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  1. Welcome to big business.

    Start a bogus war.

    Get rid of one of our own dictators that who went to the other side.

    Make money bombing his tiny, poor country the size of CA.

    Make money rebuilding it.

    Make money selling it weapons.

    Make money revaluing its currency.

    Make money from its oil.


    The people? Ha!

    There are many of them. A few less doesn't matter.

    Business does.


    I'm SOOoooo tired of hearing the Term "Bogus War". Thats like Luigi1 saying "RV". Please get your info from other than MSNBC! I'm pretty sure about 95% of all Americans were ready to Kick some ARSE after 911. The other 5% was the media.  Oh thats right, we were lied to!

    WMD's? I can't explain why we don't put out the info of what and where they are(they have there reasons) but do you really believe that Saddam did not have ANY WMD's? He used them on the Iraninans and the Kurds(his own people). I know that at the start of the war there was a pipeline to Syria that went unchecked for awhile. People were bitching about it. Did Syria just use nerve gas on the current uprising? 

    I can tell  you one thing, and I hope it stays this way, our military is ALWAYS 2-3 steps ahead of everything else out there. We KNEW Saddam was a problem BEFORE the 1st gulf war and prepped for it. After that war ended, TOO soon, We knew we would have to come back. The going time frame was 10 years. So it took 12. 

    I don't expect people who aren't associated with the military and only listen to one side of a story(MSNBC)  to understand. 

    And why is it ok for the current administration to fund/give arms to Al qaeda/muslim brotherhood to murder there own people and will murder us/YOU if they get a chance?.

    And why is it ok for the pres and the wicked with of the east to stand next to four flag drapped coffins of murdered(left to die!) at Dover AFB(which is taboo to do) and blame those deaths on a rarely know video.?Just to cover there secret arms deal! 

    I don't want ANYONE to die, I don't want to KILL anyone, but when push comes to shove, which is unfortunately in the genes of mankind, I will protect what I believe is right.






    I pray for this country!

  2. ***///


    That's why we like to crack on 'em so hard and without mercy...

    we know who and what they are ...

    and what they are up to with this whole Dinar thing. <_<


    They are the IQD Carpet Baggers,

    the bottom feeders,

    the Snake Oil Peddlers,

    The Grifters,

    The Opportunists,

    The Users & Abusers.


    They take candy from babies and slap blind beggars on the street,

    they push old ladies in walkers down and steal their cabs...


    They  are slick and smell of cheap cologne...


    They invoke The Lord Thy God and blaspheme Him for their own personal gain !


    They are vile and despicable and prey on Ignorance.


    We here at DV are their greatest detractors.


    So they will be bashed.  Repeatedly and deservedly.


  3. Doesn't Arabic read right to left, not left to right? So what would be leading?

    Just asking?


    Your right!! 

    So, I wrote down the numbers .00086

    I stood on my head to read my laptop. That way I would be reading left to right but actually reading the numbers right to left. In Arabic!

    Now I see 98000. lop the zeros?

    DANG  $98 to 1 


    Now I have a headache.....

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