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  1. Send me your email…. So you could share it with all your buddies
  2. I enjoy listen to all the lies and bill on this forum ….🤣🤣🤣
  3. You’re funny… I am a teen next to everyone on here …. I’ve been on this investment longer than everyone on here trust me…
  4. Good for you … trust me I am good… 🤣🤣 I am probably the youngest and the oldest in this invest at the same time…. My notes are good …👍👍👍
  5. Nope… I got them through my military friend…. Saddam dinars where not circulating at that point..
  6. Corruption is everywhere…. We live in the most corrupt nation in the world….🤣🤣
  7. Correct… it’s long over due… they just tell me that there’s lots of changes happening and very positive and lots more… I just rather wait than to become another individual talking nonsense… I am just an investor like most of you … I am not trying to be a hero, get likes, sell gold,silver or any type of services… I am just here watching and observing… and ready to see everyones patience and investment to finalize.. RV ✊🏼✊🏼 🦉
  8. I am really sorry… but there’s a couple of characters in this forum that have no clue on anything, all they say is nonsense and it’s gonna take time…. Time ??? They all most of just gotten into this invest last year…🤣🤣 I’ve been in this since before my first born was born… his gonna be 21 in April …. So WTH you mean it’s gonna time, it’s not an overnight??? 22 year investment is not an overnight investment… I don’t think 🦉 go RI
  9. I don’t even think it’s that many….
  10. I don’t believe the articles… remember don’t do what rich tell you to do…. Do the opposite.. do as I say , not as I do.. just saying… the exchange is coming…👊👊👊
  11. No one really knows anything… and that’s a fact, all the information and opinions are great but the reality is everyone is trying to hard to find out the mechanism and what they are gonna do, they continue to talk about the billions and trillions of stolen currency and isis , when the time comes they will know who’s who in country… no country in the world has printed more money than the US and we still have the most money in the world… and it actually has been gaining strength against the EURO AND BRITISH POUND… GO RI!!!👍👍👍 Merry Christmas!!! 🎄🎁
  12. It’s gonna be 22 years since I made the investment…. If I have to wait a week,month,year or ten years… time is gonna come and go regardless… but we are actually minutes and hours away from what we’ve been waiting for…. So I’ll will continue to wait… no matter what .. as long I am breathing I will hold… the sun and moon is never up for 24hours that’s all I gotta say RV….. on the verge….
  13. Thank you all for the info…👍👍👍👊👊👊
  14. There ain’t going to be any change in the currency…. I am sure when someone shows up with a crazy amount of dinars…. With Arab features they will investigate and put a hold on the funds before they are verified and release, it’s like back in the days when Pablo Escobar had almost 100 billion dollars stach all by himself , without counting all the other cartel … the US never went ahead and change their currency…. Believe me the RV is coming, anyone that shows up anywhere in the world with crazy amount of dinars is gonna be investigated and funds will be put on hold until further notice…
  15. We are hours and days … away….👊👊👊
  16. the reality is that they are not gonna gives us a date on when they are gonna change the rate.... they are just gonna do it and thats all.... we could be hours or days away for all we know, You'll stay safe... "RV IS HERE"
  17. Congrats…. You won’t regret it… it’s all I gotta say… and the rest you’ll see….👍👍👍
  18. I really appreciate all the chatter,info and effort everyone on here puts in, their ain’t going to be no baby steps , it’s been over 20 years already I think that’s beyond babies steps, I don’t post too much on here but I do happen to know people that have contacts in the Iraqi government, all this is being controlled by the U.S government … the U.S will be cutting ties with the Saudis and Iraq will be the kings of the Middle East…. (Oil heaven) been here since I was 21 and I am 43
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