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  1. Adam first off thanks to you and the mods for all your hard work it definitely seems this is coming to an end and I have to admit I'm pretty excited and kind of nervous at the same time. my concern is that I'm living in Ireland and in a pretty bad financial state but I'm sure you hear enough hard luck stories and I appreciate it takes money and time to run this brilliant site but is there any point in someone living in Ireland joining vip because and I appreciate the fact that most people here are American the vast majority of opportunities will be geared towards America and American tax
  2. Kind of sounds as if your saying goodbye and commending the mods for their hard work and you had to do it THIS week. Here's hoping and praying anyways. If that is the case I'd like to thank yourself & the mods for your hard work in running this great site & hope to see you all on the other side
  3. Just heard the NYSE suspended trading on the same day the Chinese stock exchange nosedived don't have a link so mods feel free to move topic just wondering if anyone heard anything thanks
  4. Well it looks good anyways maybe adam won't have to eat his shorts next week after all here's hoping. On a different note I know I'm not a VIP (can't afford it at this minute)and I know I don't post too often but I just wanna say this in case this pops and I get caught up in the excitement and forget I just want to thank mr Montana for setting up this great site and giving so much info and tips all for free might I add which is pretty freakin awesome of him and also thank de mods who without them this great site wouldn't exist. So adam and mods a big thank you and a lot of respect all the way
  5. Thanks adam short and grounded looking forward to your drive by or even a "formal" rv announcement
  6. Maybe there's just not as many 000 notes in Iraq as we think.maybe 50 is the most common note on the streets and they're simply introducing the lower demons and a new exchange rate hopefully just trying not to overthink it here
  7. Thanks Adam wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to do a q&a at all this week or ever again whishful thinking I suppose
  8. Hopefully ya can do them push-ups on a beach soon enough
  9. Ya better flex them muscles Adam looks like push-up time
  10. IMO the EO13303 has nothing to do with Iraqis monetary policies and is there for the sole propose of protecting us companies doing business in Iraq.Whatever money the US is holding for Iraq u can bet is only a minute fraction of what is in the ground and it would make good business sense to protect these companies from getting evicted or intimated out of Iraq and preference given to others such as china or Russia to reap long term gains.Its all about the oil and money to be made in the future and I hope and expect it to be renewed for decades until we are all very rich or have Iraq bled dry ei
  11. Adam before Ramadan 28/6 have we got a high chance of an rv before then hopefully. Thanks for the site and the updates
  12. I think this might be they're way of introducing the lower demons telling the Iraqis to come in and change they're notes then when they change they're 25000 note they will receive a new 25 note less the 000's with a new exchange rate and a better explanation about what has actually happened.I would imagine the average Iraqi wouldn't have much faith in banks to just see the 000's taken off their accounts so what better way to coax them in then to tell them they're giving them new better notes for they're old battered 000's hopefully anyway
  13. I would say this dealer was somewhat of an entrepreneur probably buying dinar with the money he made from drugs and then when it eventually revalues nobody would question where he got his money from and I would say there is a lot more like him and bigger
  14. Thanks for the update Adam would it be a fair assumption to say that they would probably need the rv before the end of this month to allow people time to see the benefits of a better exchange rate if they want to use it as political leverage,just thinking out loud.
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