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  1. Thank you Adam, for your time & intel. The colors you use in GO, red, green .. Are the colors in the Iraq Flag. That is how I have always perceived it..right or wrong.
  2. Adam, Do what you need/want to do to get thru the holidays.. You surely do not need any added stress.. No One does.. this will happen when it happens.. Any information you have to share will be greatly appreciated... Happy Holidays..To Everyone..
  3. Did I Miss or sleep thru the 2018 Year..?? LOL.. we are already in December of 2018.. I must of missed the RV ..LOL..
  4. Thank You Adam and Staff... since you referred to this as like baking a cake.. and just waiting for the frosting.. Is Iraq busy making the frosting? ( Which really has very few ingredients) When the frosting is made.. and then put on the cake is that the time for the RV? Or will there be candles? If so how many? Thanks again...
  5. Good Morning Adam and All, In regards to your comment about baking a cake..and waiting for the frosting.. Do you think the frosting is being made at this time? It really does not take many in ingredients to make frosting.. hee hee.. so when the Icing /frosting is put on the cake.. then we will see the RV????.. or are candles involved ?? If so how many do you think?? Thank You for all you and your staff for all you do....
  6. Happy New Year Adam....And All.... Taking from your Wed post:: "Think of baking a cake... it takes some time to mix and bake, but it's sitting on the counter cooling right now, and pretty soon the frosting goes on and then we sing some songs and EAT!" Do you think that Iraq is now making the "frosting" to go on the cake?? Then when the frosting goes on we have an RV?? I could handle an early birthday (Feb) cake.. HEE HEE.. Thanks for all you and your staff to do for us...
  7. Go For It Adam....let it all OUT !!! I agree with You Totally Adam that we cannot trust any government, but my thought taken from your statement is how can we then TRUST a government that holds our 2nd Citizenship/ Passport.. it is the lesser of TWO EVILS??
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