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  1. Like it or not got much respect for your resiliency also. Consistency and patience from both sides need be admired, then when backed with links and facts saves some a great deal of work and some couldn't do thier own research anyway.I don't belong currency speculating where a tenth of a point is a good day but I have a right to be here and have learned a lot. Now if you could talk some sense into my nieghbors with 3 foot stacks ,I swear really you guys could ease some pain.
  2. Something must be wrong ,I get it thanks. While I'm at it ,never seen you guys condescending,mostly stating facts and providing links. Wonder why some folks take stuff the wrong way this is the "tank" after all. Try asking a ? at DD ,and put on a helmet for an as.... whooping. Do wish "fib" would offer a prop with hope but I guess he doesn't like losing.Max out good DV folks ASAP.
  3. "fib" as allways stone cold fact.Brother in law commander of flight operations on JFK till dry docked ,got bored and became a seal commander in his 30's .That's my "Wells Fargo" insider.
  4. Boomer I know "If the queen had round ones she'd be king",but I'm asking an if ? anyway. What is the max you think we could get if M2 was let's say 17 Trill. Is it a minimal factor in your thinking or is it 5 times better than where we're at? That was what got me in.Simple division speculation and a Kuwait story had my first 24 hour delivery. The M2 has been my progressive downer for 3 years,man can they print notes.Max out good DV folks ASAP.
  5. Don't know the brother of sister who's dating a guy who's sister has been training @ Wells Fargo in secret to handle a major cash out,but I do know an "Argo" type that states in his opinion your right. Always thought as a last resort he'd buy me some gold camel necklaces to ease my pain and that of folks far deeper in this than me but.... Money can't buy a limb. Hope those guys score amidst confusion a la Kuwait.Max out good DV folks ASAP you've earned it .
  6. Point taken.I'm gonna sit back and watch 5 neighbors point fingers over Kuwait's RV that never was but I won't LOL ,bleeding heart liberal.For us RCs the readings this Sunday are "Camel and the eye of a needle",I have nothing to worry about poor enough to slide right through. Still hope you all max out ASAP.
  7. Thanks "Keep" confirms my worries,more for others than myself. I don't want to lose at all but........
  8. I am wondering what time period will be best to get $1000 per Mill. if the process winds up being 2 years. I "think",yeah right,that the demand has no where to go but up,however the volotility could make patience a bad thing. My exit strategy never was life or death but I know folks with 3 foot stacks-no joke. They won't listen to me based on my little pile. The difference between taking $660 from the Ali type now,speculating on getting $1000 after fees later or beating "fibs" % 20 proposition over a 2 year period is alot of money to some. Being the extremist,I don't think they want to cash us
  9. I got in when the M2 was about 23-26 and even that makes mine a hasty decision. Gonna make the best of this. Wish I joined this site sooner . DD may be acurate but too abrasive-not good at taking direction. That's why I give props to "fib" and "Boomer" for giving homework assignments/ contests,kind makes you feel like you figured it out yourself. No Mods members or owners ever steered me wrong here I just can't drive.Max out good DV folks ASAP.
  10. I for one appreciate that you have such patience. I don't even hit your links as proof anymore,always back you up. Great job. I know the deletion is coming and wish you weren't right about the M2. It's humongous. Decisions need to be made on my part.
  11. The M2 is not some arbitrary number. It's close to 90 Trill. ,but let's just to please the cool-aid drinkers say it's only 60 Trill. or even 30 Trill. it's stiffling. We need demand for the dinar,peace,RD and stop the presses-the printing press. We then need a way to be sure they can't make out of country cash outs impossible. Not a man of organized faith but I hope so hard for the really good people at DV to max out ASAP. No where else can you get all the info . All this can be done and I want a profit. Want won't happen if the supply keeps exploding.
  12. I know this is kind of a personal question,and you don't have to answer but do you think the Iraqi currency may redenominate?lol
  13. Just because I can't doesn't mean I don't want to.
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