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  1. Im on the "earth is round " team. Im surprised that this is even a topic out there. Apparently...... how high do they have to go to see this ?......from a rocket ship perspective? ! ? !
  2. LOVED IT !!! They are both sooooo cute. wasssssuuuuup.
  3. Creating Another “Crash of 1929” by Jeff Thomas Subscribe to International Man Regarding the Great Depression… we did it. We’re very sorry… We won’t do it again. – Ben Bernanke Waiting too long to begin moving toward the neutral rate could risk a nasty surprise down the road—either too much inflation, financial instability, or both. – Janet Yellen In his speech above, future Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke acknowledged that, by raising interest rates, the Fed triggered the stock market crash of 1929, which heralded in the Great Depre
  4. I think this thread has been hijacked See thats what happens when the CBI has anything to say .....we go crazy thinking what we want to buy when this happens. Sorry Yota we'll try and behave. Key word here being "TRY" . Can't promise you anything.
  5. Have you guys seen the new Ford GT. Yea Ford thats what I thought when someone told me about it. I said no thanks im not interested in a Ford.....Until I saw it.. It's beautiful.
  6. This info that Luigi brought over is not not BS. I saw and read the article (on another site). It's actually happening. To answer your question Rmc10......This just started. Lower denoms are on their way. It looks like the company got ahead of themselves. There are a lot of things happening that we just can see yet but we soon will. Hang in there ....It's a coming.
  7. I've been invested since 2004 and not once have I considered turning away from this. When I first heard about the dinar I had a STRONG ,STRONG feeling that it would happen and to this day I still feel the same. Crazy right ?!?! With all the ups and downs that it's put us through. This is our year Go Iraq Go RV Im about to RE-INVENT myself.......
  8. In E-Dinars.......(electronic dinar currency) . The wave of the future. This is very good news...... Yeap thats why this is such GREAT = international.
  9. Doing very well ....Good to see you.... I believe we will see the liberation of Mosul this week and the RV shortly after. as always.
  10. YES YOU DID..... You Slept In ??????? Sorry but we're done now
  11. Thanks Thug I will be watching.......setting the stage for announcing the liberation of Mosul.......
  12. I think this celebration calls for " CHAMPAGNE "........Brake out the bubbly
  13. I have always felt that the USA will negotiate with Iran. There is TOOOOOO much money at stake for too many countries. Trump is being advised. I also feel that we will be able to exchange here in the USA and not have to travel with our rial's. Sit back .....and see.
  14. I think people have misunderstood the March 21st date meaning. This was not an RV date this was a unification of 2 rates becoming one. This will allow Iran to move forward and therefore go international. We're still waiting to see their announcement but thats what it is. Folks this is not in our hands to control. We can only sit tight read watch and hope . I personally do feel this will happen just not as we think it should. Don't loose faith. Stay grounded. This will happen.
  15. PP.... thank you for troubling yourself . Your efforts are appreciated. We need to be on top of our game.
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