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  1. Not only I have been discouraged but several others as well. This investment has more discouragement in it than encouragement. If you let it get to you than you need to move on. My feeling. I can handle most of it. What I can't handle anymore are the pithy articles that are posted that have no substance. We "Can't see the forest for the trees anymore". Mostly, I just scan the title and see if there is something that actually pertains to the RV. I don't even read the "Rumor" section anymore unless it posted by a member that has credibility. I often look for these members names when they post a response and then I read the thread. I do give a plus to those that deserve it and rarely give a neg. When first got into this investment I read everything and every response. Built a list of credible contributors and sites. I was a member of every site. My list has dwindled over the years to just a handful and I stick with those and filter the rest to Trash. I have high hopes for Iraq and the Dinar revaluation.
  2. I like Mtngoat. Thanks Ron for posting this. It is a long read but makes entire sense to me. She remains constant in the analysis of Iraq backed up by factual data and clear and concise interpretations. If your new to this investment. read the post in full. Then read some of Her past posts. I'll stick with her analysis over anyone else's. Thanks again Ron
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  4. I agree with both of you. Sure looks like something is going to happen. Just don't know if it's going to be good or really bad.
  5. Thanks GregH for starting this thread. And thanks to all that have responded to it. Sounds very positive to me.
  6. Your absolutely right Jax your not missing a thing. I too appreciate the site. And yet the frustration is evident in many members. Many because it has caused them a change in lifestyle or comfort of living. That causes stress, anxiety, anger, and frustration. I can only talk on my behalf as you can only speak on your behalf. As I stated in another post, each member has to make their own choices to when to sell their investments or how long they wish to keep it. I sometimes wish that I had never told other friends about this opportunity ten years ago. But it was their decision weather to invest or not and how much. I somehow feel responsible although I am not. Same goes for the newbie member here. If they see a post or article that doesn't make sense or needs a better interpretation. The old members try to convey the history.
  7. Really? Why did you decide to get into the Iraqi Dinar as an investment? How would you attain your Dinar? When did you want to do the above? Same goes true for buying a candy bar....
  8. Absolutely Correct. Same thing for news feeds and articles.
  9. I think it is carrot dangling. We have seen this time and time again. They continue to make progress but always seem to have some hurdle come up that pushes the RV further out. I've been in this for over ten years now have seen the same thing over and over again. People that have invested in the Dinar and the Dong were incited with the prospect of making a profit as we all have. This does not mean that you should stay or go with this investment. I believe that investors have to have a loss gap in any investment. Your choice when you reach that point.
  10. Yep, starting to consider selling the remainder. Calling it a loss, doing something else and writing the loss off on my taxes. I'm not that needy right now that I have to sell out but I am sure there are those that are. Same goes for the VND that I possess. As my attorney always says: Govern yourselves accordingly!
  11. Don't know why someone would neg you for a truthful statement. +1
  12. Hey .... Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Iraq was not forth giving when Oil was over 100 a barrel! Sad thing is, the man on the street is the one suffering. So they have to eat into their Gold Reserves until oil prices come back up. That or find another way such as borrowing. Which they are. I don't feel that they deserve a loan until they use up their reserves and all the alternatives. Quit crying already! We are all feeling the pinch these days.
  13. Sure looks as though the Kurds want to be a singularity now doesn't it? Good luck with the HCL. They have been placating Baghdad for years while looking to be independent all along. Perhaps they will have their own government, currency, army but that doesn't mean that the rest of Iraq still can't do the same. Maybe this is the push that will allow Iraq to get back into the international game and RV their currency after all. I'm tired of hearing about boundaries, separate government, and towers of power. If Iraq doesn't watch it, they will loose support and crumble. They need to be unified and strong. Not chopping up the county into regions of independence. Just my Opinion, Not worth much.
  14. Thanks Thuggie. With so many other countries now providing support to Iraq, He is quickly running out of places to escape to. If a country were to harbor a war criminal such as Maliki they then become liable for sanctions and world criticism. They will loose much if they receive this man and the many others of top criminals that we and other counties keep track of. Maliki is not worth that much to other countries. I imagine he will die the role of a martyr or be extradited from wherever he is and put to death at the hands of the World Court. It will be interesting to see what country he will run to.
  15. If you don't pump the oil, you won't receive any revenue. Further, all those corrupt business ventures begin to deteriorate. Awwww to bad. Probably why we are seeing more articles about missing funds from the CBI, the Gold Reserves and any other source of revenue other than oil. Gotta keep that Wheel of Corruption greased.
  16. A quick internet search of best places to visit in the Middle East alone revealed no sign of IRAQ or IRAN. On the other hand when you search for the Worst Places to visit they pop up. I think they need to be working on something more important than tourism. Don't ya think!
  17. Ares Abdullah - Well look who just caught up. I agree with jeepquy. It really doesn't seem as though the HCL has been the Law holding up the RV. With the oil price dropping, they need to account for every barrel these days. They should have been doing it all along. Now it is affecting the elite as well as the common citizen and everyone in between. Corruption, war and instability are what is holding up the RV not the HCL. If the HCL was the main reason, wouldn't you think they would have made it their TOP PRIORITY years ago? The HCA is so loose that it permitted influential organizations such as ISIS and MPs to make their own private sales and profits. The Iraqis and the rest of the world already know this and those in power would certainly not like to see their Oil funded Castle crumble.
  18. They weren't making it work when oil prices were high. Come on boys lets face it... your Economics and Financial people aren't to bright. Or maybe they are but your government is just too darn corrupt.
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