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  1. THANK YOU ADAM for answering my questions. As always your chats are very informative. Every wed I look forward to seeing what new insights you have to bring to us. I so appreciate your efforts.
  2. Adam, Wouldnt it be wiser and safer to open a Foreign Currency Account and wait for the rate to rise rather than dealing with the possibility of a currency change? Your thoughts....
  3. Hi Adam, My question is... If the HCL is the one thats determining the rate for the RV right? If thats the case whats holding them up. What going on inside the HCL? Thank you
  4. What does HCL stand for. I see everyone talking about it but I dont know what it means. Can anyone explain? Thanks
  5. Thank you Adam for taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate it very much. I have already read your cash in guide. Thanks for that as well. I have to say I've been reading all the comments on this site for a while now and it's really without a doubt the best dinar forum on the web. Thank you for putting it together for all the people such as myself that can use all the guidance available. Big Dinar Hug Miami Girl
  6. Adam, Once the dinars rv will there be a time frame for us to cash in on them, OR, will it be safe to hold on to them and wait for the rate to rises.
  7. Hi all, First time posting. Adam I have a question for you what are the chances that they will introduce new currency?
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