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  1. WOW, it only took you 7 years to make your first post,,,,you do not work for the GOI by any chance ?
  2. I'm thinking Abadi has already cramped HCL down there throats,,,,stuck the 140 up there AZZ,, and we now wait for the sanction release around the 21st.....just me thinking out loud.
  3. So it would appear that 140 is now a non-issue......basically Abadi has also kicked HCL thur the lets see what happens next.
  4. after handing over the presidency,,,,how bout handing over the 55 billion in stolen kick start the RV.
  5. I do not the Mr. Abadi truly gets the big picture yet....the USA is there with a finger on them for a very long time......Iran WILL GET OUT RATHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT........THAT IS HOW IT WORKS WHEN YOU ARE THE WORLD LEADER,,,,,HOPEFULLY THE RV HAPPENS BEFORE THE BIG FIRE STORM.
  6. maybe Adam or Yota should chime in on this one.
  7. As I mentioned a few days ago,,it had become very clear that Barzani would be joining Maliki at a future neck tie party......pretty sure we can add Zebari as well.
  8. sounds like the CBI is seeking WORLD APPROVAL to move forward with monetary reforms that hopefully will result in what we are all looking for.
  9. Correct that is a nickle,,,,,sounds like a great start to me..........folks on another thread seemed disappionted with a nickle.....LOL,,,everyone here would have to buy a box of depends if they woke up one morning to a nickle.
  10. Better yet,,,,how about Maliki and his 15 best friends ??
  11. well, I guess if they added some purchasing power to the dinar.........???
  12. I was thinking all year long if we did not see what we wanted to see by end of July then we were probably looking at the first of 2018 as the next possible window,,,,,would love to be wrong and anything is possible,,,,,but i'm strapping my sealt belt for 2018
  13. You probably right,,,I suspect he ran the plane out of fuel circling the airport and it crashed,,,must have jumped a train.
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