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  1. Hey DDP, welcome......been here a short time myself and can say that we have a great group of people here. Got a question? Someone has an answer or advice or anything RV related.
  2. Interesting article M.A.S I had to read it a couple of times to get my head around it but it makes sense. If Irak was not sitting on one of the richest oil and gas deposits on the planet I would not be invested. Kuwait is the example and makes sense that a similar event has to take place in Irak. Thanks for the article.
  3. How about Cancun, weather is great and close to Belize and that way I don't have far to go :-)
  4. The only guarantee in life is? Well, we all know that answer. I have recently become a Dinar investor and truly understand the risk reward ratio and for the little time I have been a VIP their seems to be a lot of time and space wasted on things that must keep Adam on the go 24 hours a day. I'm just happy to be part of this and enjoy all the good articles related to why we are in this in the first place. If this all comes around some day it will be a great bonus to the rich life I already have, rich meaning my adorable wife and kids who give me back more then any dollar invested can. If this happens and when, I will be the first to be in line and will celebrate with you all. One thing I was told with any investment that you must enjoy the journey, so since my investment in my Dinars I have become more aware of current events in Irak and just the expectation of this becoming a reality makes it that much more fun. I wish us all financial success from this but most of all, reward is not always measured in how much money you will receive rather how that money will perhaps change the life of the ones you love. Just my thought, and what a pleasure to be here.
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