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  1. Many States Preparing For Historic Eclipse Like A Natural Disaster August 7, 2017 2:40 PM CBS Local — Americans across the U.S. will see the country’s first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in 99 years. While millions of people get ready to watch the Aug. 21 eclipse, local authorities are the treating the event more like a natural disaster and are preparing for the worst. The disaster prep work stems from the massive tourist attraction the solar eclipse has become. The eclipse’s path of totality, where the moon will almost completely block the sun, covers a 70-mile-wide lane that will cut across 12 states from Oregon to South Carolina. There are an estimated 12 million people in the eclipse’s path. According to, another 1.8 to 7.4-million people will travel into the path on Aug. 21. Several small towns and less populated states are preparing to see their populations double or even triple in the week leading up to the solar event. Several counties in Idaho and Oregon have already issued emergency declarations. Local officials are citing increased public safety risks, financial damage, and excess costs of cleanup and property damage for the alerts. On the East Coast, officials in South Carolina are reportedly stocking up on bottled water and port-a-potty services to prepare for the influx of tourists. The Red Cross is also setting up emergency shelters in the 12 affected states to help with possible emergencies that may overwhelm local governments.
  2. Damn autocorrect... it was supposed to say Somebody's fixin' to get a missile up their ass!
  3. A New Twist in Seth Rich Murder Case August 8, 2017 Exclusive: The U.S. mainstream media dismisses any link between the murder of DNC official Seth Rich and leaked DNC emails as a “conspiracy theory” – while blaming Russia instead – but a new possibility has arisen, writes Joe Lauria. By Joe Lauria With U.S.-Russia tensions as dangerously high as they’ve been since the worst days of the Cold War, there is potential new evidence that Russia was not behind a hack of the Democratic National Committee, although Congress and the U.S. mainstream media accept the unproven allegation of Russia’s guilt as indisputable fact. Slain Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich The possible new evidence comes in the form of a leaked audiotape of veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh in which Hersh is heard to say that not Russia, but a DNC insider, was the source of the Democratic emails published by WikiLeaks just before the start of the Democratic National Convention in late July 2016. Hersh said on the tape that the source of the leak was former DNC employee Seth Rich, who was murdered on a darkened street in a rough neighborhood of Northwest Washington D.C. two weeks before the Convention, on July 10, 2016. But Hersh threw cold water on a theory that the murder was an assassination in retaliation for the leak. Instead, Hersh concurs with the D.C. police who say the murder was a botched robbery. Mainstream news outlets have mocked any linkage between Rich’s murder and the disclosure of the DNC emails as a “conspiracy theory,” but Hersh’s comments suggest another possibility – that the murder and the leak were unrelated while Rich may still have been the leaker. In dismissing the possibility that Rich was the leaker, mainstream media outlets often ignore one of the key reason why some people believe that he was: Shortly after his murder, WikiLeaks, which has denied receiving the emails from the Russian government, posted a Tweet offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the solution of the mystery of who killed Rich. Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder and publisher, brought up Rich’s murder out of context in an interview with Dutch TV last August. “Whistle-blowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks,” Assange said. “As a 27-year-old, works for the DNC, was shot in the back, murdered just a few weeks ago for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington.” Pressed by the interviewer to say whether Rich was the source of the DNC emails, Assange said WikiLeaks never reveals its sources. Yet, it appeared to be an indirect way of naming Rich, while formally maintaining WikiLeak’s policy. An alternative view would be to believe that Assange is cynically using Rich’s death to divert the trail from the real source. But Assange is likely one of the few people who actually knows who the source is, so his professed interest in Rich’s murder presents a clue regarding the source of the leak that any responsible news organization would at least acknowledge although that has not been the case in many recent mainstream articles about the supposed Seth Rich “conspiracy theory.” Hersh’s Unwitting Tapes Hersh’s taped comments add another element to the mystery, given his long record of shedding light into the dark corners of the U.S. government’s crimes, lies and cover-ups. He exposed the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War; revealed illegal CIA spying in the 1970s spurring wide-ranging Congressional investigations and reform; and uncovered U.S. torture in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh In the audiotape – which Hersh told me was made without his permission – he quoted an unnamed government source who told him that Rich offered the DNC emails to WikiLeaks in exchange for money. “What I know comes off an FBI report. Don’t ask me how. You can figure it out, I’ve been around a long time,” Hersh says on the tape. “I have somebody on the inside who will go and read a file for me. This person is unbelievably accurate and careful, he’s a very high-level guy and he’ll do a favor. You’re just going to have to trust me.” The FBI cyber unit got involved after the D.C. police were unable to access protected files on Rich’s computer, Hersh said. So the FBI “found what he’d done. He had submitted a series of documents, of emails. Some juicy emails from the DNC,” to Wikileaks, Hersh said. “He offered a sample, an extensive sample, you know I’m sure dozens of emails and said ‘I want money.’ Then later Wikileaks did get the password, he had a Dropbox, a protected Dropbox,” Hersh said. “Wikileaks got access, and before he was killed … he also, and this is also in the FBI report, he also let people know, with whom he was dealing. … I don’t know how he dealt with the Wikileaks and the mechanism but … the word was passed according to the NSA report, ‘I’ve also shared this box with a couple of friends so if anything happens to me it’s not going to solve your problem.’” Hersh said he didn’t know what this “problem” was. Either Hersh misspoke when he mentioned an “NSA report,” instead meaning the FBI report, or the National Security Agency may have provided a record of Rich’s communication to the FBI. Both the FBI and the D.C. police have denied that the FBI got involved in the case. The Tape Is Leaked The Hersh audiotape was posted on a website called Big League Politics, which displays links to Project Veritas, a right-wing group run by James O’Keefe, though there is no evidence that Veritas was involved in the Hersh tape. Veritas does undercover audio and video recordings of unsuspecting subjects and has been accused of doctoring its video and audiotapes. But a recent O’Keefe undercover video of a CNN medical producer saying the network’s coverage of the Russia-gate story was “bullshit” was confirmed by CNN, which took no action against the producer. President Donald Trump being sworn in on Jan. 20, 2017. (Screen shot from People who believe that Hersh’s apparent revelation could reduce Russia-U.S. tensions are clamoring for him to confirm what he said. Popular blogger Caitlin Johnstone wrote: “If Hersh has any information at all indicating that the WikiLeaks releases last year came not from Russian hackers but from a leaker on the inside, he is morally obligated to volunteer all the information that he has. Even the slightest possibility that his information could help halt America’s collision course with Russia by killing public support for new cold war escalations makes his remaining silent absolutely inexcusable.” Only Hersh’s voice is heard on the taped interview, which was conducted by Ed Butowsky, a wealthy Republican donor and Trump supporter. Until now, Hersh’s only public comment about the tape was to National Public Radio. “I hear gossip,” Hersh said. “[Butowsky] took two and two and made 45 out of it.” I contacted Hersh on Friday via email. He confirmed to me that it was his voice on the tape by angrily condemning those who he said secretly recorded him, without identifying them. He did not respond when I asked him whether he thought the tape may have been altered. Hersh refused to comment further. On June 2, in an exchange of emails between Hersh and Butowsky, Hersh denied any knowledge of the FBI report. That was two months before Hersh discovered that he had been secretly recorded when the tape was made public on Aug. 1 by Big League Politics. A screenshot of the Hersh-Butowsky email exchange was published by Big League Politics last week. “I am curious why you haven’t approached the house committee telling them what you were read by your FBI friend related to Seth Rich that you in turn read to me,” Butowsky wrote. Hersh replied: “ed –you have a lousy memory…i was not read anything by my fbi friend..i have no firsthand information and i really wish you would stop telling others information that you think i have…please stop relaying information that you do not have right…and that i have no reason to believe is accurate…” Without informing him that he had been recorded, Butowsky replies: “I know it isn’t first hand knowledge but you clearly said, my memory is perfect, that you had a friend at the FBI who read / told you what was in the file on Seth Rich and I wonder why you aren’t helping your country and sharing that information on who it was?” Further suggesting that Rich may have been the source of the DNC emails, WikiLeaks posted a link to the audiotape on Twitter. Hersh has given no indication he’s planning to write a piece based on his source who he said has seen the FBI report. Hersh has found it difficult to be published in recent years in the United States. He has been writing for the London Review of Books until that publication earlier this year rejected a piece challenging the purported U.S. evidence blaming a chemical weapons attack in Syria, which led to Trump’s bombing of a Syrian air field. Hersh’s story was published instead in a major German weekly, Die Welt. MSM Contempt Corporate media’s uniform reaction has been to treat the idea of Seth Rich being WikiLeak’s source as a “conspiracy theory” – while mostly ignoring Assange’s hints and now the Hersh tape. Major U.S. media outlets cover Russia-gate as if Russian interference in last November’s U.S. election is proven, rather than based on a shaky “assessment” by “hand-picked” analysts from three – not all 17 – U.S. intelligence agencies. Fox News’ anchor Bill O’Reilly interviewing President Donald Trump. If Russia-gate special prosecutor Robert Mueller is serious about getting to the bottom of who WikiLeak’s source is there are several avenues he could pursue. He could check Rich’s bank accounts to see if there was a transfer of money from a representative of WikiLeaks. He could try to find Rich’s friends who may have been given his DropBox password. He could seek to interview Hersh. “Someone ought to ask Mueller, if he had an ounce of integrity (which he doesn’t), why he’s not showing these FBI and/or NSA reports to his Grand Jury which could blow the lid off of ‘Russiagate’ that Mueller was appointed to investigate,” former FBI official and whistleblower Coleen Rowley told me in an email. “It’s sad the FBI could be keeping this secret. But I think the [Rich] family could sue to get the FBI Report that Hersh mentioned or now that FOX is sued, its attorneys could try to subpoena the FBI documents in discovery.” She added that the FBI would likely fight such a subpoena, however. The lawsuit that Rowley mentioned was filed by Rod Wheeler, a D.C. private detective, against Butowsky and Fox News. Wheeler was hired by Butowsky on behalf of the Rich family to find the killer. In a Fox News item on May 16, Wheeler was quoted referring to a Fox source in the federal government who said that Rich was WikiLeak’s source. Fox News retracted the story a week later citing unspecific breaches of its editorial policies. At the time Fox had suffered ad boycotts when its chairman, Roger Ailes, and then its top presenter, Bill O’Reilly, faced sexual harassment allegations. Both later resigned. Sean Hannity, another top presenter, continued to pursue the Rich story until he was threatened with an ad boycott, at which point Fox retracted the story. Wheeler’s suit now alleges that he was misquoted and that the purpose of the Fox story was to distract attention from Russia’s connection with the DNC emails. Big League Politics has posted audio of Wheeler saying that Aaron Rich, the victim’s brother, blocked him from pursuing leads on Seth Rich’s computer. It is not clear if Hersh’s source is the same as Fox’s (or if Fox was using Hersh in a second-hand way). Butowsky has a connection with Fox as an on-air commentator. The date of the Hersh audio recording has not been made known although it presumably predated his email exchange with Butowsky on June 2. If an FBI report exists indicating that Rich was the source of the DNC emails and the report is made public, it could reduce tensions with Russia that Congress ratcheted up further last week by escalating sanctions – a form of economic warfare – against Russia as punishment for its alleged role in exposing the DNC emails and others belonging to Hillarious Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta. The DNC emails revealed DNC officials improperly interfering in the Democratic primaries to undercut Clinton’s chief rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders. The Podesta emails included the contents of Clinton’s speeches to Wall Street and other special interests as well as pay-to-play features of the Clinton Foundation. On Jan. 6 – before leaving office – President Obama’s intelligence chiefs oversaw “hand-picked” analysts from the CIA, FBI and NSA creating an “assessment” blaming Russia for the hacked emails albeit without presenting any hard evidence. Russian officials have denied supplying the emails to WikiLeaks and WikiLeaks has denied receiving them from Russia. Nevertheless, the unproven allegations of Russian interference in the election have raised tensions between the two nuclear powers to levels not seen since the darkest days of the Cold War and possibly worse. Stephen Cohen, a leading U.S. expert on Russia, said the current showdown may be even more hazardous than the Cuban missile crisis. “I think this is the most dangerous moment in American-Russian relations, at least since the Cuban missile crisis. And arguably, it’s more dangerous, because it’s more complex,” he told Democracy Now! in April. “Therefore, we … have in Washington these – and, in my judgment, fact-less – accusations that Trump has somehow been compromised by the Kremlin.” In the missile crisis “there was no doubt what the Soviets had done, putting missile silos in Cuba,” Cohen said. “No evidence has been presented today of anything. Imagine if Kennedy had been accused of being a secret Soviet Kremlin agent. He would have been crippled. And the only way he could have proved he wasn’t was to have launched a war against the Soviet Union. And at that time, the option was nuclear war.” As it still is today.
  4. President Trump Delivers “Fire and Fury” Statement on North Korea… Posted on August 8, 2017 by sundance Responding to continued nuclear missile provocations from North Korea, and against the backdrop of a unanimous 15-0 Security Council U.N. resolution, today President Trump delivered the following strong remarks toward the DPRK and Kim Jong-Un.
  5. From the album: Heros

    Somebody's fixin' to get a misleading up their ass!
  6. PowerBall for 8/9 10/17/35/45/63 PB 26 🍀 Mega Millions for 8/8 06/23/46/53/71 MB 11 🍀 02/23/30/32/75 MB 04 🍀
  7. I already miss him. This is his last song... after his diagnosis of Alzheimer's (very touching) Glen Campbell - I'm Not Gonna Miss You
  8. Aww... Scotty, I'm sincerely sorry that I hurt you with my playful ribbing. Once I wrestle with someone in the ditch, I generally feel closer to them and free to flip them shlt! I'm a shltflipper... and an a$$hole (ask Muleslayer;)! Please accept my apology and know that I love you and see that you're a good man with a HUUGE heart. I want nothing but happiness for you and your family. Ready? I'm runnin' in for a hug!!!
  9. Thanks Patty and Ranger. We desperately need to have an HONEST conversation about race as a country. So many blacks have accepted the lies of victimhood... I don't see that happening any time soon. This division and inequality are manufactured by the left... the "soft bigotry of low expectations". And to teach this hate and mistrust to children... disgraceful.
  10. Nstoolman, I knew you were a Man with a Plan when we helped you count down to retirement! Thanks for sharing this new milestone... it's beautiful! We should ALL be so lucky (and diligent;) Just lookin' around the property... the best time to plant trees is 10 years ago!!!
  11. Cutting Immigration in Half Would Make Americans Wealthier The bill to curb immigration supported by President Donald Trump would add to the wealth of Americans. Trump on Wednesday announced his support for legislation proposed by Senators Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and David Perdue, R-Ga., that would cut legal immigration into the United States by half and grant entry based on education, the ability to speak English, and jobs skills. While reducing immigration would cut overall U.S. economic growth by reducing population growth, gross domestic product per U.S. resident would grow, according to an analysis of census and economic data by Breitbart News. Immigrants are responsible for about half of the population growth in the U.S. This population growth contributes to the growth of the labor force and therefore to Gross Domestic Product. According to Joel Prakken of Macroeconomic Advisers, the reduction in the labor force from immigration curbs would “take two to three tenths of a percentage point off GDP growth every year over the next decade.” As a result, economic growth is likely to be lower than it would be under current law. The Federal Reserve currently estimates that the economy will grow at a 2.1 percent rate this year and sees 1.9 percent the following year. Its most recent estimates say the long run growth rate will be around 1.8%. Using those forecasts, by 2030 U.S. GDP would be around $21.6 trillion. But that larger GDP would be shared among U.S. population of 359.4 million, according to Census Bureau estimates, compared with 325 million today. Included in those estimates are an additional 16.9 million immigrants. As a result, GDP per capita would be at around $60,100. Using Prakken’s higher estimated drag of three-tenths of a percentage point, lower immigration would result in a GDP of $21.5 trillion in 2030. But if overall immigration were reduced to 600,000 per year, from the current 1.1 million, the 2030 population would be 350.2 million. GDP per person would be around $61,500. This chart shows how GDP per capita under existing law would likely compare with GDP per capita under the Cotton-Perdue bill, known as the RAISE Act. Cutting immigration in half will grow GDP per person in the U.S. What’s more, it’s likely that more of that additional wealth would accrue to the benefit of working class and poor Americans. New immigrants tend to compete with low income natives and earlier immigrants for less-skilled positions, putting downward pressure on wages. The reduction of immigrants will likely force employers to bid up the wages of these workers. As a result, these workers will receive a higher portion of national income.
  12. If you still don't get it that Trump isn't an Ideologue but the Outsider we've been praying for... you might be a commie progressive democrat! You just might be a Progressive Democrat if... By Richard Kirk Jeff Foxworthy made it big with his "you just might be a redneck" routine. Foxworthy's success inspired me to flatter him, sincerely, with a "you just might be a Progressive Democrat" imitation. The take-off goes as follows: If you think you are the most tolerant person in the room but label all opposing views "hate speech," you just might be a Progressive Democrat. If you believe that being *** is hardwired and unchangeable but insist that male and female are merely social constructs and that folks can change their "gender identities" from one day to the next, there's a good chance you are a Progressive Democrat. If you lose sleep over a possible two-degree increase in global temperature over the next fifty years and believe that 97% of all climate scientists think the Earth is getting dramatically warmer due to greenhouse gases...and that buying a heavily subsidized Tesla will make things appreciably better, there's a good chance you're a no-windmills-in-my-backyard Progressive Democrat. If you have no idea who Richard Lindzen, John Coleman, Bjorn Lomborg, or Freeman Dyson is, you're probably a very Green Progressive Democrat. If you are passionate about protecting snail darters, spotted owls, and gray wolves but believe there's a constitutional right to dismember a nine-month-old human baby in his mother's womb, you are quite likely a Progressive Democrat. If you cite Pope Francis's comments about global warming and the environment, believing they come from one of the most morally insightful persons on the planet, but pay no attention to papal pronouncements concerning abortion and the family, there's a good chance you are a Nancy Pelosi, cafeteria-Catholic Progressive Democrat. If you support "diversity" but see nothing amiss with colleges and universities whose faculties are overwhelmingly leftist, or if you have no problem with major media that are similarly one-sided politically, you just might be a Progressive Democrat. If you don't know that the Progressive movement and the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, are closely connected with racist eugenics, you're probably a historically illiterate Progressive Democrat. If you still think Benghazi was caused by an internet video and have no clue that the Coptic immigrant who produced the video was imprisoned for several months in Texas, you are almost certainly a mainstream media Progressive Democrat. If you aren't troubled by the use of the IRS to suppress conservative "Tea Party" groups prior to the 2012 election (and afterward), you just might be a Progressive Democrat. If you are outraged by Donald Trump's about-faces and inaccurate statements but aren't at all perturbed by President Obama's misrepresentations with respect to the Affordable Care Act ("if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor; we'll lower premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year"), there's a good chance you are a Progressive Democrat. If you think "Fast and Furious" is a remake of Eddie Murphy's 48 Hrs., you just might be a Progressive Democrat. If you were alarmed by the never confirmed accusation that a single person in a large Tea Party crowd hurled the "n-word" at a black congressman but are unperturbed when leftists actually riot, destroy property, endanger lives, and shut down political speech on campuses – or when an organized group of Black Lives Matter protesters chant, "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon," it is quite likely you are a Progressive Democrat. If you are "pro-choice" but don't believe in giving Americans choices when it comes to buying a firearm or choosing their kids' schools, you just might be a Progressive Democrat. If you are incensed by the income gap in this country but think nothing about the Obamas sending their kids to the elite Sidwell Friends School while opposing and even removing educational options for poor parents whose offspring are stuck in failing Washington, D.C. public schools, you are quite likely a teacher union-supporting Progressive Democrat. If you don't mind pressing 2 for English, you're more than likely a Progressive Democrat. If it doesn't give you a moment's pause to overturn marital traditions that have existed for millennia because a handful of possibly biased social science surveys say it's okay, you are probably a nearsighted, kid-unfriendly Progressive Democrat. If you don't acknowledge the violent history of Islam but instinctively associate Christianity with the Crusades, the Inquisition, and Salem's witch trials, there's more than a good chance you are a secular Progressive Democrat for whom "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." If you think "lack of economic opportunity" is the primary cause of the 70% out-of-wedlock birth rate among black Americans and that fatherlessness has little to do with high crime rates in that community, you just may be an ideologically blinkered, morality-averse Progressive Democrat. If you think the words "racist," "sexist," "homophobic," "ethnocentric," and "religiously bigoted" should be integral parts of the National Anthem and never give a thought to the fact that a million immigrants come to the U.S. each year, you just may be, and probably are, an angry, ungrateful, politically obsessed Progressive Democrat. If you want to get me fired or boycott my business for writing this piece, you're probably a Progressive Democrat. But you're too late. I'm already retired.
  13. Gavin McInnes | Dear black parents: “The Talk” is child abuse (LANGUAGE WARNING) Gavin McInnes of says that when black parents tell their children that the cops are out to get them, that's child abuse.
  14. Whatshername

    Wrong Think

  15. From the album: Wrong Think

    Please watch the video below...
  16. I think they cancel each other out so... no calories either!!! 🍓 🍍 🍫
  17. Mark Dice brings us this Breaking News... Stephen Miller Flips Over Table in Outburst
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