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  1. dawn1day


    Well, I think it may be in June after all the political stuff is settled. So I will guess June 21, That is a Monday after the important meeting on June 15th.
  2. I put in 1000000IQD and it said 1000000 usd. I did this last night and it said the same thing.
  3. dawn1day

    Medic 2/22

    I am not sure but would the police chief be aloud to give out private police business, for security reasons. If so I would be afraid to have them set up any security for me.
  4. I just bought some more from Dinar Trade and they don't ask but when you cash in you will have to put it on the tax form that you have to take with you that goes to the IRS.
  5. If they just take off the ooo. Then it will not benfit them in any way, they will still have no value to there money. So to make any gains in there economy then they will have to revalue. The whole idea behind this is so the economy there will get better. And the people will have more money to buy things . And to be able to get out of the poverty conditions that they are in.
  6. Hi, I have bought dinar and I am interested like others on when it will revalue. This has become a new obsession, what will we all do for excitement after it revalues. I will start a lot of investing in the Foreign Exchange myself. I am wondering where to cash the Dinar in once it revalues.
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