right back in the same boat after the next elections. The Iraq government setup was a breading ground for corruption to guide bad things into place, groups were bribing there way into power even Iran could just offer bribes to smaller groups to form the largest block and buy there way into power every year. Next get ride of the supreme judges that are loyal to Iran so you can pass some of the tougher laws that will help Iraq. We all know by now that even with the right people in place trying to do the right thing that Iran will not just pack up and leave so be prepared for another Isis like war inside of Iraq to remove them. I read just yesterday a report that Iran had smuggled ballistic missiles into Iraq as a deterrent for any attacks against them.
  13. Finally I think Iraqis have figured out what Iran stands for and are now ready to give there lives to stop it.
  14. He had diplomatic immunity, so very difficult to charge him when judge Motmude is still in place.
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