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  1. SOON.............IN THE COMING DAYS..........BETWEEN THE LAST RAMANDAN AND THE NEXT RAMANDAN.......OR A FUTURE NEXT ramanda......or possibly during the next WINDOW....MAYBE AFTER THE NEXT HOLIDAY........BUT, I GUESS soon as OKIE can get that DAMN ..airplane LANDED........
  2. I would assume the passing of the deposit law was the needed piece to activate a type of (FDIC INSURANCE) if so,, this is HUGE and very much needed before any type of increase in dinar value could move forward.
  3. Jesus Christ !!!!!....5th in the M.E.,,,,,7TH IN THE GLOBE....37TH IN THE WORLD....BUT..7TH IN THE M.E. 37TH IN THE WORLD and 5th on the GLOBE,,, and 7th in the M.E. 37TH IN THE GLOBE AND 5TH HIGHEST IN THE WORLD........THESE DAMN MONKIES !!!!
  4. Well, for the most part this thread is and has remained positive all day.....I'm shocked that some bird has not flown over and dropped stink bombs on this one.
  5. Syn, Sounds right to me,,,Someone with a BIG STICK knows these procrastinators need a BIG STICK up there azz to jump start them.
  6. Possibly,, or...(KFC) Keep the Flock Confused.
  7. Your a pretty tough case, Let's try a couple more questions. How was your childhood ? How much overweight are you ?
  8. What is bipolar disorder? Do you sometimes feel more energetic than usual or even unstoppable — and at other times feel extremely drained or as if you have absolutely no energy? Have you noticed that sometimes you feel as if you could do anything, and at other times you feel down or depressed? Are there days when you barely need to sleep to feel refreshed, and other days when all you can do is sleep? If so, these might be symptoms of bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is different from the good days and bad days that everyone has. People with bipolar disorder experience very intense mood states that are a drastic change from their usual mood and behavor. Bipolar disorder includes both "highs" (feeling almost supercharged with tremendous euphoria, optimism, and energy) and "lows" (feeling down, sad, and without energy or interest in doing much of anything). These high and low periods may happen separately, or there may be periods that have the elements of both. The high and low periods may last for hours, days, weeks, or even months. While some people find these high periods enjoyable, they may also feel extremely irritable or be easily angered during these periods. Bipolar disorder can make it very difficult to function at work or in social settings. It can also cause strain on family and personal relationships .
  9. H'mmm , Interesting,,,,,do you ever feel depression during these fit throwing episodes ?
  10. What is psychosis? Psychosis is characterized by an impaired relationship with reality. And it is a symptom of serious mental disorders. People who are psychotic may have either hallucinations or delusions. Hallucinations are sensory experiences that occur within the absence of an actual stimulus. For example, a person having an auditory hallucination may hear their mother yelling at them when their mother isn’t around. Or someone having a visual hallucination may see something, like a person in front of them, who isn’t actually there. The person experiencing psychosis may also have thoughts that are contrary to actual evidence. These thoughts are known as delusions. Some people with psychosis may also experience loss of motivation and social withdrawal. These experiences can be frightening. They may also cause people who are experiencing psychosis to hurt themselves or others. It is important to see a doctor right away if you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of psychosis.
  11. Thanks for reminding me,,,I knew I had left one other possibilty off my list. Psychotic...........reach out, there is help available.
  12. Anger management problems ???........reach out, there is help available Abused as a child ???.............reach out, there is help available Low self esteem,,need attention ??? reach out, there is help available Just an AZZHOLE ???? no will die just an AZZHOLE.
  13. I do not believe any of that has been determined other than a possible date,,Actually I can see them split off into there own state and both continue to use the same dinar sense it has the Kurdish language on one side,,,,I would guess for the Kurds to actually have there own currency would take years, last time I crossed the arkansas state line into Louisiana my dollar was worth the same in both states,,,,we shall see.
  14. BOT,,,It is hard to argue with the white bird,,,he has a masters degree and soon to have a doctors,,,,,I'm pretty sure that will qualifiy him to be a professional Masturbator.
  15. I fail to see where it is written in stone that the Kurdistan independence has anything at all to do with the CBI adding value to the dinar,,,,maybe i missed something ?
  16. These corrupt polititions,banksters and gangsters have been very happy with things they way the are,,,they will cling to this gravy train till the last second,,,they could care less about there countrymen,,,,,BUT, BELIEVE THIS,,,GOOD WILL WIN OVER EVIL...GOD SAYS SO......they will go down screaming and fussing like spoiled babies getting there milk bottles pulled for the first time..........stay the course, CLEARLY THE SMOKE IS STARTING TO SETTLE,,,good times is around the bend,,,,keep the faith that brought you this far.
  17. Probaly got a phone call from OBOMMA asking him to delay everthing,,postpone and offer SOON as an answer.
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