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  1. Hey Davis411 Password change, Send me a Private Message with the password you want and I will see if I can get it changed for you!!
  2. Lots of people will be looking for something to do with their kids this winter and may I suggest 1:24 scale Slot Car Drag Racing I have been racing with my grandson for the past few months and we have a GREAT time. It can be a pretty cheap hobby as long as you don't go crazy buying a bunch of super fast cars to race. If you find a local track around your area most racers will be willing to sell you a car or two on the cheap to help you get started. These cars can go anywhere from 20 MPH to 100+ MPH on a 1/24 scale equivalent 1/4 mile track (55 feet long). Most Race Tracks Shops have cars
  3. You better check the e-mail before it get's acid washed LMAO!!
  4. I will have to agree with you 100% here!! So much more could be said about Hilterly but I don't want to get warning points or banned
  5. Thank you my friend. As crazy as this sounds we kinda need the rain from a hurricane to both kill the heat plus give us some needed rain lol
  6. Thanks Adam, btw it is still hot as hell here in Central Florida
  7. Funniest thread i've seen on here in a while!!! Way to go everyone, keep it going LOL
  8. Hey Shabs, as you know I have NEVER disagreed with you on any of your post in the past until now!! I respectfully disagree with your comment here about Trumps comments, I personally want a POTUS that is both going to stand up and not only address an issue but also do something about it! Our countries past passive ways have made us weak and that is opening the door to all the bullies of this world to step in and hurt innocent people here in the United States. I think it past time that we take the gloves off and fight to keep our people safe again. I posted this on my FB page and I am go
  9. Thank you Adam for this exciting update. So looking forward to buying you that drink (many drinks ) after all of this part is over my brother from a different mother!! Yota, you are the freaking man!!!! Your endless hours spent researching is so appreciated by all of us here at DV Bump
  10. Yota!! Yota!! Yota!! Yota!! Yota!! Yota!! Yota!! Yota!! What can I say but THANK YOU for the hours of endless research you do for our community here at DV. We are blessed to have you here with us!! Thanks Again Buddy Bump
  11. Well said, I remember Ol'Sarge from way back in the day!! I can't believe he has been gone 4ish years already!! Ol'Sarges gals are definitely feisty and have fit nicely into our DV family IMO Bump
  12. Hey Captain, check out this thread Be sure not to post any personal info, just take a pic of your dinar next to your user name here at DV (Screen shot) and that will work for us!! Welcome to DV!!
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