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  1. these FOOLS trying to figure out how they LOST............just ask Hillarious,,,she has 10000 excuses.
  2. didn't venezuela recently add value to there currency ??? I would like to know if they had to meet the 90 day 2% rule,,,,,,
  3. BRUCE,,TONY,,,TERRYK....whats the difference ?
  4. Abadi said a lot of things folks wanted to hear,,,,but lacked ACTION.
  5. I would suspect because of a lack of action on financial reforms,,,,,SADR could well be our best bet to put the right person in charge to get it done,,,if Abadi or someone else,, i bet he will have a clear understanding of what must be done.
  6. but is 40 trillion dinar that has a value of about 39 billion dollars really a lot of money ??? considering all the low hanging fruit in Iraq .
  7. That sounded encouraging.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, encouraged to process the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar against the value of the dollar and other foreign currencies
  8. Ya gotta LOVE the SMALLER bank note talk,,,in my opinion that can only mean one thing.......INCREASE IN VALUE.
  9. who cares ??? what's he going to do about it ?,,,,PROTEST ??? LOL,,,how has that been working out for him ?
  10. I believe KAP spends most of his time looking for reason NOT to RV rather than look for reason it should RV.
  11. I'm not sure that there is a "rule",, I believe it is more of a suggested guideline by the IMF,, I could be wrong,,but I do not believe the IMF can stop any country from raising or lowering the value of there currency,,,,
  12. still amazes me how the top level officials like Malaki is still never mentioned.,,,,hopefully there is a method to the this madness.
  13. only 20 days ....sounds like it is time for that BASKET of LAWS,,,,,followed by the .....well you know.
  14. Give them 100 billion and 90 billion will end up in the hands of the corrupt,,In my opinion as long as these thieves continue to receive these handouts we will never see what we have hopes and desires to see.,,I have come to the conclusion that the WORLD will have to force the GOI stand on it's own two feet, until then, I see nothing changing.
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