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  1. Iraqi banks are paying citizens a rate between 4-6% interest on deposits. Show me a bank on the planet that pays that interest on deposits. I think the citizens know something, that’s why they are hanging in to their Dinar.
  2. Love this After it has paid all its compensation to Kuwait, Iraq must submit a request to the Security Council, in order to transfer it from Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations to the provisions of Chapter VI of the Charter, a subject that will liberate the Iraqi banking system and integrate it with the global banking system, and will also liberate the accounts Iraqi finances are with the US Federal Bank, because any financial returns in hard currency do not go directly to Iraq, but through the United States, so that compensation for Kuwait can be completed.”
  3. Good morning Yota; This statement says it all... " to re-integrate the Iraqi banking system with the global banking system."
  4. Our correspondent indicated that 26 banks have met requests to enhance balances abroad, and 18 banks have responded to cash requests, in addition to 273 intermediary companies. Abroad??? Like international ??🧐
  5. Good morning Yota, now this is interesting. I never heard of this procedure before the suspensions come in order to pay the annual accounts and calculate the interests of savings accounts, as well as organizing budgets.”
  6. Thanks @6ly410 @DWS112 I'm not sure if the mandate was to pay that debt to Kuwait off this year, but, It's great timing IMO that with only a few days left in this year, they completed the payment. Could be something, could be nothing, but deffinately is good news. Onwards and upwards Iraq, let's get this thing done so we can all move on
  7. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas sir 🙏
  8. Good morning Yota, much obliged sir They are pulling in the "chunky" money, from under the mattreses into the banks and paying decent interest on that money deposited. why?😉
  9. "the government announced a series of economic reforms titled the White Paper which includes financial, economic and institutional reforms."
  10. Since September 24th till now Iraq has added an additional 2 billion dollars to it's reserves. This is ABSOLUTE progress and that coupled with... The Central Bank of Iraq announces that it has terminated all necessary banking arrangements with the US Federal Reserve to stop the automatic deduction of Kuwait’s compensation from Iraqi crude oil export revenues, and confirms the possibility of paying the entire remaining amount of compensation before the end of the current year 2021 to end this file. Looks like they are almost ready to make the leap to the worlds stage. Yes @Laid Back very much agree that 2022 could be our year, perhaps early 2022
  11. " indicating that Iraq today has become an attractive arena for investments" Music to my ears
  12. “This two things make me believe we are close to see a change of the dinar exchange rate.” I agree with you brother Laid Back, Iraq adds 10 billion to reserves, crude notching up again 73usd p/b, substancial gold reserves, and the list goes on. I believe we are close 🙏
  13. Good morning Yota, a stellar week out to you sir "the Iraqi currency would lose its purchasing power, so it was strengthened, and now we have overcome the problem of strengthening the bank reserve to some extent, " Interesting statement, The IQD doesn't really have any purchasing power, so, is the CBI enhancing it's reserves for something to come? Also, that increase in reserves was accomplished in less the a year, of coarse, due to the increase in the price of crude. I could be wrong, but, I believe that the CBI is enhancing it's reserves to INCREASE the purchasing power of the IQD, the budget (as far as we know) was calculated at 45usd per barrel. For the better part of this year the ppb has almost been double of the set budget rate 😉 The new COVID variant (Omicrom) has seen a pullback in the price of crude, but, OPEC still sees an increase in demand going forward, hence the bounce off the lows of last week set at 62.40 OPEC wants 100usd per barrel, so does Iraq, and that price could set the stage for interesting events in the value of the IQD.
  14. He pointed out that "the government has not implemented any action or decision except to change the exchange rate," stressing that "keeping this price remains at least for another 3 years." Key word here "government" only the CBI can change the rate, they will NOT devulge any information of a rate change. You will wake up one day and it will be there, just be ready 😉
  15. Very much appreciated Adam, Happy Holidays sir
  16. Happy Thanksgiving Yota, I/we are truly thankful for all the blessings we have in our lives, but, we are extremely thankful to have you here with us. Enjoy the holidays, Love, joy, and happiness to you and your beautiful family 🙏
  17. Yota, your dedication is amazing here, I/we greatly appreciate you "This comes at a time when many international oil companies, which are already uncomfortable with the financial conditions offered by Iraq over the years, are seeking to avoid risking their financial investments." They are uncomfortable because they do not have an internationaly recognized currency 😉 Yet....
  18. Thanks Yota, Motivating news sir "Today, Thursday, the Ministry of Commerce announced that Iraq has submitted a proposal to form an economic bloc of three countries, indicating that the goal is to compete with the economies of the world." He stated that "Iraq possesses great and enormous wealth that allows it to be a major economic player, HUGE NEWS !!!!!!
  19. Good morning Yota, very much obliged sir Iraq's export of Crude oil is nothing other then astonashing, with so much more available just under the sand. They are begining to amas a fortune in crude sales which, IMO, will be tranfered into the Hydro Carbon Law (HCL) This means that the partial sale of this commodity will soon be in the hands of the Iraqi people. It is very obvious to me that Iraq is in the beginnings of making itself a major contender in the global economy. OPEC is looking for 100usd per barrel, the stategic realese of supply anounced by world governments did not affect the price per barrel as they anticipated. What OPEC wants, OPEC gets 😉 Can you see what's on the near horizon DV? The Iraqi Ministry of Oil announced, today, Thursday, the total oil exports and revenues generated for the month of last October, while indicating that the revenues amounted to more than 7 billion dollars.
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