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  1. Good morning Yota, Lets pray they approve this one fast Article 111 concerned with the necessity of approving the oil and gas law,
  2. Good morning Yota, "He called on those in charge of the economic file to "put effective plans to quickly get rid of debts and achieve economic recovery for the finances of individuals, which would achieve stability in the economic conditions of families and improve their standard of living." Oil is at 80usd p/b The above quote, I believe, is talking about implementing HCL, and, while the oil riches are now happening at this price, its the perfect time. The budget was calculated on 43 usd p/b or close to it.
  3. Good morning DV, We have been around long enough to know that WE really don't know if and when this investment will bare fruit. I remember when someone told me about this investment, they said that I better act fast as it could happen any day now. Well, I'm still here, and will be until this thing goes one way or the other. What we must understand, and Im sure we do, is that Iraq's currency is extremely under valued for the resources they have, oil, minerals, etc... This investment is one of those really long shots that could pay off, just like any other investment. The risk reward lies in each and everyone of us, and we all have our comfort zone regarding. What I can say for sure is that this currency is undervalued, that is fact. In order to give value to this currency there are many things that must come into play here, which I think this current president Kazemi, is implementing. Yes it's been a long wait, yes it's been a frustrating ride, and yes for some, patience is coming to an end, but one thing is for sure, I believe we are coming down to the wire here and after all these years, we could see a change in the value of the IQD. Iraq can not become a global leader with a currency value of a fraction of a penny, it's just not sustainable for them to be competitive in the global market place. @Artitech is correct, there is nothing more to hash out here, this topic has been discussed to the bone, Adam is for sure in the back ground monitoring all the goings on related to this investment. Now, it's just time to sit back and wait....just a little longer, and maybe, just maybe we will see our investment come to it conclusion. I am grateful that we have our news people, especially Yota, who bring us the daily updates and latest current events out of Iraq and the entire team here in DV. I for one do not feel abandoned at all, I can come and read here every day if I wish, I can send a mail and it gets responded, I can get the latest stock and crypto info, and most important, I can interact with all of you, which is a blessing indeed. Hang tight ladies and gents, something is going to give in this investment, and it could be anytime now
  4. Totally agree with you brother Laid Back. By talking about, and posting in the various forms of media, the exchange rate. You are hiding the obvious in plain site which is a well known tactic to keep a hot topic hidden, also, by all this talk you keep the investors/speculators guessing.
  5. Thanks ever so much Yota for your ongoing support here in DV THE DEBT OF IRAQ…. Kinda like a drop in the bucket compared to the US debt. 28 trillion and counting 🥵 Which by the way, they are once again debating on raising that debt ceiling. I guess we just have to get used to it, if we aren’t already, debt is what runs the world 🌎
  6. "The increase came as a result of the reform measures taken by the government after many bet on their failure and non-continuity," adding, "We succeeded in stopping the waste and great corruption in the notorious Central Bank auction, and we are proceeding with our procedures and we will not stop." This statement is HUGE DV, It is yet another confirmation that Kazem means business.
  7. Good morning Yota, Appreciate you sir 🙏 Wonder what they are going to vote on, and, what are they going to discuss?
  8. Good morning Yota, much appreciated 🙏 Moving Iraq to an automated economy, means an open market economy. "They also discussed "the process of recovering Iraqi funds smuggled abroad and the government's efforts in this context, as well as cooperation between Iraq and the STAR initiative to recover looted funds" Maliki hasn't got a chance
  9. Nope, its not going to happen. Maliki is a criminal of the state and a threat to the future of Iraq's progress. I find it extremely unlikely that this idiot can win the election, "The first and second mandates of Al-Maliki were the worst, and talking about a third term is a figment of the imagination," " “the Sunni forces refuse to nominate al-Maliki for this position because they accuse him of sectarian incitement during his tenure in office, and the main accused is handing over the Sunni provinces to ISIS," "Despite al-Maliki's meeting with Barzani, writer Saman Noah believes that "the Kurds are sensitive to al-Maliki, and they consider him the first reason for creating crises with Baghdad during the previous years." Just a few reasons why this chump won't be President
  10. "The expert in economic affairs, Dr. Hussein Al-Khaqani, suggested to the Central Bank to digitally reintroduce small denominations, which would provide sums for the public, after amending the digital banking system" The introduction of lower denom notes, be it digitally or physically, coincides with the financial reform operation currently underway. So much talk of Exchange rate changes and now this, perhaps "when" is closer then we think DV, and, while oil is hovering near 70usd pb, and the budget set at a pb rate of 45usd, perhaps Kazemi is looking to guarantee his seat for another term by adjusting the rate before elections.
  11. Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister has reportedly said that he supports a floating exchange rate for the Iraqi currency” It is now front and center DV, it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.
  12. Totally agree brother Laid Back, I believe Kazemi is the chosen one by the international community to bring Iraq back to the world’s stage. And what a way to assure his position then bringing strength to the currency. We are not there yet, but, things sure look pretty darn good 👍
  13. Good morning Yota, thank you for all you do Once again we can see the talk of the "Exchange Rate" is front and center. Monetary policy is in high gear and Iraq is in the position to bring itself to the world stage. Many projects are underway as we speak, oil is close to the 70usd range, and the electronic system being put into place. It is time for them to adjust the exchange rate and make them a global competitor, the current rate is not sustainable and will not bring the riches of Iraq to the people. Human capital is the most important resource any nation can have and IF the corruption is brought under control, along with the sharing of the oil riches (HCL), Iraq will be a major global integrant and its nation a sought after investment by the global community. I'm sure they know this and from what I see, it is all coming together. Nobody knows for sure, but things are lining up in a way not seen in the past for a change in the exchange rate......just my 2 cents DV. May God bless us all 🙏
  14. It’s all good Adam, we have talked and discussed this topic for years now. I think from here on it’s just a matter of when. And when “when” comes, those of us who stuck around, are surely ready.
  15. Interesting, and what timing as Iraq sells 100 kilos of gold. Iraq's oil revenue jumps 62% for the first half of 2021 Iraq IS making money I agree @WheresmyRV? this is huge, the facts are the facts and Iraq is on the verge of becoming a sovereign nation. The news for 2021 has been productive, perhaps not as fast as we wish, but, they are moving in the right direction. Be patient ladies and gents, no one knows for sure, but we are getting closer
  16. It's all good Adam, we know you have a life, and, we have speculated this thing for years now. It's just a waiting game from here on in. Appreciate everything you do for us, and I'm happy you are enjoying the family
  17. Looking good brother, and yes, patience is key here. To much news regarding exchange rate, could it be another head fake? No one really knows, but things sure seem to be heading in the right path. At 0.68 I'm good It's the only way Iraq will not get buried under the sand and be forgotten, it's do or die time
  18. Good morning Yota, a super Sunday out to you sir 🙏 96.4 tons of gold is not chump change Iraq is sitting on huge assets that can propel it to the worlds stage and become a major financial power house. I believe that they are gearing up for such a movement, and, although they are not there yet, they are well on their way. Hang tight DV, once again their is lots of talk about exchange rate (delete the zeros) Faw Port, battle of corruption, ramping up oil production, oil at 75 usd p/b, timing could be perfect for such an event like an RV. Nobody knows for sure, but things look pretty darn good. Happy 4th of July to all my American brothers and sisters, God bless you all 🙏
  19. Exciting times indeed brother, seems like with all the talk of, oil and gas law, along with exchange rate of the IQD, perhaps 2022 could be the stop on this crazy train ride.
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