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  1. Ezrapound..... you say the end of Ramadan. I was just going to reply "Then what is the next hurdle for the RV?". But, when I read the way you speak with your words combined with the way Alfred E. Newman stares at me, I get this calm-mesmerized-at peace feeling. Whats up with that? What are you up to? So I did a little research. Your the poet who passed away in Nov 1972 aren't you? You are a true Spirit! That trumps ANY GURU!!!! And you use the Alfred E. Newman avatar/pic so the Guru groupies could relate to you. Kinda like disarming them so they can hear your words. Nice touch! Go RVVVVVVV! I'll be danged!! Ramadan it is!!!! Its about time. Thank you!!!!
  2. How can anyone "neg" that?? If you do "neg" that, say who you are and why the "neg"!
  3. Whats that line about " good becoming evil and evil becoming good"? Or something like that. Not that I BELIEVE that, I'm just saying. I read it somewhere. Hummm??
  4. DAANNNGGGG!! Someone pushed supergirl's button! Did't think that was possible. I don't have a button anymore and I've only been in this game since last march. Shouldn't this be in the Rumor section since it starts out "Rumored"?
  5. NICE RUMOR!!!!! Into the "Imaginary" Septic/Obama/Guano/Floater (for u Shabs)/etc. TANK it goes!!
  6. That's the most accurate prediction I've ever heard! Sandfly ur a Guru!
  7. Nice RUMOR! I'll toss that one into my imaginary "septic" tank
  8. Can DV please create a tank for Gurus who continually get their "info" wrong! They can be set free if they post ANYTHING true. I know this is the Rumor section butt it appears these gurus are outright lying. Why would they lie? I have my opinion but feel its kinda obvious. I thought the rumor section would be a place where you could put an ide out there and get help with research. Note: Of course this would not apply to Possum. Call it "morbid curiosity". No body takes him serious anyway. I vote for "Septic Tank"
  9. Awesome Stuie and Brian avatar/pic? You could become the Anti-Guru if you have Stuie Saying "You got my RV huh? I need it now! Where is m RV man?" and Label Brian a Guru!!! A lot of people on this site Will Relate!
  10. I thought Possum received his knowledge when he pulled Excaliber from the Stone.....
  11. 1st of all: I don't know a Sandstorm from a Sandfly(are you two related?) 2nd: WTH does "Ok we get it - LOPsters don't believe in the intentions of advertising appreciation and believe in advertising depreciation, when its all been talk." mean? 3rd:I did'nt see the term "LOP" in the questions posed by Sandstorm. That being said, I too wonder why would a country thats about to RV say they are about to RV? Advertising appreciation?? I believe in building up your product to sell BUTT they are not just selling a product. They are selling their liablility?.. They have to cover the dinars they are selling. So why put more IQD out there if they have to cover them ? Will that make their XX billion USD in reserve worth less? The CBI is still selling Billions of IQD daily. Why? Advertising? It sounds like the CBI has learned a thing or two from "Other" dinar sites. Notice I didn't say the P-word(Pumper) oopps. I'm just a Newb trying to figure out this investment. "Don't NEG me bro!"
  12. You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose. But, you can't pick your friends nose!!
  13. Yippee. Awwl riiighttt! Reset/RV! Bout time! Yeah!!! Wait.... Dangit have to go to work! Same time tomorrow!
  14. As The Dinar World Turns! Can't we all just get along?
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