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  1. This is hardly news. Take a look at the .pdf from the CBI website and you will see that nothing has changed.
  2. This does not speak well for a "Unified Iraq" now does it? So much for an HCL. Sounds more like they don't care what Baghdad thinks. Ever wonder who is supporting ISIS and or Daash? Sounds pretty obvious to me.
  3. You should have never lost it to Daash in the first place. Don't make such a big deal of regaining it.
  4. What does it mean reducing the value of the Iraqi dinar to you? It means a LOSS of value. Losing money on this investment of the Iraqi Dinar. It means a LOSS of value. Losing money on the investment of the Vietnamese Dong. Same as Gold/Silver Investment. If the price decreases, you have lost money. If you can read something positive into this your more than welcome to try. But if you invested in any of the above you "Have lost money." So you can wait until the value increases again or you can sell and take your loss. Your choice.
  5. Wish I had an answer. Makes no sense to me. Perhaps linked to falling oil prices. Their main export just isn't worth as much anymore so their currency has got to follow.
  6. Previously posted by yota.... Duplicate post
  7. Really??? The author of Strife and Aggression in Iraq now wants to renounce it? Do these guys think that just because we read something that we actually believe it? Morons.
  8. I am getting to believe that the Iraqi media is a form of waterboarding.
  9. Understandable Docneedles. DV has a list of "Reserve Words" If you type it, DV will blank it out, change it or simply not allow it and give you a warning message. You have to become creative like many have done to bypass the filter(s). Contact one of the moderators via Messaging and have them edit or remove your post. Have a great day.
  10. What the heck is a "Procedure Law"? Why is it so important that it took six months to get it to Parliament?
  11. Guess it's pretty hard to hide 12,000 tankers headed for Turkey without someone checking up on it and finding out who is behind it? A to B ... From Iraq to Turkey.... duh. It's hard enough to coordinate a transfer of oil via truck from A to B on a normal business day. But to pull off something as large as this and hope it goes unnoticed is insane. Daash is deeply rooted in Iraq and it's support from the GOI in my opinion. We have a long way to go.
  12. This obviously did not translate well. At least not for me. 1. What did they approve? 2. What are "Investment Uncles"? 3. Who was this sent to?
  13. Blah ba blah. These guys have to have a press release or form a committee of "experts" for every little thing they do. I guess it is their way to share the blame while getting paid and substantiate their rather other wise worthless existence.
  14. She pointed out that "Iraq is not in control of the border crossings because they do not all fall under the federal government's control." ????????????? She stressed that "there are influential politicians in control of the border crossings... Let's have a list of the influential politicians names and we will find the corruption. You obviously know who these people are.
  15. Thanks for the map newbieDA that really helps. Just read an article that says Mosul is next.
  16. That was my first thought as well but I'm coming from an old historic home with 10 fireplaces and 24 acres. It would be too difficult to downsize to 1800 square feet with two cats and a dog. My father in law lives on Ono Island across from the Florabama. lol He's great but I don't want to live to close if you know what I mean? So we will probably put everything in storage and rent until the perfect house in the perfect location becomes available. Who knows maybe even just buy the damn boat and get a condo. Were just brain storming at this point but we are running out of time. We close February 12th. We have an excellent Realtor who has shown us many MLSs.
  17. We really liked it too. I just don't wish to be to hasty about it yet. We will go again in January to see what has come on the market.Perhaps when the RV hits we can all live on the beach.
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