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  1. I've got luxury builders that I work with that tell me weekly of the people that come into their model homes to price out houses based on what the Guru's are spewing out to the people willing to believe their foolishness. When pressed about there proof of funds to close on a ($500k+) home they say they've got a windfall that is imminent. Dinar RV. I've heard the stories of the folks that can't sleep checking internet for any sign of RV. If it happens it happens. I will still go to work and grind it out making sure to remember " I didn't build it!". Thanks for laying out for the folks DJ. +1 brother. Go RV!
  2. I call BS.... This guy has nothing to do and all day to do it.
  3. Let us drop our Marines in and we'll see just how much SMACK ISIS will be talking about calling us cowards for bombing them. They'll be busying getting ready to see their virgins....
  4. MRREF they call in hopiam. $3.71 would make me happy but your right nobody knows except CBI and last I check there are no CBI folks on this site. We will see SOON I'm sure. Good Luck everyone. Go RV
  5. Obama didn't create ISIS but it's his job to expedite their trip to get their 40 virgins. He shouldn't have left Iraq without leaving some troops to make sure a vacuum didn't occur as the Pentagon told him. I've read and heard interviews where he was told to leave at least 10k-20k troops in Iraq. He was to busy trying to win a campaign instead of doing the right thing. How do you think those folks that were buried alive, the Kurds that were beheaded, or the women that were kidnapped feel about that campaign speech about now? I'm more disappointed in this president than I've ever been with any president in my whole life. We as a Americans should be ashamed that we've got the leadership that we have in this country. I just hope we don't have some type of terrorist attack in the meantime because their definitely sleeping at the wheel.
  6. 10 yrs & Zebra. We can only serve ourselves some Hopiam with a dash of Soon. Maybe we awake with a nice surprise. Maybe not! Good Luck everyone.
  7. I would be happy with anything at this point. Everything I've read indicates that we can only hope for .10 - .86 . It would be nice if it was higher but doubt it from everything I've learned about currency trading. Additionally; with ISIS running around I'm thinking that they've got some more pressing issues like keeping their heads than worrying about RV. Doubt it but wouldn't complain. JMHO. GOI HCL Budget IMF RV Good luck everyone.
  8. Nelg; Life is about choices. I see plenty of people with disadvantages achieve some really cool things. I saw a guy last week that lived in a mud and stick hut in Nigeria buy a $689k home. I get there are people that are "disenfranchised" but if their stupid enough to join ISIS because it's easier to give up than work to achieve something. Then allow us to send them on their trip for their 40 virgins. I don't want them to come back to US. It'll be cheaper to drone them than keep them in the prison where they can get free meals, cable, and time to read the Koran.
  9. This is good news Thug. Your my favorite clown. Let us hope folks! Seat Government Budget HCL IMF- possibly done RV Good Luck everyone!
  10. Considering the weapons that the Iraqi Army left for ISIS when they ran from the fight. I would hate to see these people having to fight with the weapons that are in the picture. We got to help these people somehow. O's not going to do it I believe. It's terrible that we didn't leave some troops behind to make sure that this didn't go down like this.
  11. It appears that we've got a couple of things that need to occur for us to go to the promised land: Seating government Budget HCL IMF RV Let's hope the new government get this rolling.
  12. LadyGrace your right if I tell you what to do with your life that would make us no different than ISIS. I'm diehard Conservative except the part where I tell you what to do with your body. I personally wouldn't do it but I'm sure that there's a reconciliation for it eventually. Listen; don't want to get into morality play but what are you saying we should do about ISIS anyway? We're no better so we should do nothing? Maybe we should just ignore them and they'll go away. Just trying to understand your response to Nelg.
  13. Ryan and Romney were on Fox this past week. They wouldn't say what they're plan was but either way I would vote for either one. We someone on board that knows what it is to work for a living. Maybe we might get lucky and they've been in business before. So when they come up with idea that might be bad for business they'll recognize it. Just did a loan for someone that was buying house from someone on Hilarious' staff and let's just say that he was politically correct. I asked him at the closing if she had a habit of chewing people out and the response was she was very passionate about her job.
  14. Yes; I believe we've got something for them here if they tried anything here. I can't believe that U.S. Citizens would allow themselves to be loaded on trucks knowing they were going to be killed like the videos you see on the net. I bet that they find the guy that killed Foley as well based on voice recognition software that's available. We'll see how brave he is when he gets droned or if he sees his virgins.
  15. I agree Reinman. +1 Seated Govt Budget HCL RV Everyone smiling.....
  16. Chess! So true but you've got to remember a large part of society is getting free stuff so their going to vote for the folks that are giving them the stuff. With our politicians voting out the requirement of proving you belong in the country in order to vote who do you think this will benefit with absentee ballots? We got to hope that the tide can be shifted. At this point I may just vote with my feet and move out of the country like so many others have. Like Buffalo Springfield said "there's something happening here that's not exactly clear!"
  17. It seems to me that strike force goes and makes problem go away. Am I missing something?
  18. jeep. +1 I don't know how someone could neg you for that. Who really knows or if this thing is going to pop! I'm hoping that the new PM will get some things done M wouldn't. At this point M doesn't even seem willing to get out of the way. So we wait. Sound familiar? I guess you put in what you can afford to lose forget about it and hope that they get their act together. So Novice. Just hang out and wait for the bus like us all... LOL! Go Budget! Go HCL! Go IMF! Go RV! Good Luck everyone. Wake me when we get there.
  19. You know who's fault it is. It's ALWAYS George Bush's fault. LOL!
  20. How much Dinar do you think is actually in circulation? How does this affect our hope for RD/RV? Everything I've been able to find has the following as the values. 34 Trillion M0 71 Trillion M1 85 Trillion M2 In comparisons the US Money Supply looks like: 1.2 Trillion M0 2.5 Trillion M1 10.5 Trillion M2 We think the U.S. has a fiat system. Looks to me that CBI has a lot more auctions to hold. Those in the know are free to chime in with our thoughts. Go RV/RD! Do something! Good Luck everyone!
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