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  1. No need to apologize Frankee, just Shutting up would be greatly appreciated !
  2. SamDinar


    - How about breaking that post by using pargraphs? Ever thought that would induce folks to read all of your diatrate?
  3. What do you guys here think of him? I am not going to mention his website. but if you do not know him he posts on recraps_ I listened to the link to his blog radio and I have to say he makes sense and he is quite easy tounderstand. Of course he is a little long winded because he gets into the piritual BS, which is not my cup of tea, but Dave does make sense, which a lot of the others out there do not do. Anyhow the link to his talk is over ther but here is a transcription sonebody did of part of the recording and I want to share some of the info with you guys. TRN Vs. FRN: "Most of the FRN's reside outside of the US, so imagine the FRN being devalued and eventually phased out . Those in the US wouldn't have to worry because their currency is automatically converted to TRN which is asset backed and will hold it's value. So if you pay for anything in the US once this happens, a FRN or TRN are both a dollar but when the currency is taken to the bank by the vendor it is converted to the NEW TRN, all your accounts are now in TRN's the currency you get from the bank machines will be TRN's. Lets face it most transactions are digital anyway so it is really not going to affect the average person, the only ones that have to be concerned are the ones with really large amounts of cash. Really this will only be an issue if they can't prove the legality of it. All the illegal USD held in country or out of country will be tracked and seized and the crooks will get nothing unless they can prove that the currency was legally obtained. (Off-shore accounts holders who are trying to avoid giving Uncle Sam his cut, will get hit hard( So in one fell swoop a huge part of the American debt is eliminated . I see this a huge win for the American people and a huge hit for the drug dealers , smugglers, gun runners etc. These people are going to want to get their currency to the bank as soon as possible because out of country it is worth a lot less than the TRN. So do they exchange out of country and lose maybe 30%-40% right off the bat and eventually it will be worthless. Or do they exchange in the US and get their accounts credited in TRN's ? Note ** Now this is not all that Dave got into, and remember that he did say "Imagine" so please do not hold this against him. His guest and him were discussing what they believe is what the Treasury plan for the RV is. And they brought out great examples like what about the folks who have over a trillion in Dinars? There are sure bound to be some, because some people are greedy, are the going to get all that money -- I could be wrong but I do not think so (IMO) "What do you guys think?
  4. This is a copi of the Origianal post by kaperoni "There is information floating around that tomorrow (Monday) significant news will be announced regarding certain dinar dealers. I feel this is worth posting today so our members are aware and will make time to check these forums to read it when its posted. It appears that significant change is coming. Many may welcome the news, others may be very saddened or upset. I am sure this thread will receive many comments once the information is posted. ...Stay tuned." Somebody came at him with this "If you got to go to the trouble of posting this type a statement why not post the rumor. Why put out something like this that creates anxiety" Kap replied "/..., there is no intent to create anxiety. No intention to tease or to mislead. It is posted because at (SITE) we believe in honesty and truth and factual information. In others words, transparency. I felt it was best to let people know that something significant is about to happen regarding dinar dealers. I did not feel comfortable waiting and saying nothing." Whoever posted this must be an idiot, kaperoni just posted this as information, he is not a guru and does not go around telling lies or making predictions like alot of clowns on the internet do.
  5. The feeling I got. was that she had no idea of this so called GCR thing. Look carefully at her face, as she hears the question and as she formulates her reply. Where did this concept of a GCR come from, other than the conspiracy sites and the gurus and BS? They all praise her as a warrior for this GCR !Where is the actual tangible proof that such a thing was being planned or put into action? Does anyone on here really know? A better question would have been asking about Iraq and the possible re-evaluation of their currency, if any. 
  6. Iraq is an oil-rich/gas-rich/precious metals-rich, country which has made huge economic and technological strides, so wait until their money reevaluates like it will (sooner or later) !
  7. The American people also need to select politicians who are going to work for the people and not themselves or special interest groups, as a matter of fact they need to get rid of all the special interests groups. Lobbyist should also be gotten rid of, as well as some of the perks this clowns get (like government provided lifetime health care) they should only have healthcare while in office and they should not be able to cash in on having been a congressman or woman i.e they leave office no books written, no sort of job where they can crtize or influence the new people in office> Also they should serve shorten terms, none of this feeding of the public table for years and years ! Jesus I could go on and on !
  8. Sorry I made a mistake: the bank manager escorted him out? Normally it would be Security and there is no bank in the world that would turn anyone away when they want to open any sort of account with as he said $4,000.00 in hand!
  9. Seems that this story makes no sense the new accounts clerk that he spoke to left her desk, and escorted him to his car? The normal procedure would be for her to contact a higher-up and security and they would have escorted him out. So I call BS on this one !
  10. Is there any proof that he was a Navy Seal? Not just his word !
  11. It is fun reading that Dinar Recrap site, Okie is 70 some odd years old and claims to be up in the air somewhere trying to land, he`s been up there for the longest time and should be out of gas! However he is Tony`s buddy so he believes him, meanwhile, Jester, Mtn. Goat and others, do not agree with what that loony toons guy claims, they are staring to unravel and our boy seems to get wackier and wackier ! I love it, they are losing any creditbility they might have had ! I hope the sheeple realize them for the whack job most of them are now!! ha aha ha
  12. So who is to blame? Obama? The Republican Party,? or Both ?
  13. My apologies to those that got upset by what I posted. Now I posted it in the rumor section even though I understand it to be a lie, because as everyone know there is no Dinar LIE section and even if Tony is a liar he could maybe someday be right (miracles have been known to happen). As to some negging me, I am not here to win any popularity contests, so I really do not give a rat`s anus. I posted it and I am not sorry to have done so, those who understood the intent cool and hope you enjoyed a laugh, those of you who do not understand it: May the bird of paradise fly up your nose!
  14. yes that is true he does but he now is giving marvelous rates for IQN AND VNN ! Me, I was hoping for one USD got one Dinar ! Those rascally banks, UST, IMF, BBC, NBC, CBS and VBD. Him and his 3 letter agencies sources, like Frank and his I (Idiots) team !
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