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    Wildlife management, Fishing, Antique cars and Giving back to our troops by way of Adapting homes for our injured troops that require special needs. I am a Founder and Director of Operations of AdaptA Vet and had the priviledge of being selected as one of the lead builders on the final episode of Extreme Makeover. That was such an honor and priviledge to build a home for SSGT Shilo Harris. What a human being! I'm still running on his energy today. I hope to meet more like him.

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  1. Can I get an update on what's going on with the dinar? Any news on anything? I haven't seen anything posted lately as far as news. Please advise. Thank you!
  2. Hello Everyone! Anything new going on out there? Whats all this talk about hype, pump, etc? Is the FBI really involved in somekind of investigation for complaints. Adam? Are you out there to comment? This is the only site I have visited that actually gives you the real meat and potatoes. All others are definitely pump so you wil buy their dinars. Comments Please? Hey Machine, where did you get those gold bars? Is that something new?
  3. Rumors and more rumors. And they are just rumors. When the Dinar revalues or Reinstates, everything will come out in the washh and we will all know what is truth and what isn't. Why speculate? Something will happen. Thats the ten million dinar question, when? Until then, I'll keep chasing those Duke boys.
  4. she likes his shorts so she is eating them. Just like if he was hungry, he would probably eat her shorts. a little off topic but couldn't resist that one.
  5. Hey Adam, There is a site out there where you can choose what type of shorts you might want to wear. They are the edible type. I would stay away from putting them on in case this little gem really takes off because you and I both know, there will be many shorts that might get filled up with something I don't care to mention. So go get 'em and have them handy just incase but I think you are on to something because my source is saying the same thing that we are close and there is a lot of buzz on the IDQ right now. Will it happen in one to two weeks? God only knows. But I know one thing is for sure, if it does in fact lift off, I doubt anyone that chooses to eat their shorts out of pure excitement would care less what's in them. The adrenaline alone will overcome the taste. Just thought I would mention that option just in case. Thanks Buzzy!
  6. Mokie, I like the 250 and 500 denominations although I would like to get 100's and 25's if available. I'll send you a private message so you can contact me later in the week. Thanks for the response.!
  7. Thanks for the help. Just thought someone had some small denominations they wanted to get rid of. I would need a certificate of authenticity too. Thanks Mark!
  8. Does anyone want to sell me their Dinars? Looking for small denominations. .
  9. Great post Adam! I'm with you all the way and being a business owner, I understand things come and go and change almost daily which in turn opens new opportunities for others. As you said, some don't renew and a spot opens. No different than going to your favorite Restaurant that is always full but if you go there anyways and wait, there is almost always someone that doesn't show for the reservations therefore you get in. You are simply capitalizing on your capacity and when you drop below your capacity, you try to fill the gaps just as a good business man does. It's no different in our business, if we reach the amount of projects we can take on, we don't look for more work until we get close to finishing up a project or only bid projects that are scheduled to start around the time we are scheduled to finish a project that we are currently working on. Those that complain and didn't get into VIP will gripe about not being in there when the RV happens. And "yes" it will happen. The million dollar question is and has always been, WHEN? And only GOD knows (and the CBI) when this little gem will pop. This is like going to Vegas, you never take more than you can afford to lose. If you can't afford to own IDQ, then sell them to me or someone else. I would like to get small denominations cheap if anyone has some they don't want anymore. But complaining about what you do or don't do isn't going to change anything. You provide all of us the intel as you get it and to date, I haven't seen anything that is not accurate. So keep up the good work and one day we will all be pleasantly surprised and actually get to know your real name. This is an investment that you have to be patient with and given the way Iraq does business, any day could be the day for a RV. We work with a lot of warriors that have served in Iraq and have learned a lot about their government just by talking to them. And the word that is most mentioned the most is that the Iraqi people can't wait for their currency to go up in value. SO eventually when it gets too hot in the kitchen, that is time to get out of there. That's when the RV will happen. The pressure is on and the pot will boil over eventually. We just need to be patient. Keep up the great work you do and we all hope to plan that time we all get together for a celebration. A good friend of mine did this investment before in the early 90's and made a lot of money then and he is heavily invested again. He has some folks on the inside in Iraq that he talks to every month and lots of good things are happening. The finger is on the trigger and it will get pulled. Again, the question is, when? Happy Friday to everyone! And welcome Springtime!
  10. Well Rosco, hit the snooze button, it looks like its going to be a while before we get to line our pockets with large amounts of USD. Good night everyone!
  11. That's what they said but remember it's Iraq, they do what they want to do. Always have and always will.
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