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  1. Thanks Adam for all you do and a big thank you to all the mods and DV family!!!
  2. Hi all on DV, I don't say much on here in fact I think I have only posted twice... I read through all this and enjoy the banter back and forth about everything that is going on with the dinar... I have to chime in here though... I'm not anymore intelligent or ignorant than anyone else on here but what I do know it this... People are upset about Trumps executive order that he signed keeping people from coming into this country from predominately Muslim populations country's... The thing is, what the media ISN'T saying is that it is for a period of 90 days... Not forever... Long enough for the good ol' USA to actually get a vetting process that actually works... Then I have no doubt that we will open up and start allowing those that are properly vetted into this country... NOW, can we get back to what we are all here for and that is the dinar speculation???
  3. Merry Christmas to all in DV land!!! Be it Adam and the mods and all that is eagerly waiting for this RV may each and every one of us have a RV blessed new year!!!
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