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  1. Yes like PP said .....Off Shore Investment. The more you understand it the more you realize that you need it. We are fortunate that Adam has it in place here for members. Understanding how you will benefit from it is the key. Before I came on this site it WAS on my agenda. Adam just made it easier for me. We have an OSI group here on this site with a whole lot of information. We're just not suppose to talk about it in open forum. If you are interested in joining Im sure if you PM Adam he'll be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have. OSI has alway offered lots
  2. Well.......Your gut feeling may be right. Iraq is expected to RV this month and from what I have read Iran will be right behind them. As in hours (as to not create double dipping) so we shall see. I've stopped getting excited over this. Just watching and reading. Im sort of drained of excitement , so many years of waiting on this (dinar) to happen. On the up side .....Im actually calmer and wiser now more then ever. Very concern of doing the right things after this hits. But I guess thats what lawyers, accountant and Adam are for. I strongly advise any of you guys and gals to check
  3. Yes......It dropped quite a bit. They've been selling it for a long time . You get a better price buying through the banks than the currency dealers.
  4. Trump is being advised not to touch the Iranian deal. I heard that last night on Fox news. So God only knows whats really going on with the USA and Iran. We will soon see.
  5. Very True....Also keep in mind that you can always open an account there and then wire transfer the funds to your account in the USA. That way you don't have to walk around with the currency in your pocket or suitcase for that matter. Not having to declare anything when you come back home. At least not at the airport. Safer travel imo.
  6. Im right there with ya...... Thank you for al the great articles. You're on a roll......
  7. Thank you PP thats very considerate of you . Very much appreciated.
  8. Just left Chase bank . FYI ..... they are selling the dong at $40.52 per million.
  9. Miami is out of control (in a good way) celebrating. Streets have been closed down and people are gathered everywhere, hugging and kissing ,there's music, dancing. They've been at this since they got word of his passing (last night). It's like a huge block party. Cuban celebrities joining the celebration ,singing , signing autographs taking pictures with fans. Our local media is exhausted . There's been constant coverage on our local stations . Now we need Raul to die so that Cuba might stand a chance to be free again ! And when that happens I will treat you all to mojitos and cuba libr
  10. It is my opinion that he's actually been dead for some time now. But NOW is when they choose to release the information.
  11. Mark you beat me to it. I was just gonna post this. TODAY IS A GREAT DAY FOR THE CUBAN PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!! You all have no idea how long we've been waiting for this. This man has destroyed so many lives and broken up so many families. I for one have been waiting for this day for a very long time. All Cuban's everywhere will be celebrating ....... "FINALLY" !
  12. Good to hear....... Will be praying for a successful healing process.
  13. OH My Goodness 429, So sorry to hear that. She will definitely be in my prayers. I like the fact that she's feisty. Im a fan of feisty. Feisty people Kick A$$ GOOD FOR HER. GOD BLESS HER. Definitely in my prayers , She will be healed BELIEVE .....
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