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  1. I listened to the TNTTony blast again today, I really hope they are right!!! I totally take back any bad comments about anyone!!!!! I'm just so frustrated!!!! Come on RV!!!!
  2. It is a depressing to know that TNTTony is still telling everyone it is NOW DONE!! I'm so sick of hearing it is done, and yet it does not happen........why? Because he still listens to bad intel!!!! WHO is this DC?? I listen to his calls, I read the post, and I get sick to my stomach hearing his ignorant comments!!!!! I will believe it when I see it as well!!!! But definitely not holding my breath!!!
  3. Willy0344

    Looks like a new Dinar Dealer popped up...

    They are owned and powered by Foreign Currency Co, LLC Anyone heard of them? Here is a link that explains enough
  4. Well, CBI site back up, and as normal same old story
  5. Can anyoine else get to I cannot get it to load....connection refused....over and over It seems to be down......HHHHMMMMM!!!! Interesting!!! You think they are getting ready?? OH I HOPE SO!!!!!
  6. Willy0344

    I'm New

    You are right I know nothing about the VIP!!! Illegal or corrupt!!!! Sorry you took it that way! Should have used a better choice of words. Just reading some of the invitations in my email to join and then getting to the page to pay and see the price.... I just sit back and think WOW!! I would need to see what is provided to drive the price tag up so far for a VIP membership? Sorry for skepticism, just tired of paying for something and then realizing later I was just scammed!!!
  7. Willy0344

    Newbie here

    I joined not long ago, and I have read some doozies to say the least!! Adam shoots straight!! However, I will not pay to get whatever VIP status is suppose to get you, I can exchange currency as well as anyone, and it is all at the same rate!!! Anyhow....just my two cents Will we ever see a profit??? Not holding my breath!! Time will tell, keep your head down, and don't let the BS sway from the truth!! I have been in this since 2010, my son has since 2004!! GO RV!!
  8. Willy0344

    I'm New

    I dont think I thanked you for the warm welcome Shabibiliciuos, hope we see our blessing soon!! Thank you!!
  9. Willy0344

    I'm New

    Guess my post are not going to be posted>>>>>>>>>>>> Oh well.................GO RV!!!!!!
  10. Willy0344

    I'm New

    Thanks for the welcome
  11. Willy0344

    I'm New

    Well, I've watched for 10 years, my son tried to get me involved since that time, (2003) I only invested since 2010, but I have watched all the post and blogs, laughed a great deal when things did not pan out for those who scream "here it IS" will be here no later than Tuesday over and over. Glad to see they can call it everyday so they are not wrong. (Sarcasticly speaking) I try to watch Iraqi news to keep up with what is happening, seems things are very close. Figured I would ride this marry go round til it stops!!!
  12. Willy0344

    I'm New

    I'm a newbie in these forums, and I have tried to post on the Dinar Rumor section, but I guess administrators have to really crack down and look over all post first. I have no details or contacts regarding the RV, just thoughts and opinions based on media outlets, and not main stream media, as they tend to hide so much or only report on what they think will bring in ratings, so sad!! I have been invested in IQD and VND for sometime, well not as long as others, but since 2010. I have read blogs and followed false claims to an RV, and needless to say it all flops, 3 years seems long to me, but I know others that have been waiting since 2004. I'm hanging in there, nothing really to lose, so here I am, working and waiting. Hope our blessing comes soon!! God Bless you all!!

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