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  1. I don't know if Adam can address this question........or anyone else in the know. If Iraq has decided NOT to come out with smaller denomination and remove the 3 zeros for awhile..........what is the big rush to have all of the Iraq currency exchanged in 30 days? Are we in the international community still being tied to the Dec. 1-30th exchange period now that they are rethinking and delaying their timelines to introduce new currency? Thanks folks.
  2. Adam, Do you have contacts in banking institutions in Canada we can access to assist us with our post RV exchanges.? Hearing nothing on the boards about anyone successfully talking to any of our big five banks in Canada yet. So far I have been hung up on by telephone and received the "compNy line" by my banking client care manager. I have had a couple of your blog followers tell me you will notify us of banks or contacts in Canada when the RV happens but I don't know how you will be making that contact with us. What can you advise us Canadians that have been following your blog. Many th
  3. Thank you all for your quick responses so far. Sitting tight in my little chair for the time being. With gratitude in my heart for all of you! Laura
  4. I have been sorting my way through the posts and have found very little definitive information about any banks in Canada that we can be certain about handling our Iraqi Dinar or VNN. Does anyone have any concrete intel on this situation? Opened an account at RBC and getting the run around even though they handle international exchanges. Any inside information or help about "firm contacts and commitments" by specific banks would be greatly appreciated. Hugs from Your little sister up north.
  5. I am brand new to this site and in British Columbia. I contacted dinar Trade and they said they do not have an office in Vancouver per say! however Quote: "If there is a significant increase in the value of the dinar then our sister company. Dinar UK www.dinaruk.com would have a location in Vancouver! Canada". I have not had a chance to look them up but it is an option, I have set up two new bank accounts in RBC but got a full run around from their 1-800 call Center and in fact they hung up on me after getting the "company line" on not trading in Iraqi dinar as it is not on their exchange
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