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  1. I doubt that I will visit Iraq in my lifetime. I have been many places (some in turmoil) but Iraq doesn't have visitor appeal to me. Neither does Iran for that matter. Personally, I would like to go to Paris or Dubai first. There are so many places to visit that are first on the list before Iraq. I am just as assured there are several places lower on the list that Iraq or Iran as well. I don't have an unlimited budget. ... yet.
  2. Who is to say if the announcement is good or bad or just a statement that it will be 1180 until they actually publish the foreign exchange rate? Why didn't they do that? Sure is a nebulous announcement. We continue to hope for the best.
  3. Let them borrow the 100 billion that was just freed up by the lifting of sanctions against Iran their neighbor.
  4. Yes Lnghrn12 it is sad. We here at DinarVets have been here a very long time. Most members are quite knowledgeable and well educated. Those that are members here, are here because they found a site of this caliber. Further if a member of DV posts a rumor or a news article they know that they will be held accountable by the other members and on every occasion continue the dialog with the other members regarding the thread they posted. No one just posts a rumor unless they believe it has some credibility and truth. They usually ask the other members for clarification or anything that could substantiate the rumor or news article. They just don't post and run away. You sir evidently are not a credible member based on what was stated above. Others have different reasons. Some don't want to waste their time. Whatever the reason. I for one wish you would just stop posting. We have links to the sites that you providing this information. STOP Posting until you have something you actually believe in or you heard it yourself.
  5. Thank you for your service Greg.
  6. If Hillarious gets elected, I will be looking to leave the country anyway. Either way works for me. Ben, I'm glad you got this out before Frank and the other Gurus. I'm sure we would have seen this being posted by Luigi sooner or later. +1
  7. Yep they are in real trouble according to the media. Just like we were when we had to cut off Tours of the White House to save money so our Government could be paid. Estimated cost to us for our President to go on vacation? 4 million dollars. What a guy!
  8. And yet our National Average is just below two dollars a gallon today. WT?
  9. Much like most of the articles that come from Iraq's rag Tomorrow Press. Total BS. I think I'll go pick up a copy of the National Enquirer to see if Aliens have taken over Baghdad or some such. I'm sure that they have after wasting time reading this.
  10. Thank you Docneedles. A very good article and summation in my opinion. +1
  11. Yes, I remember an article where they found many in Maliki's residence. He had a very large suitcase and he and his clan took all they could carry. Yet he is not in jail? What would be the point of returning it from Italy just to have it whisked away to another country.
  12. I believe you are right. This is a first. Thanks for the clarification Yota.
  13. Take a look at the .pdf from the CBI website and you will see that nothing has changed. EXCHANGE.pdf
  14. Take a look at the .pdf from the CBI website and you will see that nothing has changed. EXCHANGE.pdf
  15. What could cause a person make a change this extreme? Maybe the car accident in Malibu I don't know. I will always remember Bruce Jenner in the Olympics.
  16. May be that Bloomberg is BS but it is still better than the Arabrish BS we see from the Iraqi Media Sources. Besides that, I can at least read the damn thing.
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