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  1. Are you sure thats what she said? You're not hearing voices again are you ?
  2. I don't think she'll ever get over loosing to Trump. This upset will lat her till the end of her life. She will die pissed off.
  3. Good stuff......... So we wait until the 12th (tomorrow) and see if it really does happen. that it does
  4. I read the same thing a while back. I think it's from Ester and Jerry Hicks. But yes if you "VISUALIZE a thought for 17 seconds you endorse a manifestation of that thought" putting it in escrow so to speak and allowing it come into your life. Sounds like a good plan to me....
  5. Yes Karsten I read that Vietnams Prime Minister was arriving in Washington this week to meet with our POTUS. They had a lot to talk about. It's all good.
  6. Well......I went to Chase today and it was business as usual . Ordered some more VND and paid for it up front. Hopefully I'll be picking it up tomorrow . Paid a little more for it than I did the last time. This time it was $48.00 per million. That Guru is just teasing us.
  7. I'll let you know later. I'll be buying some more today at Chase. Let's see how they handle it.
  8. Trump expected to waive Iran sanctions Wednesday The Donald Trump administration is expected to waive relevant sanctions on Iran on Wednesday, as called for under the landmark nuclear deal, a US official told Al-Monitor. Notification of the waivers is expected to be made in statements from the State and Treasury Departments. The administration is still conducting a broader National Security Council-led interagency review of its policy to Iran, however, including determining whether the deal negotiated under President Barack Obama is in the national int
  9. Well......this is what they (dinar land) are talking about. 1) Articles came out saying that Abadi is going to announce the liberation of Mosul this coming friday the 19th. 2) Trump arrives in the middle east on the 20th. Apparently this means something. 3) People in Iraq are preparing for a celebration. They're decorating their cars with flags, flowers,bows and signs as if they were going to be part of a parade of some kind. So......talk has it that this coming sunday the 21st is looking very suspicious and possible for an RV. Now.......let's not
  10. Just reading articles that indicate that the Rupiah is one of the currencies that will be RVing this year. You know that bad word that we try and avoid "SOON". I don't know much about this currency. Does anyone have any idea what kind of profit there is to be made from it? It's looking very good. Connected to China,Vietnam,Silk Road concept. This all =
  11. I've always known deep in my gut that the USA would come around and make the right deals with Iran. Im telling ya people......."It's all about the MONEY". Iran is doing business with the world and the USA can't stop them. Let's play nice and we'll all win. You'll see we'll be able to cash out here in the USA. It's just a matter of time... but we will. IT'S HAPPENING......
  12. Skip to m National Tuesday, May 16, 2017 Report: US May Waive Iran Sanctions in Coming Days
  13. And a martini.... It's called ambiance..... So glad you gals are back.....
  14. I saw animals first. Im also an animal lover so I thought that was the most important....then I saw the beautiful pictures of the people....very nice. I wonder what this says about us? Good one Moose....you're so sassy....
  15. Yea these one liners are like OMG...lol From what I've read from different sources the dinar and rial are looking to go first........then the dong. The question that no one can answer is how soon after ? If they wait too long to revalue then there is going to be a lot of double dipping taking place. That actually sounds pretty good to me.
  16. THEEEEYYYYY'ER BAAAAAACCCCKKKKK !!!!! Voted Most Popular .....Definitely Loved by all.
  17. Yes Karsten, I also read this the other day. I personally like and respect Backdoc . He is very much into studying the Dinar, Dong , Rial and other countries currencies. . The reason that he says that he can't comment publicly on it is because he will sound like a pumper or financial adviser and at this point there are consequences to that. But I do know him and I know that he knows what he's talking about. Very, very knowledgeable person in many areas on world events. He is a gentleman and a great teacher. Stay hopeful. MIT
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