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  1. I don't care how you type it thanks for the information I would also +1 you but I can't
  2. Mods, you are all doing a great job. Thanks!
  3. Doug A

    One Dinar

    Could you show the other side?
  4. Thanks again for your posts Doc, I love reading your comments. Doug A
  5. You could be right, I hope you are wrong but I am afraid you will be right.
  6. Merry Christmas Doc, Thank you again for your posts we all really enjoy and get a lot out of them. Please don't pay any attention to any negative posts because they represent such a small percentage of the people but can still bother us. Thanks again Doug A
  7. WOW Doc thanks again for all you do here!!
  8. Thanks Doc I really appreciate your posts and enjoy reading them too!
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