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  1. I'm a millennial, and I can say wholeheartedly that I am absolutely ashamed of my generation.
  2. Well if only I could say I actually was the one who made that post and took that picture. I just felt like it was relevant.
  3. Bernie Sanders is disgusting. I admire how he believes our current system is corrupt, but the man lies about firearms, my career. He can kiss my behind.
  4. Bernie Sanders is for people who don't want accountability for their lives. They just want things handed to them. They like equal outcome, not equal opportunity. Hil-lary is just a typical politician. Trump is a friggin idiot. You can't ban people from the country based on their religion. That's against the Constitution, and if you're gonna dislike this comment, I can only assume you're anti Constitution, a libtard, or a lazy socialist. Yes, we don't need to take on refugees because one, militants are hiding amongst them, and two, we can't even afford to help our own displaced. I'
  5. Yeah, he knows how to do about anything. This one helped me a lot.
  6. People like you cause people to spend their life savings on this stuff and then go broke waiting on empty promises.
  7. It sucks when someone has to die, but when someone makes the choice that someone else's safety means less than their personal gain, preservation of their lives is the last priority behind everyone else.
  8. Can't believe I've never heard of these guys before
  9. I wish I could edit my posts past the allotted time, because I failed to proofread. In the gun control section, I meant to say "the problem..." not "the people..."
  10. This is strictly my opinion of where we are as a nation and where we can go from here. Right now, we live in an America that hasn't been more divided. We are at each other's throats for almost every reason possible, from gun control to g-ay marriage, climate change to minimum wage. I come from a Libertarian point of view, so I tend to make both sides angry, and that's okay with me. I've provoked far more deep thinkers with the things that I say. A lot of the things you'll read here are opinions that I've made clear over my duration in this place, but this is a nice little collective.
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