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  1. You cannot buy up or manipulate what is not available (dinar) unless through a different means such as terrorism. They can scream from the mountaintops "We're gonna RV" all they want provided they know where and who is holding dinar. It's not like there's an endless supply being printed. There is a finite amount of dinar in the world and the CBI is acting as if they know have taken that into account.
  2. Then why say this Zig? He added Abadi that "the government Committee agrees opinion, but it calls for guarantees of non-forgery or reference currency in the markets," noting that "the large number of zeros generates mistakes, and if what has been deleted Snqll mistakes and deal be easier," stressing at the same time that "what we do is the study of safeguards to reduce fraud or return of the currency markets." The way I'm reading this is...The government committee agrees with the call to "delete zeros" but they want guarantees against the higher denominations making it back into circu
  3. Wow! This thread actually got me up and out of bed to make this reply because while some of you have said some nice things about how God is in your life and part of everything you do, no one has come remotely close to explaining why so many invoke God's name concerning Iraq. Before I do, let me say this...Are there people out there using the name of God to sell dinar? Probably....And God will deal with them. But there are many who truly feel that what we are standing on the brink of is biblical and I sincerely hope I can shed some light on why so many people believe that this situation with Ir
  4. Thanks Pocono, I will check them out! I will say that I have looked up "raise the zeros" and "lift the zeros" and the results have been the same, both come back as "the zeros" while the only time I get "leading zeros" is when I do "delete the zeros". But thank you, as I said I will check out those articles.
  5. Wow! Another pretty promising article...hopefully the source is reputable. I did catch this from another article from a couple days ago... "In an attempt by the Government to improve the Iraqi currency, intended to delete the three zeros is pricing exchange rate 1.16 against the dollar, the dinar would replace the State budget $ 172 billion dinars, or the equivalent of about $ 150 million, and the Government is preparing to perform this step with the adoption of the "new dinar" requesting an order from the Central Bank to raise its value gradually down to be equal to the dollar. "
  6. Keep, that is not how Arabic works. Every word in the language is based off of a 3 letter Arabic base and when other letters are added it changes the meaning. That's why these translations are all over the place. Again, I was looking for meaning, not translation. There is an arrangement of Arabic letters in the phrase "delete the zeros" that translates to "leading zeros". A certain Arabic letter was added to the overall phrase to give it certain meaning and context. I don't know how else to explain it really... And I agree with you on your other comments...it doesn't seem plausible...but c
  7. I know what you mean Keep...they've been telling us different things for so long it's hard to keep things straight sometimes. Maybe they're trying to throw us off for reasons you yourself have stated...they would be insane to come out and announce it. Perhaps every once in awhile someone lets something slip. I do think though that any discussion about "leading zeros" has to be seen as a direct reference to the exchange rate. It's the only figure that has leading zeros... .00086 I don't know...let's just hope for the best!
  8. Kinda weird....He does say someone sent it to him though.
  9. Hey Keep...sorry brother for not getting back to you. Its been hit or miss for me lately and I'm trying to comment when I can. However, I would like to answer your question. This is from Wikipedia but I've seen this elsewhere too. "Leading zeroes" are used by certain computer programs, like the Forex system. "A leading zero is any 0 digit that leads a number string in positional notation. For example, James Bond's famous identifier, 007, has two leading zeros. Leading zeros occupy most significant digits, which could be left blank or omitted for the same numeric value. Usual decimal notation
  10. He's not a guru Keep...I've pointed out numerous times that Adam is considered a guru on certain sites. There is nothing you can do about what someone wants to label you...
  11. Hey Keep...did you see my question about the theory why they mention Turkey and Lebanon in these articles? There are those postulating on what they obviously feel is credible information that those two nations are used to show the same outcome through a different process. Any thoughts?
  12. Thanks Maggie for the kind words... Actually Tlar has been using the term "leading zeroes" for quite some time so it's not really a huge coincidence. I don't wanna take up thread space pumping another site but I read Tlar's take on most things as he's pretty logical and down to earth....imho. In fact, the reason why I was so stunned when "leading zeroes" came up as the translation is because Tlar has been using the phrase for quite a while because of articles he has read that included the phrase. Really, the entire theory is part of Dinar Alert's site. Kap and crew has access to an Arabic
  13. Just curious Keep but how much credence do you give to the argument that every time they reference Turkey and Lebanon, they are referring to the same outcome and not the process?
  14. I must be confusing the terms then Keep...the nominal value is 25,000 or face value. The nominal rate is the exchange rate .00086...that is how I understood the two terms... I recall a few articles from this year where they mention "omitting leading zeroes" but I'll have to dig to find them...I think one was from April and another from July...it was pretty recent if memory serves. Ironically enough, this was posted here http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/157233-tlar-they-are-insinuating-big-change-in-currency-08082013/#entry1236395 just a while ago and has to do with what we'
  15. No problem Sand...I appreciate what you and Keep bring to the table man...keeping us honest! Ha!
  16. Good catch Keep....that is me simply typing the wrong term. I meant the nominal rate or the exchange rate and not value...Sorry bro... I can't believe I'm going to say this but the way I'm translating these articles now, it helps having the original in Arabic so you can just plug the words in directly so you see the meaning. But to answer your question, I'm getting about the same translation as ReV with one exception...."...to facilitate financial transactions through the IMF."
  17. You can infer all you want that I'm some kind of "pumper" or whatever Sand...but you're wrong. You would think someone not totally bent on one outcome could say something like "Oh wow...That's interesting...." or something other than what you've posted here. All I did was think of a different way to find out the meaning of the phrase and posted the results....that's it! The results speak for themselves Sand...I took the phrase that's been in EVERY article and translated not just the word to English but it's Arabic meaning and you think I'm "pumping"...ha! What a joke!
  18. Come on man! That's the best you can do? Make a joke? Really? I was hoping you would tell me where I'm wrong. I am open to the possibility that I am, I was just hoping you could show me how...
  19. Just posted this on the main forum under "Opinions and Perspectives"... Keep, what do you think brother about what I posted? You can find it here: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/157223-break-through-in-delete-the-zeroes-translation/
  20. Try it for yourself....don't just take my word for it. Go to dictionary.com and follow the steps I took above. You will clearly see the translation come back as "leading zeroes"... I know some of us have always thought that but there are those on here who really don't know and are on the fence about LOP vs. RV. I hope this settles it once and for all!!!
  21. Everyone knows that the issue we debate every single day a new article comes out is the issue concerning the translation of the phrase "delete the zeroes" and what it means. I may have just stumbled upon something pretty remarkable yet so simple...let me explain. The issue has never been one of translation but one of the true meaning of the translation. It got me to thinking about how to find out the meaning of the words in Arabic. So here is what I did... Knowing that dictionaries give us the meaning of words, I thought about trying to look up the meanings of the words in Arabic. I we
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